Learn how to research your Danish Ancestors through a better understanding of church records, research strategy, and record analysis.
Do you find yourself confused with Nordic naming practices? This class will walk you through the naming practices for the countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Demark - explaining their similarities and differences. It will also outline good practices on how to navigate these naming patterns as you input your family into FamilySearch Family Tree.Go to the following timestamps to learn about your desired country's naming pattern: Sweden 5:00Finland 12:23Denmark 26:00Norway 32:04
This class will teach where to look for living relatives and how to follow their ancestors in earlier records for Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
This class explains the best Bornholm specific websites for your genealogical research.
This class summarizes the principles taught in the preceding ones and is the end of the class.
This class explains the unique land system that existed on Bornholm and how it differed from the rest of Denmark.
This class covers the history of Bornholm from the 3rd Century until World War II
This class explains the demographics and geography of Bornholm. Demographic information is given from 1654 until the present day.
Welcome to the Denmark Regional Series: Bornholm.
If a person lived during the time when patronymic naming was used, please follow these guidelines when entering the name into Family Tree.
This lesson will teach you how to research ancestors and descendants using witness research strategies.
This class offers guidance and suggestions for the data entry of Nordic ancestors into the Family Tree including data entry of persons names, place names, preventing duplication, and sourcing.
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