Poland Research With the Wiki, 18 Lessons

Poland Research With the Wiki Part 6 of 18: Poland Civil Registration and Church Records

Civil registration and Church records are the two major record groups for family research in Poland. Use the features of the Research Wiki to learn their definitions, time availability, contents, and how to locate them.
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  • Introduction to Polish Research

    In this introduction to Polish research course Cecile Wendt Jensen will dispel the myths that records were destroyed during the world wars and that language barriers make Polish research difficult. She will also give examples and suggestions on how to use records, databases and archives.
    May 27, 2020
  • Advanced Polish Research

    In this course you will continue your key foundation research first introduced in the Introduction to Polish Research Course. Prerequisites for this course are to have looked at census records, ship manifests, WWI Draft Registrations, and you know the location and village of your ancestors birth, and the parish and civil registration records in Poland.
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