How do I resend the verification email?

The verification usually arrives in a few minutes. Every now and then, it takes 2–3 hours. If it doesn't arrive soon, there are a few basic things you can try.

One option is resend the email:

  1. Go to the resend email verification page.
  2. Enter your username.
  3. Click Resend Verification.

If the email has still not arrived, check for these things:

  • The email comes from and should have the subject line of Complete Your FamilySearch Account Registration....
  • Check your junk or spam folder. Try searching for the terms FamilySearch Account, Complete your registration, or both. If you find the email, open it, and click the activation link.
  • Check any other email account you might have. If you are a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the verification will be sent to the email address you used when you first created your FamilySearch Account.
  • If you made a mistake entering your email address, simply register again with the correct email address.
  • If you created your account more than 48 hours ago, the link in the email is invalid. Simply register again.
  • If the registration window is still open, click the button to resend the activation email. Remember to use the most recent verification email, since the codes in other emails will by then be invalid. 

If you have any trouble setting up your account, feel free to contact us

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