How do I request that a microfilm be digitized?

As of 7 September 2017, FamilySearch no longer distributes microfilms to family history centers. Much of the microfilm collection is available online. However, we anticipate that it will take a few more years to digitize the remaining microfilms for online viewing. In the meantime, you can contact us to request that we digitize (scan) specific films.

You can request up to 5 films. Make sure that the films are not already available in digital format in the FamilySearch catalog.


  1. In the FamilySearch catalog, find up to 5 films that you need.
  2. Determine if the film is already online.
    • If you see a DGS number, the film is already digitized.
    • If you see a DGS number but no camera icon, the film is digitized but the images are not available online. A contractual, data privacy, or other restriction prevents us from making the images available at this time.
  3. Either print the catalog entry, or copy the following information for each film that you need:
    • Film number
    • Film title or name as seen in the Film or Digital Notes section of the catalog entry for the specific film that you want.
  4. Contact us by phone, chat, or email, and make your request. 

Keep these things in mind during the process:

  • We may not be able to scan and publish some films online due to contractual or other legal restrictions. We are working on solutions to make these images available in the future.
  • Requests are processed in the order we receive them. 
  • We cannot provide an estimate for when a film will be digitized.
  • In most instances, we do not contact you when digitization is complete. Check the catalog from time to time to see if the content you need is online. 


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