How do I find partner products?

You can find third-party products, services, and websites in the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery. These programs offer a wider variety of functionality to enhance your experience using Family Tree, Memories, and other FamilySearch experiences. Some offer enhanced printing capabilities. Others provide ways to analyze Family Tree data or engage your family members with their history.  
The registered applications provide a product (for example, a nonintegrated software application) or a service (consulting or training services).

If you are interested in developing an app or website for the Solution Gallery, go to

Steps (website)

  1. Go to the FamilySearch Solutions Gallery:
    1. On, scroll to the bottom of the screen. (The Solutions Gallery is available in English only. This link does not appear if you are using FamilySearch in a different language.)
    2. Click Solutions Gallery.
  2. (Optional) To search for apps of a specific type, click FamilySearch Solutions Gallery, and select a category.
  3. (Optional) To narrow choices, click Filters (located in the top middle section of the screen). Your filter choices are below:
    • Platforms
    • Price
    • Languages 
    • FamilySearch Compatibility
  4. (Optional) To search for specific apps or platforms, use the Search box, (located at the top right section of the screen).
  5. (Optional) To remove all filters and categories and show the most popular apps, in the top right portion of the screen under the Search box, click Start Over.
  6. Click a description of the application to learn more about the product.

Steps (mobile app)

The Solutions Gallery is not available through our mobile apps. Please use the website instead.

Steps (Family Tree Lite)

The Solutions Gallery is not available through Family Tree Lite. Please use the website instead.


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