How do I download FamilySearch mobile apps?

The FamilySearch Family Tree and Memories mobile apps provide a more portable way to do family history. They are available for Android, Apple, and Kindle devices.

With the Family Tree mobile app, you can connect with your ancestors as you discover the important events and stories of their lives. The Memories app makes it easy and convenient to collect, preserve, and share your favorite family memories.

Before you start

To use the FamilySearch apps on a Kindle or Amazon Fire tablet, you first need to download the Google Play app. Search the Internet for instructions.


  1. Open the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  2. Search for FamilySearch.
  3. Find the desired app from the list.
    • Android: Tap Install.
    • Apple: Tap Free.
    • Kindle: Tap Get App
  4. When the app finishes its installation, tap its icon to open it.


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