Can I request to remove the name of a living person from Historical Records?

FamilySearch respects the privacy rights of individuals and strives to adhere to all applicable laws. FamilySearch publishes copies of records only after gaining permission from the original record custodian (generally a government agency) and faithfully abiding by all of the stipulated conditions.

If you find a record on about yourself or those for whom you act as legal guardian, you can request that they be made inaccessible.


  1. On, find the record of the living person.
  2. Either copy its URL, or take a screen shot of the record. This is necessary in order for FamilySearch to distinguish between your data and similar data within FamilySearch’s sizeable database.
  3. In the upper right corner of the page, click Help.
  4. Click Contact Us
  5. Use the Send a Message option. In the Category field, select Records
  6. Fill out the rest of the form. In the description, be sure to indicate how you are related to the person in question. If you copied the URL of the record, paste it in the description. If you captured a screen shot, click Add Attachment to upload it.
  7. Click Send Message.

You will receive an email confirming that your request has been received. FamilySearch will carefully review your request and respond in a timely manner.


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