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Discover with Your Family

The focus of the Family History Library is to help guests make personal family discoveries. The Discovery Center is a family-friendly area where families can begin their journey of self and family discovery through fun and engaging activities.

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Research Assistance

Friendly people with expertise are available to help visitors. We employ an impressive cadre of 45 full- and part-time staff, and 550 full- and part-time volunteers. Our volunteers hail from all over the world, many of them dedicating up to 18 months, at their own expense, to help guests make successful discoveries.

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Our collection includes about 1.4 million rolls of microfilm on-site, along with over 600,000 books, serials, and maps. In addition, guests have free access to billions of additional record images online. The Family History Library has 550 internet-enabled guest computers and over 200 microfilm and microfiche readers. The Library also offers free access to film, book, and photo scanning equipment to help our guests digitally preserve and share family records.

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