The Family History Library in Salt Lake City is now open. Our hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. No reservations needed unless group is over 20 or a room is required. We will expand as conditions change. We enjoy welcoming our guests back. You will find that many improvements have taken place while we were closed. Further opening information will be updated here and at FamilySearch newsroom.
Family History Library Discovery Center
The Discovery Center
A family-friendly area that helps guests of all ages discover more about themselves and their heritage in an interactive way!
Discovery Center All_About_Me.jpg
All About Me
Learn about you, the meaning of your name, and what took place the year you were born.
Discovery Center Where_I_Come_From.jpg
Where I Come From
See where you and your ancestors come from in an interactive way
Discovery Center My Famous Relatives
My Famous Relatives
Find out what famous individuals are in your family tree.
Discovery My_Time_Machine.jpg
My Time Machine
See a timeline of your ancestors and what took place during their lifespan.
Discovery Picture_My_Heritage.jpg
Picture My Heritage
See your face in clothing worn by an ancestor from all over the world.
Discovery Record_My_Story.jpg
Record My Story
Answer questions about you and your life and record them.
Discovery Record_Our_Story.jpg
Record Our Story
Record information about your family or an ancestor.
Discovery Picture_Our_Heritage.jpg
Picture Our Heritage
Create memories with family photos using various backgrounds.
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Video Companion
Discovery Center Tour

6 recording studios
Create free, high-definition audio and video recordings to preserve memories
42 computers
Research and discovery capabilities
44 touch-screen monitors
For interactive discovery experiences
100+ custom iPads
Interacts with the touch-screen monitors
Enclosed Children's Play Area
Parents can explore their family history while observing their children play
Computer Lab
Reserve for group family history classes
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Discovery Center Introduction 1

Open to anyone, including groups of families or friends!
For groups of more than 20, please register in advance by calling 1-801-240-6996 or clicking the button below.