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<p style="font-size:100%;">
Labor Day<br>
General Conference<br>
General Conference<br>
Thanksgiving <br>
Thanksgiving <br>
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<p style="font-size:100%;">
Sep 3-5<br>
Oct 1<br>
Oct 1<br>
Nov 23-28<br>
Nov 23-28<br>

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Welcome to the Los Angeles FamilySearch Library!

We will be closed on Friday, August 12th, 2022.

Our staff is fully vaccinated and boosted.

Library and Zoom Hours

Tuesday through Saturday 10am - 6pm
Thursday 10am - 8pm
Pacific Time

Having Zoom trouble?

Call (310) 474-9990

Library Closures 2022

Labor Day
General Conference

Sep 3-5
Oct 1
Nov 23-28
Dec 20-31

1950s Census Workshop

Saturday, August 13th, 11am

Join us live at the Library or live via Zoom.

One-on-One Help via Zoom

Live Help Now

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Contact Us
By Phone
(310) 474-9990
By Email
Los Angeles FamilySearch Library
1591 E. Temple Way Los Angeles, CA 90024
Map Directions
Center Directors:
Alan and Leslie Hackney