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  • curprev 22:51, 3 August 2019Batsondl talk contribs 733 bytes -4 removal of LDS from page as directed by FamilySearch Management
  • curprev 20:24, 12 December 2016Parrisl talk contribs 737 bytes +737 Name: Jon Thomas Title of File: Taylorsville Institute Map on SLCC Redwood campus Creation Date: 12/12/2016 Description: Map to Taylorsville Family History Center (per red arrow) located in the LDS Institute building on the SLCC Redwood campus in Taylorsville UT. License Information I got this image from elsewhere on the Internet. Give website address: _i.slcc.edu_facilities_maps_100-2520Taylorsville-2520Redwood-2520Parking-25= 20Map.pdf&d=3DDgIBaQ&c=3Dz0adcvxXWKG6LAMN6dVEqQ&r=3DUrFZzWonDpvn_eJjf1JdQH3= am4SkETY4O2faVDOE1qY&m=3DRs7PcAnHA4Y2EH9fIEIqk-GCXvSz-c9f3RuSK3hIcog&s=3DLR= 82YpM_iISx-LhjVf7EqepL2sGHXdbp0wE7D-hhDBk&e=3D=20