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Yorkshire County, Massachusetts (now Maine) was the new name given to the former Cornwall County, New York Genealogy in 1692 at the time it was last transferred from New York to the Dominion of New England Genealogy and then to Massachusetts.[1] [2]

The lands of Yorkshire County lay between the Kennebec River and the St. Croix River and stretched from the Atlantic Ocean on the southeast to the border of Quebec on the northwest side. Eventually the land of the old Yorkshire County became the greater part of the present-day state of Maine when it was separated from Massachusetts in 1820. Also, the name of Yorkshire was eventually shortened to York County.

For information about residents of Yorkshire County after 1692 (now in Maine), try searching records of:

The present-day Maine counties which partially included former Yorkshire County land are: Aroostook | Hancock | Kennebec | Knox | Lincoln | Penobscot | Piscataquis | Sagadahoc | Somerset | Waldo | Washington

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