Y Drych, a North American Welsh Newspaper

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Y Drych, (The Mirror) is the oldest Welsh American newspaper in the United States today. The publication has had a continuous running since 1841, first as a weekly, then, from the 1940s, as a monthly. The long running publication creates an invaluable archive of some 45,000 pages. Included in the pages are biographical information on individuals, topographic descriptions, readers’ letters, and comments on virtually any subject imaginable. There seems to be an attempt by the editors and the correspondents of the newspaper to define an identity and ideology for the Welsh in America.

There are some challenges, however, for the researcher who is using this source. Despite its undoubted richness, there is no library in the United States or Wales that holds one continuous run of all issues published. In addition, its use of the Welsh language until the linguistic transition to English in the 1930s and 1940s has made the old issues difficult for researchers who are not familiar with the Welsh language; nevertheless, its longevity is amazing, especially when one considers that the tenure on non-English language newspapers is generally short-lived.

In November 2003, the Y Drych Newspaper was purchased by Ninnau Publications and merged with the monthly publication, Ninnau--North American Welsh News. The merged newspaper, now called NINNAU & Y DRYCH, strives to provide complete coverage of the North American Welsh community. It also provides information on special events in Wales and elsewhere which would be of interest to the North American Welsh. Patrons can find further information on http://www.ninnau.com/.