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Several types of maps are useful for genealogists. Some give the historical background of the area; others show migration routes such as roads, rivers, and railroads. Topographical maps show physical and manmade features, such as creeks, hills, trails, and roads used as persons came to Wisconsin. Sometimes maps also include cemeteries and churches. Plat and land ownership maps, as well as other types of maps, are described in United States Maps. In the FamilySearch Catalog, atlases are listed in the Place Search. Remember to search each locality as a town, a county and as a state.

Basic Maps[edit | edit source]

Historic maps[edit | edit source]

Library of Congress Maps[edit | edit source]

Wisconsin Historical Society Maps[edit | edit source]

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection[edit | edit source]

Atlases[edit | edit source]

  • Wisconsin Cartographer's Guild. Wisconsin's Past and Present: A Historical Atlas. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1998.
  • Zaniewski, Kazimierz J. and Carol J Rosen. The Atlas of Ethnic Diversity in Wisconsin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1998.

Family History Library[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has a few Wisconsin maps dating from 1855 and a collection of county histories and atlases. It also has land ownership and geological survey maps for Wisconsin. See United States Maps for detailed information. Several helpful atlases are:

  • Robinson, Arthur, and Jerry B. Culver. Atlas of Wisconsin: General Maps and Gazetteers. Madison, Wisconsin: University of Wisconsin Press, 1974. (Family History Library book Q 977.5 E3v.) This atlas includes an excellent gazetteer.
  • Snyder, Van Vechten & Co. Historical Atlas of Wisconsin . . . Janesville, Wisconsin: Origins, 1995. (Family History Library book Q 977.5 E7s.) This is a reprint of the 1878 publication and contains useful maps for each county.
  • Walling, H. F. Atlas of the State of Wisconsin. Detroit, Wisconsin: Walling, Tackabury and Co., 1876. (Family History Library film 1036174, item 2.)
  • DeLorme Mapping Company. Wisconsin Atlas & Gazetteer. Freeport, Maine: DeLorme Mapping Co., 1988. (Family History Library book Q 977.5 E7d.)
  • Fox, Michael.  Maps and Atlases Showing Land Ownership in Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin: State Historical Society of Wisconsin, 1978. Lists maps available at the Wisconsin Historical Society (not at the Family History Library).
  • Ward Maps of United States Cities . . . Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1975? (Family History Library film 1377700; fiche 6016675–682.)

To see changes in county boundaries, use:

  • Long, John H., ed. Historical Atlas and Chronology of County Boundaries, 1788–1980. Scale: 1:633,600. Vols. 1–5. Boston, Massachusetts: G.K. Hall, 1984. ('Family History Library 973 E7hL v. 1–5; fiche 6051426–30.) Maps show when and where each county changed boundaries. Maps for Wisconsin are in volume 3 (fiche 6051428).

United States Census Bureau

United States Census Bureau State and County Map.  This map will allow you to zoom in on any state or county in the United States and read the names of all of the neighboring counties.

University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

The University of Wisconsin Digital Collections contain a large number of Wisconsin maps and related material. One major collection being the Wisconsin Public Land Survey Records.

University of Wisconsin - Madison

UW-Madison is the location of the Arthur H. Robinson Map Library, which houses an extensive collection of maps of the United States.

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

UW-Milwaukee is the location of the American Geographical Society Library, one of the largest collections of maps for the entire United States. Many maps of Wisconsin are included in their online digital collection.

Other Wisconsin Map Collections

Wisconsin Historical Society[edit | edit source]

A source for detailed Wisconsin maps is the Wisconsin Historical Society. The collection includes land ownership maps, survey maps, aerial maps, state and county atlases, fire insurance maps, and topographical maps.