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For my sandbox, click here. You can also go to my Talk page by clicking on the Discussion link. To view: Recent Changes and the MediaWiki version & extensions.

About me[edit | edit source]

I am a software architect/engineer/programmer/manager/geek (BS CS with MBA). I also serve, among other things, with the BSA, Family History Consultant in my ward and at BYU, and teach SCUBA (now that seems random here). In family history, I regularly teach at the BYU Family History Library, in my ward (plus have taught as a visitor in two other wards), at three Family History Fairs (not in my stake), and at the Academy in American Fork. I have participated in most of the beta programs for most of the new FamilySearch products, plus many other products associated with family history. I manage my own website and write my own software, both include family history.

Here is my family name in Russian (from the back of a photo): Лэрман. According to current boundaries, I am 3/4 Ukrainian (Russia Genealogy, Austria Genealogy, Hungary Genealogy) Jew and 1/4 Czechia Genealogy (Bohemia, Czechoslovakia) Catholic. All of my known ancestors immigrated to the USA between 1872 and 1912. I have quite a few more details including my genealogy on my website.

If you would like to check out some of the stuff I have been doing, you may check out my website. The temporary URL is

Things given me[edit | edit source]

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