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I am an acute care nurse practitioner, and worked in trauma medicine.  I am no longer working, but do volunteer work with the homeless.  I spend a lot of my free time on genealogy.

Genealogical Affiliations

I am actively involved with USGenWeb on a state and national level.  I am a County Coordinator for multiple counties in Texas, Arkansas, Florida, North Dakota and my hometown of Davidson County (Nashville) TN.  

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Visit my site, Hidden Ancestors, the portal to my USGenWeb activities

Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Blogs I Find Time to Read

Special Tools

  • Word Add-In for MediaWiki - Allows you to save Word documents in Wiki format
  • CSV Conveter - Allows you to convert Excel files into Wiki table format
  • Dropbox - Store files where you can use them from all your computers, or can allow someone else to access them.
  • Awesome Screenshot - Chrome extension, allows you to annotate and highlight screenshots
  • Seapine  -  Convert an HTML document to Wikitext


Principles of Family History Research

Identify What You Know

Decide What You Want to Learn

Select Records to Search

Obtain and Search the Records

Use the Information


I just wanted to thank you for putting those links on Help: Adopt-a-Page. You really help in so many ways!



You deserve that gold star.