Unreleased United States Censuses

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Census records are released to the public 72 years after enumeration. Only the named persons, their heirs, or their legal representatives can gain access to individual records of censuses not yet released to the public.

Abstracted Information[edit | edit source]

The Census Bureau will search one census for one person only for $65. Individuals can use these transcripts, which may contain information on a person’s age, sex, race, State or country of birth, and relationship to the householder, as evidence to qualify for social security and other retirement benefits, in making passport applications, to prove relationship in settling estates, in genealogy research, etc., or to satisfy other situations where a birth or other certificate may be needed but is not available. Requests must be submitted on Form BC-600 Application For Search of Census Records (PDF) or BC-600 Application For Search of Census Records (En Español) (PDF). If a person is not found, a form letter will be sent with that information.

Full Schedule Copy[edit | edit source]

For an additional fee, the line the individual is on will be copied and sent in addition to the above information. This service is not available for all unreleased censuses. See the US Census Bureau Age Search Services page for details.

More Information[edit | edit source]

For more information on what material can be accessed from unreleased census records go to United States Census Bureau, Age Search Service.

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