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The following are abbreviations or codes found on various United States censuses.

Abbreviations found in all Censuses:[edit | edit source]

Relationships and Occupations[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation Definition
A Aunt
Al Aunt-in-Law
Ad Adopted
Ad.Cl Adopted Child
Ad.D Adopted Daughter
*Ad.F Adopted Father
Ad.Gcl Adopted Grandchild
Ad.M Adoptive Mother
Ad.S Adopted Son
Ap Apprentice
Asst Assistant
At Attendant
B Brother
Bl Brother-in-Law
Bar Bartender
Bo Boarder
B.Boy Bound Boy
B.Girl Bound Girl
Bu Butler
C Cousin
Cil Cousin-in-Law
Cap Captain
Cha Chamber Maid
Cl Child
Coa Coachman
Com Companion
D Daughter
Dl Daughter-in-Law
Dla Day Laborer
Dom Domestic
Dw Dish Washer
Emp Employer
En Engineer
F Father
Abbreviation Definition
Fl Father-in-Law
Fa.H Farm Hand
Fa.L Farm Laborer
Fa.w Farm Worker
Fi Fireman
First C First Cousin
Fo.B Foster Brother
*Fo.D Foster Daughter
Fo.F Foster Father
Fo.M Foster Mother
FoSi Foster Sister
Fo.S Foster Son
God.Cl God Child
Go Governess
Gcl Grand Child
Gd Grand Daughter
Gf Grand Father
Gm Grand Mother
Gml Grand Mother-in-Law
Gs Grand Son
Gsl Grand Son-in-Law
Ggf Great Grandfather
Gni Grand/Great Niece
Gn Grand/Great Nephew
Ga Great Aunt
Gu Great Uncle
Ggf Great Grandfather
Gggf Great Great Grandfather
Ggm Great Grandmother
Gggm Great Great Grandmother
Gua Guardian
H.Si Half Sister
H.Sil Half Sister-in-Law
Hb Half Brother
Abbreviation Definition
H.bl Half Brother-in-Law
He Herder
H.Gi Hired Girl
H.H Hired Hand
Hig Hireling
Hk Houskeeper
H.maid House maid
Hw House Worker
I Inmate
La Laborer
Lau Laundry
L Lodger
Man Manager
Mat Matron
M Mother
Ml Mother-in-Law
N Nephew
Nl Nephew-in-Law
Ni Niece
Nil Niece-in-Law
Nu Nurse
O Officer
Pa Partner(shared abode)
P Patient
Ph Physician
Por Porter
Pri Principal
Pr Prisoner
Pr Private
Pu Pupil
R Roomer
Sa Sailor
Sal Sales Lady
Abbreviation Definition
Se Servant
Se.Cl Servant's Child
Si Sister
Sil Sister-in-Law
S Son
Sl Son-in-Law
Sb Step Brother
Sbl Step Brother-in-Law
Scl Step Child
Sd Step Daughter
Sdl Step Daughter-in-Law
Sf Step Father
Sfl Step Father-in-Law
Sgd Step Granddaughter
Sgs Step Grandson
Sm Step Mother
Sml Step Mother-in-Law
Ssi Step Sister
Ssil Step Sister-in-Law
Ss Step Son
Ssl Step son-in-Law
Su Superintendent
Ten Tenant
U Uncle
Ul Uncle-in-Law
Vi Visitor
W Wife
Wai Waitress
Wt Waiter
Wa Warden
Wkm Workman

*These abbreviations could not be found in the census abbreviation instructions and have been assumed.

Abbreviations for 1910 Census[edit | edit source]

Military Abbreviations Column 30[edit | edit source]

  • UA.....Survivor of Union Army
  • UN.....Survivor of Union Navy
  • CA.....Survivor of Confederate Army
  • CN.....Survivor of Confederate Navy

Race and Color[edit | edit source]

  • W.......White
  • B.......Black
  • Mu.....Mulatto
  • Ch....Chinese
  • Jp.....Japanese
  • In......Indian
  • Ot.....All Others

Also found at SearchforAncestors

Abbreviations for 1920 Census[edit | edit source]

Coal mining information[edit | edit source]

1920: A statistical study was done in 1923 on coal miners listed in the 1920 census. The codes used follow:

MH - coal miners who were also the heads of their households
BD - coal miners who were boarders in a household
BWF - coal miners who lived in their parent's household
USC - coal miners who were born in the United States
USW - coal miners who were born in the United States (don't know of any distinction between the w or the c)

Naturalization Information[edit | edit source]

NA: Naturalized citizen
AL: Alien citizen (not a U.S. citizen)
PA: Papers, meaning the alien had submitted their first papers or declaration of intent to a court of record to begin the process of naturalizing
NR: No record, usually found only on soundex cards can also mean Not Registered
UN: (Un)Naturalized or not Naturalized

References[edit | edit source]

1.  Coal miners: As of 2004, information from Bill from Heritage Quest and Bethany Evans one of their professional census indexers.