Tuscarora Path

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The Tuscarora Path, named after the Tuscarora Indians, traveled from North Carolina through Path Valley to Shamokin. Some claim that it received its name after the original Tuscarora tribe was defeated and its survivors were forced to travel up this path to find refuge within the Iroquois Confederation (eventually becoming the sixth nation in the Iroquois Confederacy). Others claim that the Iroquois merely named the path Tuscarora because they viewed the trail as a means of connecting with their friendly neighbors.

The Tuscarora Path is now followed by Md. 57 and Pa. 75 north through Mercersburg, Fort Louden, and Port Royal; U.S. 11 from Sunbury and Northumberland to Pittston; Pa. 92 from West Pittston through Falls and Tunkhannock; U.S. 6 through North Towanda; U.S. 220 through Athens and Waverly; N.Y. 17 through Owego, Endicott, Johnson City, and Binghamton; and U.S. 11, a second time through Great Bend.