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Out-of-date[edit source]

Are there still sections considered out-of-date, or can that sign be removed? Murphynw 18:16, 8 October 2013 (UTC)

As of the present the out-of date template has been removed. Thanks so much for keeping this and others up to date. Sandralpond 17:22, 26 November 2013 (UTC)

Critique[edit source]

This article implies that all FHCs are fully equiped with computers, digital scanners, microfilm and fiche readers, books and other materials and computer programs. This is intellectualy dishonest. Most may have a computer and a PAF program but I can affirm that Ward FHCs in my area and the areas in which I have visited are not equal and not very well stocked as noted in this article. And the hours in which most FHC are open are minimal and usually only on weekends or by appointment.  There are many different types of FHCs and to not mention the differences is wrong. Jrcrin001 19:04, 21 April 2011 (UTC)

Dear jrcrin001,Thank you for your question about the pages of the Family History Centers. If you return to the introduction page at: Introduction to Family History Centers you will see that it has been changed and will continue to change. In the past few months we have been adding a new page in the wiki for each center. They have been asked to fill out the information about their center on these pages. A good ones to look at is the Mesa Arizona FamilySearch Library and the Logan Utah FamilySearch Library. We are hoping that all the centers will use these pages to inform patron of what their center has. jenson1
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The usage of "Mormon" and "LDS" on this page is approved according to current policy.

Main Page Link to FHCs[edit source]

Please reformat this page so that the text is aligned to the left and not centered as it is currently formatted. Thanks.

In the Introduction to Family History Centers is the section "Find a FamilySearch Center". The first bullet starts by saying:

Go to and click on FamilySearch Centers.

On the old site there used to be a link for FamilySearch Centers. On the new and improved site I do not see that link. Maybe I'm missing it, but I have looked numerous times and I still am not finding it.

I wanted to direct a new researcher on how to look for an FHC near him. Fortunately, I came across the wiki page and did a search that lead me to the Intro page with the link to the location search.

It would really be helpful to have a link from the main page to search for an FHC location.

23 Sep 2013

I edited the page so that it simply tells you to click on the link, rather than refering you to a different place where you cannot find it.

What someone needs to do (beyond my expertise) is to have the search engine find that page when someone searches for "find Family History Center" within the wiki. It may be in the results somewhere, but not the first page of hits.

Most of the public thinks they are called Family History Centers, rather than the new FamilySearch Centers. When I search for "Find FamilySearch Center", the wiki asks me if I want to create a new page by that name, so it will not even find the right page if you put in the right data.

Jim Keffer