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Archives[edit | edit source]

National Archives of Suriname (Nationaal Archief van Suriname)
Doekhieweg 18a
Jagernath Lachmonstraat 174
Telephone: 430035
Fax: 430040
Website: Nationaal Archief van Suriname
Website #2: National Archive Suriname

By adequately managing and making available government archives as part of our cultural historical heritage, the Ministry makes an essential contribution to promoting historical awareness and the utilization of our heritage. The National Archives is the repository of the transferred archives of both the central and regional government bodies, as well as of the parastatal companies and institutions. Space has also been reserved for archives of private institutions and individuals who play or have played an important role in Suriname's political, social or economic life. All these archives together form an important part of the cultural-historical heritage of Suriname.

The Caribbean Memory Project
Website: The Caribbean Memory Project

The Caribbean Memory Project (CMP) is the Caribbean’s first crowd-sourced cultural heritage research platform. It is designed to activate and engage the memory of cultural heritage among a mixed audience and to aid in counteracting the effects of erasure and forgetting occurring in a growing number of contemporary Caribbean communities. The CMP is motivated by enduring questions of citizenship and its related responsibilities—to a family, a community, a country—which are central to the conceptualization and sustainable enactment of Caribbean identity.

This Month in Moravian History
Website: Arrival of First Moravians in Suriname, 1735

Libraries[edit | edit source]

Bibliotheek Stichting Surinaams Museum
Commewijneweg 18
Telephone: 597 401080
Website: Bibliotheek Stichting Surinaams Museum

Libraries in Paramaribo, Suriname
Website: Libraries in Paramaribo, Suriname

Library Anton de Kom University of Suriname
Leysweg 86 gebouw 1 Paramaribo 9212
Telephone: 597 465-558 Ext 2260/597 464-547
Website: Library Anton de Kom University of Suriname
Website #2: University of Suriname Library

Museums[edit | edit source]

The Stichting Surinaams Museum
Abraham Crijnssenweg 1, Fort Zeelandia. Paramaribo
Telephone: 597 425 871
Fax: 597 425 881
Website: The Stichting Surinaams Museum
Website #2: Stichting Surinaams Museum
Website #3: Stichting Surinaams Museum
Website #4: Suriname Museum - Fort Zeelandia

The museum owns a large collection of ethnographical objects, which give a testimony on the cultural diversity of the Surinamese territory: the native Indians, the Maroons in the 17th century, the Europeans, Jews, Chinese, Indians, Javanese and Lebanese. The collections vary from ethnographic collections, archeology, art, colonial furniture and textiles to historical photographs. Considered as an ethnographic museum from a western point of view, the Museum prefers to describe itself as a cultural-historical museum.

Het Koto Museum is also known for historic information.
Prinsessestraat 43
Paramaribo, Suriname
Facebook: Koto Museum