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Strategic Research Logs—England[edit | edit source]

As family history researchers, we often need to keep in mind the sources we should search in priority order.  Happily, the portal page for England, in the bottom-right panel, lists Topics that provide this valuable research guidance.  The page also has England Search Strategies for Births, Marriages and Deaths with prioritized sources based on three major time periods. 

In support of these research tools, a new form, a Strategic Research Log, applies search strategies to a common research log format. The form combines the prioritized sources with small research log tables for each type of source. In these tables, with a word processor such as Microsoft Word, you can easily add rows and expand them as you enter the results of your searchs. You can sort the rows within each table by name, date, or whatever will help in the research process.  They also provide for linking to scanned copies of sources and to a Research Analysis Table.

These forms can be downloaded to your own computer (see instructions below). Special features in the tables are the links that take a user to the Internet and directly to the various Topics mentioned above.

DOWNLOAD forms:[edit | edit source]

To download, click these links, then click on the link that appears and click SAVE to keep the files on your own computer:
File:Strategic Research Log--(England, 1066 to 1537).doc

File:Strategic Research Log--(England, 1538 to 1837).doc

File:Strategic Research Log--(England, 1837 to Present).doc

(See Research Compass Description for a full discussion of using strategic logs to help organize all your research digitally.)

PREVIEW of forms[edit | edit source]