St. Louis–San Francisco Railway

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Boy and girl in Frisco waiting room, 1899

Affectionately called the Frisco, this rail line began in 1876 and was sold to Burlington in 1980. Early ambitions were not realized and this line never went west of Texas, but served the Midwest and southern United States. Today most of its lines are still in service with the BNSF or various short lines. St. Louis–San Francisco Railway [1][2]

Rolling stock and a depot, and memorabilia been preserved at various museums, but Burlington disposed of most of the records in 1980. A few were saved by former employees. The principal museums remembering the Frisco line are these:[3]

Frisco Depot Museum
307 North B Street
P.O. Box 577
Hugo, OK 74743
They have displays of Frisco memorabilia and numerous artifacts of railroad construction and maintenance with many photos of trains, crews, wrecks, etc. They have also preserved a Harvey House Restaurant and Harvey Girl quarters. is the official preservation website.

Museum of American Railroads
6455 Paige Street
Frisco, Texas 75034

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway system map (1918).svg.png

Route map for the St. Louis - San Francisco Railway

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