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Guide to Somerset County, Maine ancestry, genealogy and family history, birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, and military records.

County Facts
County seat: Skowhegan
Organized: March 1, 1809[1]
Parent County(s): Kennebec[2]
Neighboring Counties
Aroostook  • Piscataquis  • Penobscot  • Waldo  • Kennebec  • Franklin  • Beauce (QB)  • Bellechasse (QB)  • Dorchester (QB)  • Frontenac (QB)
Maine, Somerset County Courthouse.png
Location Map

County Information[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

Somerset County was named for Somerset County, England. The county is located in the north-central area of the state.[3]

County Courthouse[edit | edit source]

Somerset County Courthouse
41 Court Street
Skowhegan, ME 04976
Phone: 207-474-3322
Somerset County Website

Clerk Courts have some marriage records from 1800’s and probate records from 1809.[4]

Somerset County, Maine Record Dates[edit | edit source]

Information for this chart was taken from various sources, often containing conflicting dates. This information should be taken as a guide and should be verified by contacting the county and/or the state government agency.

Known Beginning Dates for Major County Records[5]
Birth* Marriage Death* Court Land Probate Census
1892 1800s 1892 1809 1804 1809 1790
*Statewide registration for births and deaths started in 1892. General compliance year unknown.

Record Loss[edit | edit source]

There is no known history of courthouse disasters in this county.

Boundary Changes[edit | edit source]

Populated Places[edit | edit source]

MaineQuébecSomerset CountyAroostook CountyPiscataquis CountyPenobscot CountyWaldo CountyKennebec CountyOxford CountyFranklin CountyBig Ten TownshipTownship 10 R16Township 9 R18Township 9 R17Township 9 R16Township 8 R19Township 8 R18Township 8 R17Township 8 R16Township 7 R19Township 7 R18Township 7 R17Township 7 R16Big Six TownshipTownship 6 R18Township 6 R17Saint John TownshipTownship 5 R20Township 5 R19Township 5 R18Township 5 R17Russell Pond TownshipTownship 4 R5Dole Brook TownshipComstock TownshipTownship 4 R17Elm Stream TownshipPrentiss TownshipBlake GoreHammond TownshipPittston Academy GrantPlymouth TownshipSeeboomook TownshipBig W TownshipLittle W TownshipWest Middlesex Canal GrantSoldiertown TownshipAlder Brook TownshipBald Mountain Township (4 R3}Sandy Bay TownshipForsyth TownshipDennistownMoose RiverThorndike TownshipBrassua TownshipTomhegan TownshipHoleb TownshipAttean TownshipJackmanLong Pond TownshipRockwood StripSandwich Academy GrantSandbar TractTaunton and Raynham TownshipMisery GoreAppleton TownshipTownship 5 R7Bradstreet TownshipParlin Pond TownshipMisery TownshipSapling TownshipTownship 5 R6Hobbstown TownshipUpper Enchanted TownshipJohnson Mountain TownshipChase Stream TownshipIndian Stream TownshipSquaretown TownshipMoxie GoreWest Forks (Plantation)Lower Enchanted TownshipTownship 3 R5King and Bartlett TownshipFlagstaff TownshipTownship 3 R4Pierce Pond TownshipBowtown TownshipThe Forks PlantationEast Moxie TownshipBigelow TownshipDead River TownshipCarrying Place Town TownshipCarrying Place TownshipCaratunkBald Mountain Township (2 R3)Highland PlantationPleasant Ridge PlantationMoscowMayfield TownshipLexington TownshipConcord TownshipBinghamBrighton PlantationNew PortlandEmbdenSolonAthensHarmonyCambridgeRipleyAnsonMadisonCornvilleHartlandSaint AlbansStarksNorridgewockSkowheganCanaanPittsfieldDetroitPalmyraMercerSmithfieldFairfieldTownship 12 R17Township 11 R17Township 11 R16Township 11 R15Township 11 R14Township 11 R13Township 11 R12Township 11 R11Township 11 R10Township 10 R15Township 10 R14Township 10 R13Township 10 R12Township 10 R11Township 10 R10Township 9 R15Township 9 R14Township 9 R13Township 9 R12Township 9 R11Township 9 R10Township 8 R15Township 8 R14Eagle Lake TownshipSoper Mountain TownshipTownship 8 R11Township 8 R10Township 7 R15Township 7 R14Township 7 R13Township 7 R12Township 7 R11Township 7 R10Township 6 R15Township 6 R14Township 6 R13Township 6 R12Township 6 R11Township 6 R10Township 5 R15Township 5 R14Chesuncook TownshipTownship 5 R12Township 5 R11Nesourdnahunk TownshipTownship 4 R15Township 4 R14Township 4 R13 (once part of Chesuncook)Township 4 R12Township 4 R11Township 4 R10Northeast Carry TownshipLobster TownshipTownship 3 R13Township 3 R12Township 3 R11Township 3 R10Kineo TownshipDays Academy GrantEast Middlesex Canal GrantTownship X R14Township 2 R13Township 2 R12Rainbow TownshipTownship 2 R10Spencer Bay TownshipTownship 1 R13Township 1 R12Township 1 R11Township 1 R10Lily Bay TownshipFrenchtown TownshipShawtown TownshipTownship A R11Township A R10Big Moose TownshipBeaver CoveMoosehead Junction TownshipGreenvilleBowden College Grant WestBowden College Grant EastTownship B R11Township B R10ShirleyElliottsville TownshipTownship 7 R9 NWPKatahdin Iron Works TownshipEbeemee TownshipBlanchard TownshipMonsonWillimanticBowerbankBarnard TownshipWilliamsburg TownshipBrownvilleKingsbury PlantationAbbotGuilfordWellingtonParkmanSangervilleDover-FoxcroftSebecAtkinsonDexterGarlandCharlestonCorinnaExeterCorinthNewportStetsonPlymouthEtnaCarmelDixmontMonroeJacksonBrooksWaldoMorrillKnoxThorndikeTroyBurnhamUnityFreedomMontvillePalermoClintonUnity TownshipBentonAlbionChinaWinslowVassalboroWatervilleSidneyOaklandBelgradeMount VernonRomeViennaFayetteLivermore FallsLivermoreCantonDixfieldPeruMiltonMexicoRumfordRoxburyByronJayChestervilleNew SharonFarmingtonWiltonCarthageWashington TownshipPerkins TownshipTempleWeldAvonStrongNew VineyardIndustryFreeman TownshipPhillipsTownship 6 North of WeldSalem TownshipKingfieldMount Abram TownshipMadrid TownshipTownship ESandy River PlantationRangeley PlantationCarrabassett ValleyRedington TownshipDallas PlantationRangeleyLang TownshipCoplin PlantationWyman TownshipEustisTim Pond TownshipJim Pond TownshipAlder Stream TownshipKibby TownshipSkinner TownshipMerrill StripBeattie TownshipLowelltown TownshipGorham GoreSaint-LudgerSaint-Robert-BellarminSaint-GédéonSaint-MartinSaint-ThéophileSaint-RenéSaint-Côme-LinièreSaint-ZacharieSainte-AurélieSaint-PhilbertSaint-GeorgesSaint-ProsperSaint-BenjaminSaint-OdilonSaint-LouisSainte-RoseLac-EtcheminSaint-LéonSaint-NazaireSaint-CyprienSainte-JustineSaint-Camille-de-LellisSainte-SabineSaint-MagloireSaint-Luc-de-BellechasseSaint-PhilemonNotre-Dame-AuxiliatriceSaint DamienArmaghSaint-JustSaint-FabienLac-FrontiereSaint-LucieSaint-AdalbertSainte-ApollineSaint-PaulSainte-Euphémie
Modern town borders in Somerset County, Maine. Towns with records are named in black. Unincorporated green places usually lack records.

For a complete list of populated places, including small neighborhoods and suburbs, visit Hometown Locator. The following are the most historically and genealogically relevant populated places in this census area:[8]

Census-designated places
Unorganized territories

Townships listed from southeast to northwest within their group. BKP

  • Central Somerset
  • Northeast Somerset
    • Twp 2 R2 BKP EKR (Mayfield)
    • Twp 2 R3 BKP EKR (Bald Mountain)
    • Twp 2 R4 BKP EKR (East Moxie)
    • Twp 2 R5 BKP EKR (Squaretown)
    • Twp 1 R5 BKP EKR (Moxie Gore)
    • Twp 1 R6 BKP EKR (Indian Stream)
    • Twp 1 R6 BKP WKR (Chase Stream and 10,000 Acre Tract)
    • Twp 2 R6 BKP WKR (Johnson Mountain)
    • Twp 1 R7 BKP WKR (Saplin)
    • Twp 2 R7 BKP WKR (Misery)
    • Twp 3 R7 BKP WKR (Parlin Pond)
    • Misery Gore
    • Sandbar Tract
    • Twp 1 R1 NBKP (Taunton and Raynham)
    • Twp 2 R1 NBKP (Sandwich Academy Grant)
    • Twp 2 Twp 1 R1 NBKP (Rockwood Strip)
    • Twp 3 R1 NBKP (Long Pond)
    • Twp 1 R2 NBKP (Tomhegan)
    • Twp 2 R2 NBKP (Brassua)
  • Northwest Somerset
    • Twp 1 R3 BKP WKR (Carrying Place)
    • Twp 2 R3 BKP WKR (Carrying Place Town)
    • Twp 3 R3 BKP WKR (Dead River)
    • Twp 4 R3 BKP WKR (Bigelow)
    • Twp 1 R4 BKP WKR (Bowtown)
    • Twp 2 R4 BKP WKR (Pierce Ponds)
    • Twp 3 R4 BKP WKR (Spring Lake)
    • Twp 4 R4 BKP WKR (Flagstaff)
    • Twp 2 R5 BKP WKR (Lower Enchanted)
    • Twp 3 R5 BKP WKR (Spencer)
    • Twp 4 R5 BKP WKR (King and Bartlett)
    • Twp 3 R6 BKP WKR (Upper Enchanted)
    • Twp 4 R6 BKP WKR (Hobbstown)
    • Twp 5 R6 BKP WKR (Haynestown)
    • Twp 4 R7 BKP WKR (Bradstreet)
    • Twp 5 R7 BKP WKR (Rayton)
    • Twp 6 R6 BKP WKR (Appleton)
    • Township 5 R1 NBKP (Attean Pond)
    • Township 6 R1 NBKP (Holeb)
    • Township 6 R2 NBKP (Forsyth)
  • Seboomook Lake
    • Township 3 R2 NBKP (Thorndike)
    • Little W, NBKP
    • Big W, NBKP
    • Twp 1 R3 NBKP (West Middlesex Canal Grant)
    • Township 2 R3 NBKP (Soldiertown)
    • Township 3 R3 NBKP (Alder Brook)
    • Township 4 R3 NBKP (Bald Mountain)
    • Township 5 R3 NBKP (Sandy Bay)
    • Township Seboomook R4 NBKP
  • Seboomook Lake (continued)
    • Twp 1 R4 NBKP (Plymouth or Boyd)
    • Twp 2 R4 NBKP (Pittston Academy Grant)
    • Township 3 R4 NBKP (Hammond)
    • Township 4 R4 NBKP (Prentiss)
    • Township 5 R4 NBKP (Blake Gore)
    • Township 4 R16 WELS (Elm Stream)
    • Township 4 R17 WELS
    • Township 4 R18 WELS (Comstock)
    • Township 3 R5 NBKP (Dole Brook)
    • Township 4 R5 NBKP
    • Township 5 R16 WELS (Russell Pond)
    • Township 5 R17 WELS
    • Township 5 R18 WELS
    • Township 5 R19 WELS
    • Township 5 R20 WELS
    • Township 6 R16 WELS (Saint John)
    • Township 6 R17 WELS
    • Township 6 R18 WELS
    • Township 6 R19 WELS (Big 6)
    • Township 7 R16 WELS
    • Township 7 R17 WELS
    • Township 7 R18 WELS
    • Township 7 R19 WELS
    • Township 8 R16 WELS
    • Township 8 R17 WELS
    • Township 8 R18 WELS
    • Township 8 R19 WELS
    • Township 9 R16 WELS
    • Township 9 R17 WELS
    • Township 9 R18 WELS
    • Township 10 R16 WELS
    • Township 10 R17 WELS (Big 10)

Brighton Plantation | Dennistown | Highland Plantation | Pleasant Ridge Plantation | The Forks Plantation | West Forks

Extinct Towns and Plantations[10][11] [12]
Bigelow Plantation | Bloomfield | Brighton | Carrying Place Plantation | Concord | Dead River Plantation | Dearborn | Flagstaff Plantation | Lexington | Long Pond Plantation | Mayfield

History Timeline[edit | edit source]

Resources[edit | edit source]

Bible Records[edit | edit source]

Biographies[edit | edit source]

Business, Commerce, and Occupations[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries[edit | edit source]

Cemeteries of Somerset County, Maine online and in print
Tombstone Transcriptions Online
Tombstone Transcriptions in Print (Often more complete)
List of Cemeteries in the County
See Maine Cemeteries for more information.

Census Records[edit | edit source]

Historical populations
Census Pop.
1810 12,910
1820 21,787 68.8%
1830 35,787 64.3%
1840 33,912 −5.2%
1850 35,581 4.9%
1860 36,753 3.3%
1870 34,611 −5.8%
1880 32,333 −6.6%
1890 32,627 0.9%
1900 33,849 3.7%
1910 36,301 7.2%
1920 37,171 2.4%
1930 39,111 5.2%
1940 38,245 −2.2%
1950 39,785 4.0%
1960 39,749 −0.1%
1970 40,597 2.1%
1980 45,028 10.9%
1990 49,767 10.5%
2000 50,888 2.3%
2010 52,228 2.6%
Source: "".

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Church records and the information they provide vary significantly depending on the denomination and the record keeper. They may contain information about members of the congregation, such as age, date of baptism, christening, or birth; marriage information and maiden names; and death date. For general information about Maine denominations, view the Maine Church Records wiki page.

List of Churches and Church Parishes

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Land and Property Records[edit | edit source]

Land and property records can place an ancestor in a particular location, provide economic information, and reveal family relationships. Land records include: deeds, abstracts and indexes, mortgages, leases, grants and land patents. See Maine Land and Property for databases, early land grants to individuals, and more information.

Online Land Indexes and Records

Local Histories[edit | edit source]

Local histories are available for Somerset County. They may include biographies, church, school and government history, and military information. For more information, see Maine Local Histories.

Maps and Gazetteers[edit | edit source]

Aroostook CountySomerset CountyFranklin CountyQuebec, CanadaWaldo CountyKennebec CountyME Somerset.jpg
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Migration[edit | edit source]

Military Records[edit | edit source]

Revolutionary War

Civil War

Regiments. Civil War service men in Somerset County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (part of a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in this county:

- 1st Regiment, Maine Cavalry

World War I

Naturalization and Citizenship[edit | edit source]

Online Naturalization Indexes and Records

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Maine Newspaper Archive Indexes Free; Digital Page Images $ (GenealogyBank $) Twenty-two early Maine 18th and 19th century newspapers, 1785-1898 online. Indexes (free); digital images ($). These newspapers are from Augusta, Bangor, Belfast, Brunswick, Castine, Eastport, Falmouth, Hallowell, Kennebunk, Portland, Saco and Wiscasset.

Obituaries[edit | edit source]

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Probate Records[edit | edit source]

Online Probate Indexes and Records

School Records[edit | edit source]

Social Security Records[edit | edit source]

Tax Records[edit | edit source]

Maine tax records complement land records and can be used to supplement the years between censuses. There may be gaps of several years in the records. For databases and more information, see Maine Taxation

Vital Records[edit | edit source]

In Maine, vital records are kept by town clerks or selectmen. Although some towns have existed since the 1650s, most vital records date from about 1700. The vital statistics are often arranged by family. For more information, see the Wiki page for the town and the Wiki page, Maine Vital Records.

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  • Family History Centers provide one-on-one assistance, free access to center-only databases, and to premium genealogical websites.
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Maine Genealogy Somerset County

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References[edit | edit source]

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