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Church Account Books[edit | edit source]

The account books were a record for church income and expenditures.

The translation for this is:

  • Regnskab in Danish, Norwegian, and Icelandic
  • Kyrkoräkenskap in Swedish
  • Kirkolasko in Finnish.

For some time periods and some countries, the minister kept track of incoming funds and their disbursement. Your ancestor may have had to pay when a child was christened, when they married, or when someone was buried. Occasionally the actual name of that person is recorded. If the actual birth, marriage, and or death records are destroyed for some reason and only a few miscellaneous records exist, it may be possible to put together family information using what is found in the account books.

As a normal rule, unless there has been records destruction or a person wants to dig deep and find background information specific to the parish and time period to add to the family information, these types of records are not the best or most feasible to search.