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Nobility Lineage Books[edit | edit source]

Research use: It is the quickest method of establishing noble lineages and family groups. Lineage books are often located in only one archival record group and thus are relatively easy to find and use.

Record type: Lists compiled for the purpose of registering proven nobility.

General: The books were compiled by the nobility to establish their social status and confirm their privileges. Catherine the Great required the compilation of lineage books to qualify for membership in the local assembly of noble deputies established in 1785. A copy was sent into St. Petersburg to officially register the lineage.

Time period: 1785-1918.

Contents: Family genealogical table, record of awards and recognition.

Location: The central copy is located in the Russian State Historical Archive in St. Petersburg. It is not clear to what degree the central file is complete. Local copies are found in state archives.

Population coverage: 3% coverage because deals with only a small social echelon.

Reliability: Because noble lineages were compiled for establishing rank in order to receive privilege or as a matter of prestige, their accuracy and reliability is suspect.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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