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This is an overview of reference aids useful in the Polish research. It is not intended to be a complete bibliography.


1. Polska Atlas Drogowy Warszawa (1996) Scale 1:200,000. FHL book 943.8 E7ad

2. Atlas geograficzny illustrowany królestwa polskiego 1907, J.M. Bazewicza, Warszawa. FHL book 943.8 E3b.

3. Polska atlas samochodowy 1992, Publisher Polskie Przedsiębiorstwo,Warszawa-Wrocław. FHL book943.8 E7p.

4. Euro-Reiseatlas Polen 1993, and later updates, RV Verlag Gűtersloh, Germany. FHL book 943.8 E7er.

To learn more about maps for Poland see Maps.


1. Spis miejschowości Polskiej Rzeczypospolitej Ludowej FHL book 943.8 E5s, also on film 2037058, or fiche 6000369-6000383. Polish gazetteer for 1967. (2 volumes).

2. Słownik geograficzny królestwa polskiego i innych krajów słowiańskych. Geographical dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland prior to WWI, Warszawa, 1880. FHL book 943.8 e5C. Also on film 920957-72. (15 volumes).

3. Skorowidz miejscowości rzeczypospolitej polskiej. 1934. A gazetteer of Poland between WWI and II. FHL book 943.8 E5sm. Also on films 2037057-8, (2 volumes).

4. Gemeindelexikon Der Im Reichsrate Vertretenen Königreiche und Länder. FHL book 943.6 E5g 1900 v. 12.

5. Genealogical Gazetteer of Galicia, Lenius, Brian, Anola, Manitoba, Canada. 1999. 943.65 E5L.

6. Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preußen. Königlichen Statistischen Landesamts. 1907. FHL book 943 E5kp v. 1-6. (Ostpreussen, Westpreussen, Brandenburg, Posen, Schlesien, Pommern)

7. Wykaz urzędowych nazw miejscowści w Polsce. FHL book 943.8 E5 wu v.1.

8. Słownik nazw geograficznych Polski zachódniej i północnej 1951. Place name change dictionary of places taken from Germany after WWII and that were incorporated into Poland and Russia. FHL Book 943.8 E5sn v. 2. Also on film 847874.

9. Roman Catholic parishes in the Polish People’s Republic in 1984. FHL book 943.8 K24m. Lidia Műllerowa, Chicago, Il. 1995.

10.Alphabetisches Ortsnamenverzeichnis der Deutschen Ostgebiete unter fremder Verwaltung, Band II. 1955. FHL book 943.8 E5b v. 2.

11. Jewish Roots in Poland. Miriam Weiner, Secaucus, N.J. 1997. FHL book 943.8 F2wm. A listing of Jewish archival holdings.

12. Oficjalny Spis Pocztowych Numerów Adresowych, Warszawa 1993. Polish Postal Guide. FHL book 943.8 E80.

To learn more about gazetters for Poland, including instructions and examples, see Gazetteers.


1. Polish Roots, Rosemary Chorzempa. 1993. FHL book 943.8 D27c. Basic guide to Polish Research sources.

2. Polish and Proud, Gnacinski, Longley, 1979. FHL book 943.8 D27g. Guide to Tracing your Polish ancestry.

3. Polish family research, Konrad, 1992. FHL book 943.8 D27k 1992.

4. Major genealogical record sources in Poland. FHL 1978. FHL book 943.8 D27gs. Series C #31.

5. Essentials in Polish genealogical research, Daniel Schlyter. 1993. FHL book 943.8 D27sd 1993.

6. Polish Genealogical Outline. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Item 36386.

7. Genealogical Word List Polish. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Item 34098.

8. Dictionary of Surnames. Kazimierz Rymut. Sold by PGSA.

9. Informator Teleadresowy. Addresses of all current Polish Civil Registration Offices on CD and 2 printed volumes. Available through “Technika”, 44-100 Gliwice, ul. Floriańska 51a, Poland. Now available through the same firm, a CD which includes all the parish addresses.

10. Po mieczu i po kądzieli. Translates to On the Spear (male) side and the distaff side (female). This is a CD produced by Naczelna Dyrekcja, Archiwów Państwowych, 2001, ul. Dluga 6, skr.poczt. 1005, 00-950 Warszawa. The CD consists of five databases: The Registers of population in Archival Material, the inventory of parish and civil records in the archives, German civil registration in Poland, nobility information and The Lutherans of Warsaw. Some of this information can be found on their website.

11. In Their Words: a genealogist’s translation guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents, Jonathan D. Shea and William F. Hoffmann. FHL book 940 D27sj v.1-2.

12. A translation guide to 19th century Polish-language civil registration documents. Judith R. Frazin, FHL book 943.8 V27f.

13. Posen Place Name Indexes: Identifying place names using alphabetical and reverse alphabetical indexes. Roger P. Minert, FHL book 943.84 E5m.

To learn more about genealogical handbooks for Poland see Genealogy.