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Finding Aids[edit | edit source]

  • Poland finding aids have been created by a variety of state, church, society, and private organizations.
  • Their goal is to inform you what records exist and the repositories that hold them.
  • Each finding aid has a different focus--a particular religion or geographical area or archive or collection. Be sure to search all that apply to your ancestors.
  • Remember that churches often produced civil registration records. The church records might have been destroyed, but copies had been sent to the government and still exist. So we search for both church records and civil registration records.
  • A finding aid usually:
  1. Gives (or can search) a list of parishes and/or civil registration offices
  2. Tells what years records are available, broken down by births, marriages, and deaths
  3. States where the original records are deposited
  • A finding aid may:

  1. Link to an index of the records
  2. Link to digitized images of the records
  3. Link to contact information for the repository

Links to Finding Aids[edit | edit source]

Online Indexed Databases[edit | edit source]

Nationwide Databases[edit | edit source]

Regional Databases[edit | edit source]

Ancestry.com[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Historical Records[edit | edit source]

Online Browsable Images Databases[edit | edit source]

Go to Forschung > Famillienforschung > Standesamt online or Kirchenbuch online > Find your Kreis >Parish

Records at the FamilySearch Library[edit | edit source]

The Family History Library has church records on microfilm from many parishes throughout Poland, some to 1875, some to the 1880s, and some as late as the 1960s. Look in the catalog under the name of the town where the parish was, not necessarily the town where your ancestor lived: POLAND, (COUNTY), (TOWN) - CHURCH RECORDS New records are continually added to the library’s collection from several sources. Do not give up if records are not available yet. Check the FamilySearch Catalog every two or three years for the records you need.

Local Parishes[edit | edit source]

Most Catholic church records are still maintained by the parish, which will generally answer correspondence in Polish. You can write directly to the parish with a nonspecific address (Catholic parish, Town name with postal code, Poland), but using the specific parish address is better. If the records you need have been moved to a diocese or state archive, your request may be forwarded to that archive.

Parish Addresses[edit | edit source]

How to Write the Letter[edit | edit source]

Write your request in Polish whenever possible. Information about how to write to local parishes in Poland is given in Poland Letter Writing Guide.

Diocese Archives[edit | edit source]

Some parish registers are collected in diocesan archives. Generally the very old records (before 1800) are in diocesan archives. Some dioceses have parishes archive their records after 100 years. Protestants also maintain church archives, although their records are likely to be in a state archive. Church archives are often unable to handle genealogical requests, but they can tell you if specific records are available.

Major Religious Dioceses[edit | edit source]


Lutheran Dioceses: Use Luteranie.pl to find the diocese and parish for your town.
Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 00.41.13.png

Catholic Dioceses[edit | edit source]

Catholic Diocese names are clickable to lists of parish records held by the archive.

1. Białystok Archdiocese
2. Drohiczyn Diocese
3. Łomża Diocese
4. Craców Archdiocese
5. Bielsko–Żywiec Diocese
6. Kielce Diocese
7. Tarnow Diocese
8. Częstochowa Archdiocese
9. Radom Diocese
10. Sosnowiec Diocese
11. Gdańsk Archdiocese
12. Pelplin Diocese Another list
13. Toruń Diocese
14. Gniezno Archdiocese
15. Bydgoszcz Diocese
16. Włocławek Diocese

Click on "Katalog".
Click on "Akta dekanalne i parafialne".
Click on "Akta parafialne".
Click on "Księgi metrykalne".

17. Katowice Archdiocese Clickable map

18. Gliwice Diocese
19. Opole Diocese
20. Łódź Archdiocese
21. Łowicz Diocese
22. Lublin Archdiocese
23. Sandomierz Diocese
24. Siedlce Diocese
25. Poznań Archdiocese
26. Kalisz Diocese
27. Przemyś Archdiocese
28.Rzeszów Diocese
29. Zamość-Lubaczów Diocese
30. Szczecin-Kamień Archdiocese
31. Koszalin-Kołobrzeg Diocese
32. Zielona Góra-Gorzów Diocese
33. Warmia Archdiocese
34. Elbląg Diocese
35. Ełk Diocese
36. Warsaw Archdiocese
37. Płock Diocese
38. Warsaw-Praga Diocese
39. Wrocław Archdiocese
40. Legnica Diocese
41. Świdnica Diocese