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Background[edit | edit source]

Similar to other European countries, cemeteries in Poland may not be the best source to find ancestors farther back in time. However, if you know which parish your ancestors attended a visit to that church's cemetery can lead to the discovery of distant relatives. Cemetery fees must be paid by the family of the deceased and when the grave is no longer being maintained, it is resold and given new markers. Often in Poland the cemetery is at the site of the church, but not always. They are usually maintained with flowers or plants, which are watered and cared for by relatives of the deceased and it is common to see candles burning at the grave site.

This link to Google Maps shows some of the oldest cemeteries in Poland. This is a good resource for finding the cemeteries close to where your ancestors lived. To see details of the tombstones in a cemetery go to Find A Grave enter the country and the town. The entries are then listed in alphabetical order of the surnames. You can refine the search by adding as much information as you would like. The are only a few Polish cemeteries at this time in this data base, however it continues to improve. When traveling Find A Grave and Billion Graves both have excellent phone apps.