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United States Gotoarrow.png U.S. Census Gotoarrow.png Panama Canal Zone Gotoarrow.png Census

U.S. Federal population schedules and indexes[edit | edit source]

Panama Canal Zone census of 1904[edit | edit source]

According to some historians, the first census of the Canal Zone was conducted in 1904, around the time the Panama Canal construction began.

Panama Canal Zone census of 1912[edit | edit source]

A census of the Panama Canal Zone was conducted on February 1, 1912. Statistical information and historical background for that census was published in a report, available here.

Online Panama Canal Zone census indexes with images, 1910-1940, available in FamilySearch[edit | edit source]

Free online census indexes for the Panama Canal Zone, including images, are available in the FamilySearch U.S. Census collections. The links in the following table enable you to directly access the records, using a predefined residence place identified in the Residence column.

Year Records Residence used in search Search results
1910 328,773 Camp Elliott, Canal Zone Link
1920 19,573 Canal Zone Link
1930 39,770 Canal Zone Link
1940 51,902 Panama Canal Zone, Panama Link

Statistical analysis data for the Panama Canal Zone, from 1912 to 1930, is available from this document in

Online Panama Canal Zone census indexes and images, 1910-1940, in other databases[edit | edit source]

Census records available in different databases, such as FamilySearch and Ancestry, were indexed independently and, therefore, vary slightly in content. U.S. Census records are also available from, a paid subscription site.

Online U.S. Federal Population Schedules for the Panama Canal Zone
  Free at Some Libraries (usually with a library card) Pay
Heritage Quest[1] Ancestry FHL ed.[2] Ancestry Library ed.[2] Ancestry Home ed.[2]
1940 indexes - - - -
images - Link Link Link
1930 indexes - Link Link Link
images Link Link Link Link
1920 indexes Link Link Link Link
images Link Link Link Link
1910 indexes Link Link Link Link
images Link Link Link Link

Available on Microfilm and Online Images[edit | edit source]

Federal census records on microfilm are available from the Family History Library and Family History Centers, and Regional Branches of U.S. National Archives. All census records on the FHL microfilms listed below have been digitized and are available from FamilySearch.

1930. For a microfilm of the military and civilian population schedules, see Panama Canal and Consular Services, 1930 Federal Census: Population Schedules; NARA microfilm publication T626. (FHL film 2342372).

1920. For a Soundex index, and military and civilian population schedules on microfilm, see Canal Zone, 1920 Federal Census: Soundex and Population Schedules.

1910. For a microfilm of population schedules for Camp Elliott in the Panama Canal Zone, see the U.S. Military and Naval, 1910 Federal Census: Population Schedules. (FHL film 1375797).

Sources and Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. HeritageQuest has arranged with many subscribing public libraries in the United States to allow users free access on home computers by means of their personal library card numbers. HeritageQuest provides images of all surviving 1790 to 1930 federal censuses, and indexes to many but not all of them.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2, a subscription site that provides online indexes and images to all surviving federal and many state census records, among other sources. They have three online editions: (1) an FHL edition free only at the Family History Library and a few Family History Centers, (2) a slightly smaller Library edition free only at some public libraries, and (3) a Home edition subscription service for individuals.