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Available on FamilySearch[edit | edit source]

On you can find many historical records collections for Mexico. Some collections have indexed records and images, other collections only have images and you will have to search page by page to find the records of your ancestors.

To view the collections of Mexico , click here. On the top part of page Mexico Indexed Historical Records you will find collections that contain some indexed records. In the lower part of the page Mexico Image Only Historical Records you will find collections of digitized images of records that have not been indexed therefore, they are not searchable by entering a name. In these collections you will have to browse imae by image.

The Family History Library in Salt Lake City also have many books, some which may be viewable online while others will need to be reviewed in person in the library. You might also be able to find the same book at a library near your home. To search the FamilySearch Catalog click here. YOu can search by locality, title, author, subject, or key words.

To determine if a book is available at a library near your home use the options to search OCLC WorldCat or Archive Grid, both of which are found on the right hand side of the FamilySearch Catalog search page.

You may want to view the class Improve Your Search Results in FamilySearch Hispanic Records for more tips on how to search effectively the Historical Records Collections of and how to use the FamilySearch Catalog.

Mexico Genealogy Resources Online[edit | edit source]

Online you can find many resources for Mexico genealogy research such as the following:

  • Records and databases
  • Related websites
  • Presentations about Hispanic genealogy 
  • Finding aids
  • Genealogy programs
  • Useful guides
  • Research forums and query pages
  • Research aids
  • Indexing opportunities
  • Resources for church members

Archives[edit | edit source]

Archivo General de la Nación de México

The Archivo General de la Nación of Mexico in Mexico City has placed their catalog online. To view their catalog click here. They also have some indexes which are searchable by name. One such index is for Immigration cards. To search the immigration card indexes click on + plus sign next to the following words in this order – Guía general > Instituciones Gubernamentales: época moderna y contemporánea > Administración Pública Federal S. XX > Secretaria de Gobernación Siglo XX > Departamento de Migración > Departamento de Migración > Escoja la nacionalidad > Explore la lista

  • Click on the button Buscar to search by name.
  • To fill out the search engine: Choose the fields you wish to search in. The options are:
    • Alcance y contenido (Scope & Content)
    • Titulo (Title)
    • Fechas (Dates)
    • Productor (Producer)
    • Lengua/escritura (Language/writing)
    • Nivel (Level)
  • In the field Palabra(s) a name and/or surname(s).
  • Click on Agregar to add these words to your search.
  • To launch your search click on Aceptar.
  • To view the detailed information for your results, click on the name of the person.
  • You will need the all of the reference information in order to request a copy.

Archivo Histórico de Ensenada

  • Click on Acervo to view some documents available online.

Archivo Histórico del Estado de Aguascalientes

  • This archive website is a work in progress. Check back often to see what has been added.

Archivo General del Estado de Coahuila

  • Documentos en línea (Documents online)
  • Historia Familiar > Censos (Family History > Census)
  • Publicaciones y Catálogos en Línea (Publications and catalogues online)
  • Directorio de Archivos Municipales (Directory of Municipal Archives)
  • Publicaciones > Base de datos (not available online) (Publications > Databases)
  • Interested in getting a copy of a document? Email:

AHD Guadalajara

Archivo Histórico de Monterrey Two ways to search the website. Use the tab Acervo Documental Browse

  • Select a Colección (Collection)
  • Select a Volumen (Volume)
  • Click on Ver Volumen (View Volume) to browse the images.
  • Search by name.

Archivo Histórico Militar de México

  • Has military files from 1821 until 1921
  • Click on Buscar to begin your search

Directorio Nacional de Archivos, México Archive directory for Mexico.

  • Click on the name of the city or state in Mexico from the right side of the page. On the left will appear a listing of archives for that locality.

PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles

  • Archivo General de Indias
  • Migratory movements of Iberoamericans

For Identifying Places[edit | edit source]

In order to access the records of our ancestors it is important to know who created the records and where they are kept. The knowledge of jurisdictions, civil and ecclesiastical, for the places where our ancestors lived will help you to know where they might be kept and which entity, governmental or religious, created them. The following websites will aid you in identifying jurisdictions. 

Gazetteers or Diccionarios geográficos

These can be useful for identifying municipalities. Civil registration records are one example of a vital record that would be created by municipalities. The most commonly used version for Mexico is the Diccionario geográfico, histórico y biográfico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos by Antonio García Cubas.

There are two different websites with digital versions of the same book

Church Directories – Directorios eclesiásticos

To identify the name and address of a parish.

  • Some have alphabetical lists organized by archdiocese, diocese, and prelatures.
  • Usually contain more information about parishes.
  • You may need to know the name of the diocese, archdiocese or prelature of a parish to find it.

Parroquias de México (Parishes of Mexico)

Directorio Nacional de Parroquias Mexicanas (National Directory of Mexican Parishes)

Directorio de la Iglesia Católica (The Catholic Church Directory)

Databases[edit | edit source]

Databases often contain indexed records, extracted information, and images that may be been created by businesses, universities, genealogical societies or other individuals.

Nuestros Ranchos

  • For the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes
  • Available in English or Spanish
  • 17th century notarial records indexes from the State Archive of Zacatecas.

Be sure to check the following resources:

Los Bexareños

Emigrantes Libanes Lebanese Immigrants who came to Mexico during the 20th and 21st century.

Early California Population Project

  • Missions of Baja and Upper California
  • Requires the creation of a free account with you name and email address.

IGI Batch Numbers

Guadalajara Dispensas Marriage dispensations from one of the largest and earliest archdiocese in Mexico.

  • Searchable by name of place
  • Parishes included (see the map)
  • Names of bride and groom and place
  • Years included 1600-1899
  • The microfilm link connects to images from FamilySearch
  • Use the image number from the website to find the corresponding image in FamilySearch.
  • Search the results page using Ctrl + F to locate the desired result.

Border Crossing Records Historical background information on these records and how they're organized.

New Mexico State University Rio Grande Historical Collections. Includes indexes of the following:

  • Archivos General de Notarias de Durango (General Notarial Archive of Durango)
  • Archivos Históricos del Arzobispado de Durango (Historical Archive of the Archdiocese of Durango)
  • Archivos Históricos del Estado de Durango (State Historical Archive of Durango)

University of Arizona Documents from Northern New Spain, which includes Northern Mexico, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California

  • Biographical archive of almost 20,000 people
  • Documentary Relations of the Southwest

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley La Guerra de Texas (War with Texas 1835) y La Guerra México-Estados Unidos (Mexico-American War 1846-1848)

  • Click on La Guerra de Texas y La Guerra México-Estados Unidos

Catholic Church records for Reynosa and Camargo, Tamaulipas

  • Click on Church Records

  • Mexico Civil Registration indexes and images
  • Border Crossings: From Mexico to USA 1895-1964 (images)
  • Search > Card Catalog > Key word(s) > place name of surname
  • Subscription required unless Church member or visit your local family history center $$

  • Civil Registration records (Images and some indexes)
  • Church records (Images and some indexes)
  • 1930 Mexico Federal Census (not extant)
  • Family Tree
  • Check the catalog for more available records

Genealogies and Other Sites[edit | edit source]

The Longoria Alcala Family

  • Family site of Raul Longoria with roots in south Texas and Mexico.

Villarreal Genealogy

  • Website dedicated to the surname Villarreal but also recomemded for the excellent information and links to useful resources.

The Genealogy of Mexico

  • Website of Gary Felix concerning the first settlers of Mexico and their history. Also contains information about a DNA project and other resources.

La Baja California Genealogy and History

  • Resources and other information for the state of Baja California
  • Available in English or Spanish

Colorado Society of Hispanic Genealogy

  • Has many useful links

Verify Civil Registration records in the state of Coahuila -In Spanish only

  • Only for more recent records

Other Useful Websites[edit | edit source]

You can find a listing of other websites for Spanish speaking countries from around the world by clicking here

Visit each website and click on each link, exploring carefully what each might do. You may discover new and wonderful tools and resources that will help you with your family history research.