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The primary holdings of the Oklahoma State Archives are governmental: state agency records, official papers of the governors, the records of the Oklahoma state constitutional convention (including biographical material), and Supreme Court records – both territorial and current as well as criminal appeals.

Family History Resources[edit | edit source]

Oklahoma Territory Homestead Records 1889-1908[edit | edit source]

The U.S. District Land Office Homestead Registers, 1889-1908, include a legal description of tract sold, number of acres, fees paid, name of purchaser, date of purchase, residence, receipt numbers, and patent number (final certificate) and date of issue. (Information needed when contacting the state archives: legal description—section, township and range—or county location).

Surveyors’ Land Records[edit | edit source]

These include surveyors’ field notes and plats, and aerial photographs. For more information see Land Records Service by clicking here.

Confederate Pension Applications, 1915-33[edit | edit source]

Click here to see the index of Oklahoma Confederate pension records. From the index, find the name of the pension recipient. If your name of interest appears in the index, contact the State Archives for further information.

Voting and Election Records[edit | edit source]

The State Election Board records include election returns, minutes, correspondence, candidate filings, poll books, legislative and congressional district maps, expense affidavits, and contested election files. For further information, contact the State Archives.

State Archives Does NOT Have These Records:[edit | edit source]

Click the titles to learn how to find those records.

Contact Information[edit | edit source]

State Archives and Records Management Division

Third Floor Allen Wright Memorial Library Building
200 NE 18 Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105
(405) 522-3579