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Ohio History Connection
Ohio History Connection

Contact Information[edit | edit source]



The Ohio History Connection
800 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH 43211

Headquarters includes: Ohio History Connection, Ohio Historic Preservation Office, Ohio History Center & Museum, Ohio History Store, Ohio Village, State Archives Library.

Telephone:[1] Phone: 614-297-2300 or Toll Free at 1-800-686-6124

Hours and holidays:[1]

Ohio History Center Museum: Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5; Sunday, Noon-5.
Archives/Library: Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5.

Directions, maps, and public transportation:

Internet sites and databases:

Collection Description[edit | edit source]

The Ohio History Connection serves as the state archives. They have an excellent collection of manuscripts for government, land, and military records, as well as biographies, genealogies, and vital records.[5] [6]

  • Collections & Archives has objects, photos, and documents to represent all of Ohio's 88 counties covering a vast array of topics from the earliest Paleo Indians to current times such as: Archaeology, Archives/Library, Digital Collections & Services, History, Natural History, State Archives, Manuscripts/Audiovisuals, Museum and Library Services.
  • Archives/Library helps people to discover the stories of Ohioans who built our state’s farms, industries, businesses, schools, churches, social organizations, governments and communities. Visitors to the Research Room will discover government records, manuscripts, film, video, photographs, books and maps. The Archives contains over 70,000 cubic feet of records and thousands of printed materials.

Tips[edit | edit source]

The Ohio History Connection has within its network over 50 historical homes, museums, archaeological sites, nature preserves, geological sites, and more across Ohio. Map showing were they are.

Guides[edit | edit source]

Alternate Repositories[edit | edit source]

If you cannot visit or find a source at the Ohio History Connection, a similar source may be available at one of the following.

Overlapping Collections

  • National Archives I, Washington DC, census, pre-WWI military service & pensions, passenger lists, naturalizations, passports, federal bounty land, homesteads, bankruptcy, ethnic sources, prisons, and federal employees.[8] Includes Northwest Territory (Ohio) papers.
  • National Archives at Chicago old federal court and agency records for Ohio, U.S. federal censuses 1790–1940; military service and pension indexes, passenger lists, naturalizations, Ancestry.com, HeritageQuest, Fold3.[9]
  • Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, premier periodical collection, including Ohio genealogies, local histories, databases, military, censuses, directories, and passenger lists.[10]
  • Newberry Library, Chicago, Illinois, a large repository with genealogies, local histories, censuses, military, land, indexes, vital records, court, and tax records mostly from the Mississippi Valley, eastern seaboard, Canada, and the British Isles.[11]
  • State Library of Ohio, Columbus, has good records of Ohio, and of states like Pennsylvania, New York, and the states of New England which all contributed early immigrants to Ohio.[5]

Similar Collections

Neighboring Collections

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