New Windsor Township, Aiken, South Carolina Genealogy

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History[edit | edit source]

Originally Savannah Town (named for the Savannah (Shawnee) Indians) who in 1680 after a trade war replaced the Westo Indians who first settled here. This town became important to the South Carolina colony as a center of the animal fur and buckskin trade. Indian and white trappers brought their pelts from the mountains and farther west to trade for manufactured goods and iron products. Savannah town was on the fall line, the farthest ocean going boats could go up the river before meeting a waterfall. Boats were used to ship the pelts down the Savannah River and along the Atlantic shore to Charleston, and from there to Europe. In 1715-1716 South Carolina built and garrisoned Fort Moore to protect this trade center from hostile Spanish, French, or Indian forces. For further information see the Fort Moore-Charleston Trail page.

In 1730 the area was incorporated as New Windsor Parish and Township. In 1737 about 200 Swiss from the Canton of Appenzell settled the area.[1]

New Windsor Township became part Aiken County, South Carolina Genealogy.

A map identifying the location of colonial New Windsor Township is available at

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