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Netherlands Languages[edit | edit source]

Word Lists[edit | edit source]

This list summarizes what languages are used in different records. For word lists and help with using Dutch in genealogical records, see Dutch Genealogical Word List

Click on the languages for a Word List:

Dutch: Used in Dutch Reformed Church records and Civil Registration after 1813. Used for any other government records. In most of the country except Frisian it was the commonly spoken language.
Frisian: This was the commonly spoken language in the province of Friesland and some neighbouring areas. Some records in those areas will use Frisian but often Dutch will still be used.
Latin: Used in Catholic Church records
German: Used in Lutheran Church records
French: Used in Wallonia Reformed Church records, and in pre-1813 Civil Registration
Portuguese: Used in some Sephardi Jewish records

For word lists and the basic grammar needed for genealogical research using documents of these languages, click on the links for each language, which will bring a page on the wiki devoted to that language.

Classes and Handouts[edit | edit source]

Dutch[edit | edit source]

Latin[edit | edit source]

German[edit | edit source]

This converter will show you how any phrase or name might look in German script:

  • Kurrentschrift Converter (enter German genealogical word, click on "convert", view your word in Kurrentschrift (Gothic handwriting)

French[edit | edit source]

  • Reading French Handwritten Records
  • French Records Extraction Manual. The full manual or individual lesson chapters are downloadable from this webpage. A number of helpful lessons are available here, but the first five lessons are especially useful.
    • Chapter 1: Old Records
    • Chapter 2: Christening, Marriage, and Other Entries
    • Chapter 3: Marriage
    • Chapter 4: Other Entries
    • Chapter 5: French Handwriting and Spelling