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Minnesota Archives with Swedish Collections[edit | edit source]

Luther Seminary Archives[edit | edit source]

Luther Seminary Archives
2481 Como Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
Telephone: 651-641-3205
or 651-641-3238
E-mail: pdaniels@luthersem.edu

Minnesota Annual Conference Archives[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Annual Conference Archive of the United Methodist Church
Room 400
122 West Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Telephone: 612-870-0058 (ext. 249)
Website: http://www.minnesotaumc.org/
Website for Archive Services: http://www.minnesotaumc.org/AboutUs/ArchiveServices/tabid/40240/Default.aspx

Boundaries of the Minnesota Annual Conference are the same at the state boundaries for Minnesota.

As of June 2010, Kathy Spence Johnson is the archivist. She can be contacted at kathy.johnson@mnumc.org

From their website (found under “About us”):

Ask the archivist for:

  • full names of clergy and dates of service at a church
  • biographical information and photographs of clergy
  • early history of a local congregation
  • annual statistics of a congregation
  • previous names of a congregation
  • baptismal, marriage, and membership records of churches no longer in existence
  • help with genealogy research
  • past actions of conference committees and teams
  • how to care for local church records

All churches that are still operating keep all their own records. If a congregation merged with another congregation then their records are kept at the church in which they merged. The archive only has records for discontinued congregations.

Research Requests:

Researchers can email Kathy Johnson at the email address above for Minnesota Methodist information. There is no charge for research but there is a charge for more than 10 copies (about $.25 per page). There is also a charge for postage. There may be a charge for scans, depending on size and how complicated they are.

Researchers are welcome to come in person but it is best to make an appointment to insure that the archivist will be there.

Kathy Spence Johnson, Archivist Minnesota Annual Conference United Methodist Church
122 Franklin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Minnesota Annual Conference Archive of the United Methodist Church
Room 400
122 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55404
Telephone: 612-870-0058 (Ext. 249)
Website: http://www.minnesotaumc.org/

Bethel Theological Seminary Library Archives[edit | edit source]

Bethel Theological Seminary Library Archives
3949 Bethel Drive
St. Paul, MN 55112
Telephone: 651-638-6400
Website: http://seminary.bethel.edu/about/index.html

Lutheran Church Archives[edit | edit source]

Lutheran Church Archives
Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library
Gustavus Adolphus College
St. Peter, MN 56082
Website: gustavus.edu/go/archives

  • These archives consist primarily of administrative records of Minnesota affiliates of the Lutheran Church in America (LCA). Predecessor and supporting synods have included the Minnesota Conference and Synod, the Red River Valley Conference and Synod, and the English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of the Northwest. In addition, there are congregational histories, biographical files regarding clergy and church leaders, and microfilmed church records (ending about 1930).

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America[edit | edit source]

ELCA Regional Archives
Region 3, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Paul A. Daniels
ELCA Region 3 Archives
2481 Como Avenue
(651) 641-3205
E-mail: pdaniels@luthersem.edu
Website: http://www.luthersem.edu/archives/

American Swedish Institute Archives[edit | edit source]

American Swedish Institute
2600 Park Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Telephone: 612-871-4907
E-mail: info@americanswedishinst.org
Website: http://www.americanswedishinst.org/ASI/Home.html

Biographies[edit | edit source]

A History of the Swedish-Americans of Minnesota

This is a three volume set with valuable collaboration of numerous authors and contributors compiled and edited by Algot E. Strand. Published in 1910 by the Lewis Publishing Company in Chicago, Illinois. 


Minnesota Biographies Project

Over 3,643 biographies now on line.  Searches can be done by county or by searching the State Index of On-Line Biographies. http://www.usbiographies.org/minnesota/

Cemeteries with Swedish Population[edit | edit source]

Aitkin County[edit | edit source]

Malmo Cemetery in Malmo Township

Anoka County[edit | edit source]

Fridsborg Cemetery (Find A Grave)

Becker County[edit | edit source]

Becker County Cemeteries (Find A Grave)

Big Stone County[edit | edit source]

Big Stone Baptist Cemetery (Swedish Baptists) in Big Stone Township https://ldsgenealogy.com/MN/Big-Stone-County-Cemetery-Records.htm
Lakeside Cemetery Lindholm Mission Cemetery (Swedish Christian Church) in Prior Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/82671
Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Elims Congregation of Clinton) in Prior Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/82210

Carlton County[edit | edit source]

Sandy Lake Cemetery (Swedish Baptist) in Blackhoof Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83551/sandy-lake-cemetery

Carver County[edit | edit source]

East Union Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Dahlgren Township
Scandia Baptist Cemetery in Laketown Township
Swedish Mission Church Cemetery in Watertown Township m
Swede Lake Cemetery in Watertown Township Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery - Gotaholm Congregation in Watertown Township

Chippewa County[edit | edit source]

Louriston Cemetery (First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church in Louriston Township
Zion Church Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Louriston Township
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Louriston Township  http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.4511111&lat=45.0972222&datum=nad83

Chisago County[edit | edit source]

Almelund Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Lindstrom Township http://minnesota.hometownlocator.com/maps/feature-map,ftc,2,fid,2069028,n,almelund%20cemetery.cfm

Clay County[edit | edit source]

Fridhem-Swedish ELC Cemetery in Oakport Township
Scandia Cemetery in Flowing Township

Douglas County[edit | edit source]


Fahlun Cemetery in Nelson Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.2550336&lat=45.9049631&datum=nad83 Fahlun Church Cemetery in Osakis Township
Fryksende Cemetery in Urness Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-95.7183809&lat=45.9066268&datum=nad83

Rose City Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Spruce Hill Township  [1]

Freeborn County[edit | edit source]

Zion Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Cemetery)

Goodhue County[edit | edit source]


Zion Church Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Goodhue) https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2206062/zion-swedish-lutheran-cemetery
Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Vasa Cemetery in Vasa Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/1978423/vasa-lutheran-cemetery
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Vasa Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2268290/vasa-swedish-methodist-episcopal-cemetery
Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Goodhue Township
Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Vasa Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2279867/swedish-baptist-cemetery
St. Anscars Cemetery (St. Ansgar Swedish Lutheran Cemetery) in Cannon Falls Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83247/saint-ansgars-lutheran-cemetery
Mt. Carmel Cemetery (Mt. Carmel Swedish Baptist Cemetery) in Red Wing Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/82856/mount-carmel-cemetery
Prairie Island Cemetery earlier known as Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in State Forest Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83109/prairie-island-cemetery

Hennepin County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Independence Township
Christ Lutheran Cemetery formerly known as Swedish Lutheran Gotalund Church Cemetery in Independence Township
Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Maple Plain Township https://web.archive.org/web/20111006041445/http://rootsweb.ancestry.com:80/~mnhennep/christlutheran.htm

Houston County[edit | edit source]

First Swedish Baptist Cemetery in Houston Township
Swede Bottom Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Cemetery) in Sheldon Township
Swedish Adventist Cemetery in Cambridge Township

Kandiyohi County[edit | edit source]


Lake Elizabeth (Swedish Baptist Church) Cemetery in Lake Elizabeth Township
Bethesda Evangelical Cemetery (Swedish Mission Cemetery) in Fahlun Township
Ebenezer Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Kandiyohi Township
Lake Andrew Cemetery (First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Cemetery in Lake Andrew Township
Lake Florida (Swedish Mission) Church Cemetery in Lake Andrew Township

Lac Qui Parle County[edit | edit source]

Mission Covenant Church (Swedish Methodist Church) Cemetery in Maxwell Township
Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Providence Township http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-96.1416667&lat=44.85&datum=nad83
First Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church in Providence Township; nearest major town is Dawson http://www.topozone.com/map.asp?lon=-96.1666667&lat=44.8305556&datum=nad83

Lincoln County[edit | edit source]

West Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Ash Lake Township
East Elim Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Ash Lake Township

Lyon County[edit | edit source]

Russell Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church) in Lyons Township

Marshall County[edit | edit source]

Elim Church (Swedish Evangelical Church) Cemetery in Oak Park Township
Augustana Lutheran Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Church) in New Folden Township
Foldahl Cemetery (Swedish Nyed) in Foldahl Township
Swedish Cemetery (Baptist cemetery) in Wanger Township
Randeen Cemetery (Nordskog Swedish Church) in Linsell Township
Eagle Point Church Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church) in Eagle Point Township

McLeod County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Bergen Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnmurray/faithswedishhtm.htm

Murray County[edit | edit source]

Faith Swedish Cemetery in Avoca Township

Nicollet County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery (also known as Belgrade Swedish Cemetery) in Belgrade Township
Scandia Grove Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church) in Lake Prairie Township
Greenwood Cemetery (Swedish Methodist Cemetery) in New Sweden Township

Norman County[edit | edit source]

Bethel Swedish Cemetery (West Wild Rice Cemetery) in Wild Rice Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnnorman/cem.html
Scandinavia Cemetery in McDonaldsville Township

Otter Tail County[edit | edit source]


Swedish Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran) in Parkers Prairie Township
St. William Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery) in Parkers Prairie Township
Swedish Mission Covenant Cemetery (also known as Nidaros Cemetery) in Leaf Mountain Township
Swedish Mission Covenant Cemetery in Nidaros Cemetery Township
Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery in Aurdal Township
Gustava Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Compton Township
Compton Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery) in Compton Township
Scandinavian Christian Mission Church Cemetery in Compton Township
Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery (Gottalund Swedish Lutheran Cemetery) in Amor Township
Svenska Lutherska Kyrke Garden Cemetery (Augustana Lutheran Church) in Elizabeth Township
Rothsay Cemetery (Swedish Baptist Church Cemetery) in Oscar Township
Scandinavian Christian Mission Church Cemetery in Maplewood Township
Central Swede Grove Lutheran Church Cemetery in Erhards Grove Township
Scandinavian Evangelical Free Church Cemetery in Trondhjem Township

Polk County[edit | edit source]

Bethany Holy Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Grand Forks Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/grand_marais_bethany_south_egf.htm
Bethany North Lutheran Cemetery, Grand Forks Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
Bethany Lutheran Cemetery , Chester Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
Bethesada Lutheran Swedish Cemetery, Esther Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/cemeteries.htm
New Sweden Cemetery, Lessor Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/new_sweden_cem.htm
Salem Swedish Lutheran Cemetery, Knute Township
Swedish Baptist Cemetery, McIntosh Township http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnpolk/swedish_baptist_cemetery.htm

Pope County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Mission Cemetery in Reno Township https://web.archive.org/web/20090520180458/http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com:80/~mnpope/genweb/popecem.html

Redwood County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Cemetery in Springdale Township
Trinity Cemetery (Swedish Lutheran Church) in Springdale Township

Renville County[edit | edit source]

Ebenezer Cemetery (Swedish Evangelical Lutheran) in Sacred Heart Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/82192/ebenezer-lutheran-cemetery
Old Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Crooks Township
Palmyra Covenant Swedish Mission Cemetery in Palmyra Township
Palmyra Cemetery (Palmyra Swedish Methodist Church) in Palmyra Township

Roseau County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Cemetery in Badger Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83681/swedish-cemetery

Todd County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Cemetery in Ward Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83679/swedish-cemetery
Scandinavian Church Cemetery in Eagle Valley Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/83568/scandinavian-cemetery

Wabasha County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Lutheran Cemetery in Millville Township

Wadena County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Mission Cemetery in Bullard Township https://www.findagrave.com/cemetery/2410940/vista-swedish-lutheran-church-cemetery

Waseca County[edit | edit source]

Vista Swedish Lutheran Church Cemetery in Otisco Township

Wright County[edit | edit source]

Swedish Cemetery in Woodland Township
Swedish Cemetery in Cokato Township

Yellow Medicine County[edit | edit source]

Swede Home Lutheran Cemetery in Swede Prairie Township http://files.usgwarchives.net/mn/yellowmedicine/cemetery/swedehom.txt

Churches[edit | edit source]

The Swedish American churches listed below have microfilmed records in the College and Lutheran Church Archives at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, Minnesota.  There are online guides indexing the contents of each film reel.  See https://gustavus.edu/library/archives/LCA/LMNCMicrofilms.php.  These microfilms are not available via inter-library loan but may be searched in person. 

Microfilmed records are available at the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at the Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. These microfilms are not available via interlibrary loan but may be searched in person or a search may be requested for a fee. See http://www.augustana.edu/x13917.xml  for years of availability, guidelines, and research request forms.

Aitkin County

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Aitkin, Minnesota

First Lutheran (St. Paul) Church
Aitkin, Minnesota

Maria Lutheran Church
Aitkin, Minnesota

Carmel Lutheran Church
Ball Bluff (Jacobson), Minnesota

Malmo Evangelical Free Church
Isle, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Malmo, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Rossburg, Minnesota

Anoka County

Anoka Covenant Church
Anoka, Minnesota

Elim Baptist Church
Anoka, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Anoka, Minnesota

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Fridley, Minnesota

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Soderville, Minnesota

Becker County

Lund Lutheran Church
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

Upsala Lutheran Church
Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

The Augustana Congregational Church
Lake Eunice Township, Minnestoa

Eksjo Lutheran Church
Lake Park, Minnesota

Upsala Lutheran Church
Lake Park, Minnesota

Beltrami County

Bethel Lutheran Church
Bemidji, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Hines, Minnesota

Benton County

Gustavus Adolphus (Lutheran) Church
Foley, Minnesota

Maywood Covenant Church
Foley, Minnestoa

Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Oak Park, Minnesota

Calvary Baptist Church
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Big Stone County

Elim Lutheran Church
Clinton, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Odessa, Minnesota

Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church
Ortonville, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Ortonville, Minnesota

Blue Earth County

Bethel Baptist Church
Mankato, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Mankato, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church
Mankato, Minnesota

Brown County

First Lutheran Church
Comfrey, Minnesota

Carlton County

Bethel Lutheran Church
Atkinson, Minnesota

Sandy Lake Baptist Church
Barnum, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Blackshoff (Barnum), Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Carlton, Minnesota

Bethany Covenant Church
Cloquet, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
Cloquet, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Mahtowa, Minnestoa

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Moose Lake, Minnesota

Carver County

Sv. Ev. Salemförsamlingen
Carver, Minnesota

East Union Lutheran Church
East Union, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
Waconia, Minnesota

Götaholm Lutheran
Watertown, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Watertown, Minnesota

West Union Lutheran Church
West Union, Minnesota

Cass County

First Lutheran Church
Pillager, Minnesota

Chippewa County

Maynard Baptist Church
Maynard, Minnesota

(see Stromback, Minnesota)
Montevideo, Minnesota

Buffalo Lake Mission Church
Murdock, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Stromback, Minnesota

Stromback Lutheran Church
Stromback, Minnesota

Chisago County

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Almelund, Minnesota

Chisago Lake Lutheran Church
Center City, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Chisago City, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Harris, Minnesota

Fish Lake Baptist Church
Harris, Minnesota

Fish Lake Lutheran Church
Harris, Minnesota

Harris Covenant Church
Harris, Minnesota

First United Methodist Church
Lindstrom, Minnesota

Kost Evangelical Free Church
North Branch, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
North Branch, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Rush City, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Rust City, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Taylors Falls, Minnesota

Clay County

Highland Grove Lutheran Church
Hitterdal, Minnesota

Fridhem Lutheran Church
Kragness, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Moorhead, Minnesota

Crow Wing County

Bethany Covenant Church
Brainerd, Minnesota

First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Brainerd, Minnesota

Temple Baptist Church
Brainerd, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Deerwood, Minnesota

Dakota County

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Hastings, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
S. St. Paul, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
W. St. Paul

Dodge County

Blooming Prairie Lutheran Church
Steele, Minnesota

Douglas County

Calvary Lutheran Church
Alexandria, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Alexandria, Minnesota

Calvary Covenant Church
Evansville, Minnesota

Fryksände Lutheran Church
Evansville, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Evansville, Minnesota

Zionsborg Lutheran Church
Evansville, Minnesota

Oscar Lake Lutheran Church
Farwell, Minnesota

St. Luke Lutheran Church
Garfield, Minnesota

Covenant Church
Kensington, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Kensington, Minnesota

Christina Lake Lutheran
Melby, Minnesota

Fahlun Lutheran Church
Nelson, Minnesota

Spruce Hill Lutheran Church
Spruce Hill, Minnesota

Goodhue County

Spring Garden Lutheran Church
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

St. Ansgar Lutheran Church
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Red Wing, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Red Wing, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Red Wing, Minnesota

Vasa Lutheran Church
Vasa, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Vasa, Minnesota

Cannon River Lutheran Church
Welch, Minnesota

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
Welch, Minnesota

Grant County

Fridhem Lutheran Church
Barett, Minnesota

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Elbow Lake, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Herman, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Hoffman, Minnesota

Wennersborg Lutheran Church
Hoffman, Minnesota

Hennepin County

Gethesmane Lutheran Church
Hopkins, Minnesota

Christ Lutheran Church
Maple Plain, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethany Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethel Baptist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethlehem Baptist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethlehem Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brookdale Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elim Baptist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elim Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Elim Robinsdale Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Emanuel United Methodist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Faith United Methodist Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

First Evangelical Free Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Lebanon Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Messiah Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fairview Covenant Church
Mound, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
St. Anthony Park, Minnesota

Houston County

Houston Baptist Church
Houston, Minnesota

Hubbard County

Sion Lutheran Church
Hart Lake, Minnesota

Isanti County

Braham Evangelical Covenant Church
Braham, Minnesota

Braham Lutheran Church
Braham, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Cambridge, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Cambridge, Minnesota

North Isanti Baptist Church
Cambridge, Minnesota

Dalbo Baptist Church
Dalbo, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Dalbo, Minnesota

Siloa Lutheran Church
Dalbo, Minnesota

Faith Lutheran Church
Isanti, Minnesota

Long Lake Lutheran Church
Isanti, Minnesota

South Isanti Baptist Church
Isanti, Minnesota

Maple Ridge Covenant Church
Maple Ridge, Minnesota

Wyanett Evangelical Free Church
Princeton, Minnesota

Swedish Lutheran Church
Rush Lake, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church
Rush Point, Minnesota

Spring Lake Lutheran Church
Spring Lake, Minnesota

Spring Vale Baptist Church
Spring Vale, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church
Stanchfield, Minnesota

Stanchfield Baptist Church
Stanchfield, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
Wyanett, Minnesota

Itasca County

Bethel Lutheran Church
Bovey, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

Jessie Lake Lutheran Church
Jessie Lake, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Warba, Minnesota

Jackson County

Gustavus Adolphus Church
Lakefield, Minnesota

Kanabec County

Brunswick Baptist Church
Brunswick, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Brunswick, Minnesota

Grass Lake Covenant Church
Grass Lake, Minnesota

Grasston Baptist Church
Grasston, Minnesota

Hope Lutheran Church
Grasston, Minnesota

Hillman Baptist Church
Hillman, Minnesota

Christian Mission Congregation
Kanabec, Minnesota

Knife Lake Baptist Church
Knife Lake, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church
Mora, Minnesota

Lewis Lake Covenant Church
Ogilvie, Minnesota

Quamba Baptist Church
Quamba, Minnesota

Kandiyohi County

First Baptist Church
Atwater, Minnesota

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Atwater, Minnesota

Lake Elisabeth Baptist Church
Atwater, Minnesota

Rosendale Evangelical Lutheran Church
Atwater, Minnesota

Blomkest Baptist Church
Blomkest, Minnesota

Fahlun Baptist Church
Blomkest, Minnesota

Spring Garden Lutheran Church
Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Genesee Congregation
Genesee Township, Minnesota

Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Kandiyohi, Minnesota

Tripolis Evangelical Lutheran Church
Kandiyohi, Minnesota

Lake Florida Mission Church
Lake Florida, Minnesota

Lake Lillian Baptist Church
Lake Lillian, Minnesota

Lake Lillian Evangelical Lutheran Church
Lake Lillian, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Louriston, Minnesota

Lundby Covenant Church
Lundby, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
New London, Minnesota

Lake Florida Mission Church
New London, Minnesota

Lebanon Evangelical Lutheran Church
New London, Minnesota

Mamrelund Lutheran Church
Pennock, Minnesota

Salem Covenant Church
Pennock, Minnesota

Sharon Evangelical Church
Spicer, Minnesota

Svea Evangelical Lutheran Church
Svea, Minnesota

Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Willmar, Minnesota

Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Willmar, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Willmar, Minnesota

Kittson County

Evangelical Covenant Church
Hallock, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church
Hallock, Minnesota

Red River Lutheran Church
Hallock, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
Hallock, Minnesota

Tabitha Lutheran Church
Hallock, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Karlstad, Minnesota

Karlstad Baptist Church
Karlstad, Minnesota

Evangelical Mission Church
Kennedy, Minnesota

Maria Lutheran Church
Kennedy, Minnesota

Vastra Emmaus Lutheran Church
Kennedy, Minnesota

Community Covenant Church
Lake Bronson, Minnesota

Zion Luther Church
Lake Bronson, Minnesota

Lancaster Covenant Church
Lancaster, Minnesota

Saron Lutheran Church
Lancaster, Minnesota

Sikar Lutheran Church
Lancaster, Minnesota

Sion Lutheran Church
Lancaster, Minnesota

Koochiching County

First Bethel Lutheran Church
International Falls, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Loman, Minnesota

Lac Qui Parle County

Dawson Covenant Church
Dawson, Minnesota

Providence Valley Lutheran Church
Providence Valley, Minnesota

Lake County

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Two Harbors, Minnesota

Lesueur County

First Lutheran Church
Lesueur, Minnesota

Lincoln County

Bethany Lutheran Church
Ivanhoe, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Ivanhoe, Minnesota

Lyon County

Sillerud Lutheran Church
Balaton, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Balaton, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Russel, Minnesota

Harlunda Lutheran Church
Tracy, Minnesota

Marshall County

Alvardo Baptist Church
Alvarado, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Alvarado, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Alvardo, Minnesota

Wanger Swedish Baptist Church
Argyle, Minnesota

Eagle Point Baptist Church
Stephen, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Stephen, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Strandquist, Minnesota

Mamrelund Lutheran Church
Strandquist, Minnesota

Viking Mission Covenant Church
Viking, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Warren, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Warren, Minnesota

Martin County

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Dunnell, Minnesota

East Chair Lutheran Church
East Chain, Minnesota

Fairmont Swedish Lutheran Church
Fairmont, Minnesota

Covenant Church
Trimont, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Trimont, Minnesota

Mc Henry County

Elim Lutheran Church
Bergen, Minnesota

Mc Leod County

Brush Prairie Lutheran Church
Brush Prairie, Minnesota

Franklin St. Baptist Church
Hutchinson, Minnesota

Meeker County

Genesee Congregation
Acton Township, Minnesota

Beckerville Lutheran Church
Beckville, Minnesota

First Evangelical Lutheran Church
Cosmos, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Dassel, Minnesota

First Lutheran Gethsemane Church
Dassel, Minnesota

Lake Jennie Evangelical Covenant Church
Dassel, Minnesota

Swan Lake Lutheran Church
Dassel, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Grove City, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Grove City, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Litchfield, Minnesota

Mission Covenant Church
Litchfield, Minnesota

Trinity Episcopal Church
Litchfield, Minnesota

Martin Luther Church
Manannah, Minnesota

Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church
Rosendale, Minnesota

Lake Union Evangelical Covenant Church
South Haven, Minnesota

First Lutheran Gethsemane Church
Steelsville, Minnesota

Ostmarks Lutheran Church
Watkins, Minnesota

Mille Lacs County

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Bock, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Foreston, Minnesota

Faith Lutheran Church
Isle, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Milaca, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Milada, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Onamia, Minnesota

Opstead Baptist Church
Opstead, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Princeton, Minnesota

Morrison County

Cushing Baptist Church
Cushing, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Darling, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Fridhem, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Little Falls, Minnesota

Bethany Church
Parker Town, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Pillager, Minnesota

Gethsemane Evangelical Lutheran Church
Upsala, Minnesota

The Evangelical Covenant Church
Upsala, Minnesota

Murray County

Lime Lake Lutheran Church
Lime Lake, Minnesota

Lake Sarah Baptist Church
Slayton, Minnesota

Nicollet County

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church of Belgrade
Belgrade, Minnesota

Bernadotte Lutheran Church
Bernadotte, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Lafayette, Minnesota

Scandian Grove Lutheran Church
Scandian Grove, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
St. Peter, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran(First English)
St. Peter, Minnesota

Nobles County

First Lutheran Church
Dundee, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Worthington, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Worthington, Minnesota

Indian Lake Baptist Church
Worthington, Minnesota

Otter Tail

Eagle Lake Lutheran Church
Battle Lake, Minnesota

Zion Amor Lutheran Church
Battle Lake, Minnesota

Messiah Lutheran Church
Compton, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
Elizabeth, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Fergus Falls, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Henning, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church (Peace Prairie Lutheran)
Henning, Minnesota

Esther Lutheran Church
Parkers Prairie, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Parkers Prairie, Minnesota

Central Lutheran Church
Pelican Rapids, Minnesota

Rothsay Baptist Church
Rothsay, Minnesota

(see Pelican Rapids)
Swede Grove, Minnesota

Pennington County

Black River Lutheran Church
St. Hilaire, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Redeemer Lutheran Church
Thief River Falls, Minnesota

Pine County

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Bruno, Minnesota

Willstad Lutheran Church
Bruno, Minnesota

Faith Lutheran Church
Denham, Minnesota

Swede Park Lutheran Church
Denham, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Groningen, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Hinckley, Minnesota

Oak Lake Lutheran Church
Kerrick, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Kingsdale, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Markville, Minnesota

Oak Hill Lutheran Church
Oak Hill, Minnesota

Pine City Evangelical Free Church
Pine City, Minnesota

Pine Grove Church
Pine City, Minnesota

Royalton Baptist Church
Royalton, Minnesota

Emmanuel Lutheran Church
Sandstone, Minnesota

Friesland Baptist Church
Sandstone, Minnesota

Blomskog Lutheran Church
Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

Polk County

Emanuel Lutheran Church
Crookston, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Crookston, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
East Grand Forks, Minnesota

St. John Lutheran Church
Fertile, Minnesota

Asphult Lutheran Church
Fosston, Minnesota

Fosston Baptist Church
Fosston, Minnesota

Poplar Lake Lutheran Church
Fosston, Minnesota

Fridhem Lutheran Church
Lengby, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Mc Intosh, Minnesota

Nyskoga Lutheran Church
Sandsville, Minnesota

Lima Lutheran Church
Union Lake, Minnesota

Pope County

Ben Wade Covenant Church
Lowry, Minnesota

Norunga Lutheran Church
Lowry, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Starbuck, Minnesota

Ramsey County

Salem Covenant Church
New Brighton, Minnesota

Bethania Lutheran Church
North Oaks, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
St. Anthony Park, Minnesota

Arlington Hills Methodist
St. Paul, Minnesota

Bethany Baptist Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

Central Baptist Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

Elim Covenant Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

First Evangelical Free Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

First Swedish Methodist Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

North Emanuel Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Sigfrid Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
St. Paul, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
While Bear Lake, Minnesota

Redwood County

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Belview, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Walnut Grove, Minnesota

Renville County

First Lutheran Church
Hector, Minnesota

Palmyra Covenant Church
Hector, Minnesota

Cross of Calvary Lutheran Church
Olivia, Minnesota

Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Sacred Heart, Minnesota

Swedlanda Lutheran Church
Swedlanda, Minnesota

Rice County

Christdala Lutheran Church
Millersburg, Minnesota

Roberts County

St. Joseph Lutheran Church
Rosholt, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Rosholts Effington, Minnesota

Roseau County

Bethel Lutheran Church
Karlstad, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Roseau, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Salol, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Stafford, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Warroad, Minnesota

Sherburne County

Becker Baptist Church
Becker, Minnesota

Saran Lutheran Church
Big Lake, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
St. Cloud, Minnesota

Sibley County

Clear Lake Lutheran Church
Clear Lake, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
Gibbon, Minnesota

Clear Lake Baptist Church
Gibbon, Minnesota

Evangelical Covenant Church
Winthrop, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Winthrop, Minnesota

St. Louis County

Arnold Lutheran Church
Arnold(Duluth), Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Buhl, Minnesota

St. Peter Lutheran Church
Canyon, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Chisholm, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Cook, Minnesota

Bethany Baptist Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Ebenezer Baptist Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Salem Covenant Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Salem Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Temple Baptist Church
Duluth, Minnesota

The Asbury Swedish Methodist Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Duluth, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
East Little Fork, Minnesota

Bethany Lutheran Church
Ely, Minnesota

Concordia Lutheran Church
Eveleth, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Eveleth, Minnesota

Eveleth, Minnesota

French River Lutheran Church
French River, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
French River, Minnesota

Hermantown (Duluth), Minnesota

First(Immanuel) Lutheran Church
Hibbing, Minnesota

Swedish Baptist Church
Leander, Minnesota

First Lutheran Church
Meadowlands, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
Midway, Minnesota

Soudan Baptist Church
Soudan, Minnesota

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Soudan, Minnesota

Bethel Lutheran Church
Tower, Minnesota

First Covenant Church
Virginia, Minnesota

Gethsemane Lutheran Church
Virginia, Minnesota

Swift County

Trinity Lutheran Church
Benson, Minnesota

Bethel Baptist Church
Kerkhoven, Minnesota

Evangelical Free Church
Kerkhoven, Minnesota

Bethesda Lutheran Church
Murdock, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church
Murdock, Minnesota

Todd County

Balsamlund Lutheran Church
Aldrich, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Clarissa, Minnesota

Petri Lutheran Church
Eagle Bend, Minnesota

Calvary Lutheran Church
Little Sauk, Minnesota

Reynold Baptist Church
Long Prairie, Minnesota

Traverse County

Siloah Lutheran Church
Graceville, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Monson, Minnesota

Bethlehem Covenant Church
Wheaton, Minnesota

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Wheaton, Minnesota

Wabasha County

Calvary Baptist Church
Lake City, Minnesota

First lutheran Church
Lake City, Minnesota

Menneiska Lutheran Church
Menneiska, Minnesota

Millville Lutheran Church
Millville, Minnesota

Wadena County

Balsamlund Lutheran Church
Aldrich, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Sebeka, Minnesota

Vista Covenant Church
New Richland, Minnesota

Vista Lutheran Church
Vista, Minnesota

Washington County

Memorial Lutheran Church
Afton, Minnesota

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Bayport, Minnesota

Faith Lutheran Church
Forest Lake, Minnesota

(see Scandia, Minnesota)
Marine Mills, Minnesota

Christ Lutheran Church
Marine on St. Crois, Minnesota

Elim Lutheran Church
Scandia, Minnesota

Bethany Covenant Church
Stillwater, Minnesota

Trinity Lutheran Church
Stillwater, Minnesota

Watonwan County

Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Darfur, Minnesota

East Sweadahl Lutheran Church
East Sweadahl, Minnesota

Kansas Lake Lutheran Church
Kansas Lake, Minnesota

Augustana Lutheran Church
St. James, Minnesota

West Sweadahl Lutheran Church
West Sveadahl, Minnesota

Wright County

Mont Hermon Lutheran Church
Annandale, Minnesota

St. John Lutheran Church
Annandale, Minnesota

Buffalo Evangelical Covenant Church
Buffalo, Minnesota

Carlslund Lutheran Church
Buffalo, Minnesota

Swedesburg Lutheran Church
Buffalo, Minnesota

Zion Lutheran Church
Buffalo, Minnesota

Cokato Lutheran Church
Cokato, Minnesota

Elim Covenant Church
Cokato, Minnesota

First Baptist Church
Cokato, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church
French Lake, Minnesota

Nylunda Lutheran Church
Howard Lake, Minnesota

North Crow River
Knapp, Minnesota

Immanuel Lutheran Church
Middleville, Minnesota

Scandinavian Lutheran Church
Moore's Prairie, Minnesota

Silver Creek Lutheran Church
Silver Creek, Minnesota

Grace Lutheran Church
South Haven, Minnesota

Stockholm Lutheran Church
Stockholm, Minnesota

Oster First Covenant Church
Waverly, Minnesota

Yellow Medicine County

Augustana Lutheran Church
Clarkfield, Minnesota

Ebenezer Lutheran Church
Clarkfield, Minnesota

Fridhem Lutheran Church
Clarkfield, Minnesota

Swede Home Lutheran
Clarkfield, Minnesota

History[edit | edit source]

Swedish Beginnings in Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Scandia[edit | edit source]

Scandia in Washington County is known as the home of the first Swedish settlers in Minnesota in 1850.  For history, historic sites, a timeline, and relevant online indexes see [2]

Swede Hollow[edit | edit source]

Swede Hollow was a neighborhood of Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Swedish immigrants arriving in the 1850s gave their new home in this valley the name "Svenska Dalen" or Swede Hollow in English.  It was a valley where some of the poorest Swedish immigrants settled.  Residences were constructed almost entirely from scrapped building materials.  Because of this and other poor conditions, the area can be described as a slum.  The Swedes moved on and the area was later populated by waves of other poor immigrants -- Poles, Italians, and Mexicans.

Today the area has been cleaned up and has been designated as a nature center.  It has returned to its original woodland state and is a part of the city park, Swede Hollow Park. 

To learn more about Swede Hollow see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swede_Hollow  

Recommended Reading[edit | edit source]

Swedish Immigration:

Swedish American Genealogy and Local History at the Library of Congress. Listings specific to Minnesota begin on page 35.

I Go To America by Joy K. Lintelman. A book published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press about Swedish-American Women and the life of Mina Anderson, why they left Sweden, what they found and how they survived.

Minnesota Swedes: The Emigration From Trolle Ljungby to Goodhue County 1855-1912, Lilly Setterdahl, Ameican Friends of the Emigrant Institute of Sweden, Inc., East Moline, Illinois, 1996.

Swedes in Minnesota, Anne Gillespie Lewis, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2004.

Letters From the Promised Land: Swedes in America 1840-1914, H. Arnold Barton, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, 1975.

Swedes in the Twin Cities:  Immigrant life and Minnesota's Urban Frontier, Philip J. Anderson and Dag Blanck, Minnesota Historical Society Press.  2001.

"Where did the Swedes Go? The Causes of Swedish Immigration and Settlement Patterns in America" by Rickie Lazzerini.

Newspapers[edit | edit source]

Cambridge[edit | edit source]

Isanti County Press

Duluth[edit | edit source]

Nordvesterns Handelstidning
Svenska Fria Pressen
Duluth Posten
Nordvesterns Nyheter

Lindstrom[edit | edit source]


Litchfield/Grove City[edit | edit source]


Minneapolis[edit | edit source]

Minneapolis Veckoblad
Minnesota Posten
Svenska Amerikanska Posten
Svenska Kristna Härolden
The North
Vart Hem

Minneapolis/St. Paul/Spring Lake[edit | edit source]

Vart Hem

Minneapolis/Stillwater[edit | edit source]


Moorhead[edit | edit source]


Red Wing[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Posten
Svenska Minnesota Bladet

Red Wing, St Paul, Minneapolis[edit | edit source]

Stats Tidning

St. Paul[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Tidning

St. Paul/Minneapolis[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Stats Tidning
Svenska Dagbladet
Svenska Folkets Tidning
Svenska Monitören
Svenska Nybyggaren

Availability of Swedish American Newspapers in Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Historical Society[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Historical Society
345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102-1906
Telephone: 651-259-3000
Inter-library loan available http://www.mnhs.org/library/about/loan.html

Swenson Center[edit | edit source]

Swedish-American newspapers are available on microfilms at the Swenson Center at Augustana College and are available to borrow via interlibrary loan throughout the United States.

See http://www.augustana.edu/x14666.xml to see specific years you would like to view. Contact your local library if you are interested in placing a request. Supply your library with the following information:

  • Title of newspaper
  • The specific years you need for your research
  • Inform your library that the requests can be sent directly via OCLC (“ICY”), fax 309 794-7230, or via mail to Augustana College Library, 639 38th Street, Rock Island, IL 61201-2296

Social Life and Customs[edit | edit source]

Cambridge, Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Cambridge, Minnesota is notable for having the highest percentage (24.7%) of Swedish Americans of any city in the United States with a population of over 5,000 according to the 2000 U.S. Census.

Cambridge hosts the Cambridge Swedish Festival annually.  For details see: http://cambridgeswedishfestival.com/

Lindström, Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Lindström’s slogan is “America’s Little Sweden”. Daniel Lindström was one of the first settlers in the area. Another who came with him was Erik Norelius, whose personal journals documented in part, formed the basis of Vilhelm Moberg’s novels of the Swedish emigration to the United States, The Emigrants. The two main characters in Moberg’s novels were Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson.

The City of Lindström celebrates Karl Oskar and Kristina annually by having "Karl-Oskar Days". This event takes place mid-July and there are many activities including the Coronation for "Karl-Oskar Princess", parades, a street dance and fireworks. There is still a statue of Karl-Oskar and Kristina in Lindström as a tribute to the early Swedish emigrants. For more information on this cultural event see http://www.chisagolakes.com/kodays/

Vasa Order of America[edit | edit source]

The Vasa Order of America is a benefit fraternal society which began more than a century ago to help Swedish immigrants learn the new language, the ways of the new country and share problems. Now Vasa helps share and preserve the rich heritage and values of the “Old Country.” To learn more see http://www.vasaorder.com/aboutorg.htm .

The Vasa Order of America in Minnesota is in District 7. There are 6 local lodges. For more information see: http://www.vasaorder.com/districts/district7.shtm

Societies[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Historical Society[edit | edit source]

Minnesota Historical Society
345 West Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102
Website: http://www.mnhs.org/

Available online finding aids:

  • Birth Certificates Index (1900-1934)
  • Civil War Research
  • Death Certificates Index (1904-2001)
  • E-Books
  • Family History Research
  • Place Names
  • …..and more


Minnesota newspapers
Minnesota State Census
Federal Census 1850-1930
Selected City Directories
Military Service Records

Interlibrary loan of newspapers is available. Contact http://www.mnhs.org/library/about/loan.html

Minnesota Historical Society
345 W. Kellogg Blvd.
St. Paul, MN 55102-1906
Telephone: 651-259-3000
Website: http://www.mnhs.org/index.htm  

Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Swedish Genealogical Society of Minnesota
1185 Concord St. N. Suite 218
South St. Paul, MN 55075-1187
Telephone: 651-455-9057
Website: http://www.mngs.org

Genealogical Sources:

Microfilm of early Minnesota Swedish American ELCA and Covenant church records.

Swedish Green Maps for locating farms and villages.

Research Requests:

Research requests and appointments available by contacting SGSM at: sgsm1983@gmail.com

Västergötland Society in Minnesota[edit | edit source]

Chairman: Genevieve Dalberg
8605 Baltimore St n. e.
Blaine, Minnesota 55434
Phone 612-784-2445

Societies by County[edit | edit source]

Aitkin (Aiken) County[edit | edit source]

Aitkin County Historical Society
20 Pacific St. SW
P.O. Box 215
Aitkin, MN
Telephone: 218-927-3348
Website: http://www.aitkin.com/achs/  

Anoka County[edit | edit source]

Anoka County Historical Society
2135 3rd Ave.
Anoka, MN 55303-2258
Telephone: 763-421-0600
Email: achs@ac-hs.org

Fridley Historical Society
611 Mississippi St NE
Fridley MN 55432-4423

Anoka County Genealogical Society
2135 3rd Ave N, Anoka MN 55303
Website: http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~relativememory/genealogy/  

Becker County[edit | edit source]

Becker County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 622, Detroit Lakes MN 56502-0622
Location: 714 Summit Ave.
Detroit Lakes, MN
Telephone: 218-847-2938
Email: mail@beckercountyhistory.org
Website: http://www.beckercountyhistory.org/  

Heart-o-Lakes Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 622
Detroit Lakes, MN 56502-0622

Beltrami County[edit | edit source]

Beltrami County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 683, Bemidji MN 56619-0683
Location: 130 Minnesota Ave. Bemidji, MN
Telephone: 218-444-3376
Fax: 218-444-3377
Website: http://www.beltramihistory.org  

Benton County[edit | edit source]

Benton County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 426, Sauk Rapids, MN 56379-0426
Location: 218 1st Street North, Sauk Rapids, MN
Telephone: 320-253-9614
Email: bchsmus@charterinternet.com
Website: [3]  

Big Stone County[edit | edit source]

Big Stone County Historical Society
Route 2, Box 31
Ortonville, MN 56278
Mail: 985 US Highway 12, Ortonville MN 56278
Museum: Junction of Highways 12, 75, and 7, Ortonville
Phone: 320 839-3359
Email: malum@info-link.net
Website: http://greatriversnetwork.org/mhs/  

Blue Earth County[edit | edit source]

Blue Earth County Historical Society
415 Cherry Street
Mankato, MN 56001
Telephone: 507-345-5566
Email: bechs@hickorytech.net
Website: http://www.bechshistory.com/  

Breckenridge County[edit | edit source]

Renamed Clay County -- see Clay County

Brown County[edit | edit source]

Brown County Historical Society
2 N Broadway St
New Um, MN 56073
Telephone: 507-354-2016

Comfrey Area Historical Society
PO Box 218, Comfrey MN 56019-0218
Contact: Gary Richter 507 877-3523

Buchanan County[edit | edit source]

Consolidated with Pine County -- See Pine County

Carlton County[edit | edit source]

Carlton County Historical Society
406 Cloquet Avenue
Cloquet, MN 55720
Telephone 218-879-1938
Email: cchs@cpinternet.com
Website: http://www.carltoncountyhistory.org   

Moose Lake Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 235, Moose Lake MN 55767-0235
Location: 900 Folz Blvd, Moose Lake
Phone: 218 485-4234
Website: www.mooselakeareahistory.com  

Carlton County Genealogical Society
406 Cloquet Ave, Cloquet MN 55720-1750

Carver County[edit | edit source]

Carver County Historical Society
555 West First Street
Waconia, MN 55387
Telephone: 952-442-4234
Fax: 952-442-2435
Email: historical@co.carver.mn.us
Website: http://www.carvercountyhistoricalsociety.org/  

Chaska Historical Society
Chaska History Center
112 West 4th Street, Chaska MN 55318
Phone: 952 448-6077
Fax: 952 448-4261
Email: historical@chaskahistory.org
Website: www.chaskahistory.org  

Watertown Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 836, Watertown MN 55388-0836
Location: 309 Lewis Ave S., Watertown

Cass County[edit | edit source]

Cass County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 505, Walker MN 56484-0505
Location: 201 Minnesota Avenue W.
Telephone: 218-547-7251

Chippewa County[edit | edit source]

Chippewa County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 303, Montevideo MN 56265-0303
Location: 151 Pioneer Drive (Jct. 7 and 59), Montevideo MN
Phone: 320 269-7636
Email: cchs@maxminn.com

Chisago County[edit | edit source]

Chisago County Historical Society
13100 Third Ave. No., Lindström, MN 55045-0146
P.O. Box 146
Lindström, MN 55045-0146
Website: http://www.chisagocountyhistory.org/  

Clay County[edit | edit source]

Clay County Historical Society
202 1st Avenue North, Moorhead, MN
P.O. Box 501
Moorhead, MN 56561-0501
Telephone: 218-299-5520
Email: mark.peihl@ci.moorhead.mn.us
Website:  www.info.co.clay.mn.us/history/  

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284, Fargo ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com/index.htm

Clearwater County[edit | edit source]

Clearwater County Historical Society
P.O. Box 241
Bagley, MN 56621
Telephone: 218-785-2000
E-mail: cchshist@gvtel.com

Cook County[edit | edit source]

Cook County Historical Society and Museum
PO Box 1293
Grand Marais, MN 55604
EMAIL: history@boreal.org
Website: http://www.co.cook.mn.us/index.php/visiting/community-information/cook-county-historical-society  

Johnson Heritage Post
PO Box 35, Grand Marais MN 55604-0035
Phone: 218 387-2314 or 218 388-0575

North Shore Commercial Fishing Museum and Tofte Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 2312, Tofte MN 55615-2312
Location: Highway 61 and County Rd 2, Tofte MN
Phone: 218 663-7804
Email: nscfm@boreal.org
Website: www.commercialfishingmuseum.org  

Schroeder Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 337, Schroeder MN 55613-0337
Location: 7932 West Highway 61, Schroeder MN
Phone: 218 663-7706
Email: crheritage@boreal.org

Cottonwood County[edit | edit source]

Cottonwood County Historical Society
812 4th Ave.
Windom, MN 56101
Email: cchs@windomnet.com
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mncotton/cchs.htm  

Crow Wing County[edit | edit source]

Crow Wing County Historical Society
320 Laurel St
P.O. Box 722
Brainerd MN, 56401
Email: history@co.crow-wing.mn.us
Website: http://www.crowwinghistory.org  or http://www.crowwinghistory.org/  

Crosslake Area Historical Society
PO Box 134, Crosslake MN 56442-0134
Phone: 218 692-4836
Website: www.crosslakehistoricalsociety.org  

Cuyuna Heritage Preservation Society
Mail: PO Box 68, Ironton MN 56455-0068
Location: Lower Level, Unity Bank Building, Crosby MN
Phone: 218 545-1166
mail: cchps@emily.net
Website: www.cuyunaheritage.org  

Crow Wing County Genealogical Society
2103 Graydon Ave, Brainerd MN 56401-4516
Phone: 218 829-9738
Email: lkirk@brainerd.net
Website: http://crowwing.mngenweb.net/gs/  

Dakota County[edit | edit source]

Dakota County Historical Society
Chad Roberts, Executive Director
Lawshe Memorial Museum and Research Library
130 3rd Avenue N.
South St. Paul, MN 55075
Fax: 651-552-7265
Email: dakotahistory@co.dakota.mn.us
Website: http://www.dakotahistory.org/  

Dakota County Genealogical Society
130 3rd Ave N, South St Paul MN 55075-2002
Email: VAlbu@comcast.net

Dakota City Heritage Village, Inc.
Mail: PO Box 73, Farmington MN 55024-0073
Location: 4008 220th St W, Farmington MN
Phone: 651 460-8050
Email: dakotac@frontiernet.net
Website: www.dakotacity.org/  

Farmington Area Historical Society
2890 Pilot Knob Rd, Eagan MN 55121-1146
Phone: 651 454-4056
Website: http://www.dakotahistory.org/county/farmington.asp 

Lakeville Area Historical Society
Mail: 20195 Holyoke Ave, Lakeville MN 55044-8339
Location: Corner of 210th St. & Holt Ave.
Phone: 952 985-2700 or 952 985-4406
Website: http://www.crowwinghistory.org/  

Rosemount Area Historical Society
Mail: 15335 Danbury Ave W, Rosemount MN 55068-1596
Phone: 651 423-4603

Dakotah County[edit | edit source]

Created in 1849 from unorganized lands and was an original county in the Minnesota Territory. Its area was reduced as other counties were formed from it. In 1853 it was organized as Dakota County.

Davis County[edit | edit source]

Established in 1855 from Cass, Nicolet, Pierce, and Sibley counties. It was attached to Stearns County in 1855 for judicial purposes. In 1862 it was abolished and area became part of Chippewa and Lac Qui Parle counties.

Dodge County[edit | edit source]

Dodge County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 456, Mantorville MN 55955-0456
Location: 615 Main, Mantorville, MN 55955
Telephone: (507) 635-5508
Email: dchs@kmtel.com
Website: http://dodgecountyhistorical.org/  

West Concord Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 58, West Concord MN 55985-0058
Location: 600 West 1st St, West Concord MN
Phone: 507 527-2628
Email: wchs@cpinternet.com

Dodge County Genealogical Society
PO Box 456, Mantorville MN 55955-0456
Location: Dodge County Historical Society Museum.

Doty County[edit | edit source]

Established in 1855 from Itasca County, its name was changed to Newton County in the same year. This county was ignored by the territorial legislature and treated as if still Itasca County. It was abolished in 1856 and area later became part of St. Louis County.

Douglas County[edit | edit source]

Douglas County Historical Society
1219 Nokomis Street
Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: 320-762-0382
Email: historic@rea-alp.com or historic@dchsmn.org
Website: www.dchsmn.org  

Evansville Historical Foundation
Mail: PO Box 337, Evansville MN 56326-0337
Location: 304 Gran St South, Evansville MN
Phone: 218 948-2010
Email: ehf@gctel.com
Website: www.evansvillemn.net  

Osakis Area Heritage Center
Mail: PO Box 327, Osakis MN 56360-0327
Location: 11 E. Main St., Osakis MN
Phone: 320 859-3777
Email: osakis@midwestinfo.com
Website: www.lakeosakismn.com  

Faribault County[edit | edit source]

Be careful when researching southern Minnesota. The city of Faribault is in Rice County (not Faribault County)and the city of Blue Earth is in Faribault County (not Blue Earth County).

Faribault County Historical Society
405 E. Sixth Street
Blue Earth, MN 56013-2020
Telephone: 507/526-5421
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnfariba/

Bricelyn's Historical Society

Elmore Area Historical Society
108 South Henry St, Elmore MN 56027
Phone: 507 943-3855
Email: elmuseum@bevcomm.net

Minnesota Lake Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 225, Minnesota Lake MN 56068-0225
Location: Kremer House Library and Museum, 317 Main, Minnesota Lake MN
Phone: 507 462-3420
Email: mlfamily@bevcomm.net

Winnebago Area Museum
Mail: PO Box 218, Winnebago MN 56098-0218
Location: 18 1st St NE, Winnebago MN
Phone: 507 893-4660
Email: wmuseum@bevcomm.net

Fillmore County[edit | edit source]

Fillmore County History Center and Genealogy Library
202 Cty Rd 8 and Hwy 52
Fountain MN 55935
Telephone: 507-268-4449
Email: fillmorehistory@earthlink.net or FCHC@mleaf.net
Website: http://fillmorecountyhistory.wordpress.com/ and https://web.archive.org/web/20150603151721/http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mnfillmo/society.htm  

1877 Peterson Station Museum
Mail: PO Box 233, Peterson MN 55962-0233
Museum: 228 Mill St, Peterson MN
Phone: 507 895-2551
Email: johdar@acegroup.cc

Preston Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 138, Preston MN 55965
Location: Corner of Main and St. Anthony Streets, S.E., Preston, MN

Rushford Area Historical Society
Mail: 403 East North St., Rushford, MN 55971
Depot Museum: 401 S. Elm St, Rushford MN
Phone: 507 864-7223

Spring Valley Community Historical Society
220 W Courtland St, Spring Valley MN 55975-1232
Phone: 507 346-7659

Freeborn County[edit | edit source]

Freeborn County Historical Society
1031 Bridge Street
Albert Lea, MN 56007-2205
Telephone 507-373-8003
Email: fchm@smig.net

Hollandale Area Historical Society
PO Box 184, Hollandale MN 56045-0184
Phone: 507 889-4491

Freeborn County Genealogical Society
1033 Bridge Ave
Albert Lea MN 56007-2205
Phone: 507 373-9269
Email: jmjohns@smig.net
Website: www.fcgs.org  

Goodhue County[edit | edit source]

Goodhue County Historical Society
1166 Oak Street
Red Wing, Minnesota 55066
Telephone: (651) 388-6024
Fax (651) 388-3577
E-mail: goodhuecountyhis@qwestoffice.net
Website: http://www.goodhuehistory.mus.mn.us/  

Cannon Falls Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 111, Cannon Falls MN 55009-0111
Location: 206 West Mill St, Cannon Falls MN
Phone: 507 263-4080
Email: cfmuseum@citlink.net

Goodhue Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 141, Goodhue MN 55027-0141
Location: 105 E. 4th Ave., Goodhue MN
Email: gahs@sleepyeyetel.net

Wanamingo Historical Society
572 Second Ave., Wanamingo MN 55983
Phone: 507 824-2627

Grant County[edit | edit source]

Grant County Museum and Historical Society
115 2nd St NE
Elbow Lake, MN 56531
Mail: PO Box 1002, Elbow Lake MN 56531-1002
Telephone: 218-685-4864
Email: gcmnhist@runestone.net
Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20161021091529/http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mngrant/hist.htm  

Hennepin County[edit | edit source]

Hennepin County Historical Society
2303 3rd Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55404-3505
Telephone: 612 870-1329
Email: museum.info@hennepinhistory.org
Website: www.hennepinhistory.org

Brooklyn Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 29345
Brooklyn Center MN 55429-0345
Location: 5637 Brooklyn Boulevard
Brooklyn Center, MN
Telephone: 952 536-0842
Email: brooklynhistorical@yahoo.com
Website: www.thebrooklyns.com  

Champlin Historical Society
11955 Champlin Drive
Champlin MN 55316
Email: Julia@debraston.com
Website: www.champlinhs.org  

Eden Prairie Historical Society
Eden Prairie City Center
8080 Mitchell Road
Eden Prairie MN 55344
Telephone: 952 934-0961
Email: mariewittenberg@aol.com
Website: www.edenprairie.org  

Golden Valley Historical Society
Mail: 7800 Golden Valley Rd
Golden Valley MN 55427-4508
Location: 6731 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley MN
Telephone: 763 588-8578
Website: www.pressenter.com/~gvhs/  

Hopkins Historical Society
Mail: 1010 1st St S
Hopkins MN 55343-9475
Location: Hopkins Activity Center
33 14th Ave North
Hopkins MN
Telephone: 952 548-6480
Website: www.hopkinsmnhistoricalsociety.org

Plymouth Historical Society
Mail: 3400 Plymouth Blvd
Plymouth MN 55447-1448
Museum: Old Town Hall
3605 Fernbrook Lane
Plymouth MN
Telephoe: 763 559-9201

Richfield Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 23304
Richfield MN 55423-0304
Bartholomew House
6901 Lyndale Ave S.
Richfield MN
Telephone: 612 798-6140
Email: staff@richfieldhistory.org
Website: www.richfieldhistory.org/

St. Louis Park Historical Society
Mail: 3700 Monterey Drive
St Louis Park MN 55416-4902
Locations: Historic Depot at Jovig Park
6210 West 37th St
St. Louis Park MN
Telephone: 952 924-2538

Wayzata Historical Society at the Depot
402 Lake St E
Wayzata MN 55391-1651
Phone: 952 473-3631
Website: www.wayzatahistoricalsociety.org  

Westonka Historical Society
2325 Commerce Blvd.
Mound, MN 55364
Telephone: 952 472-4893
Email: sscathers@frontiernet.net
Website: http://westonkahistoricalsociety.org/

Immigration History Research Center (IHRC)
University of Minnesota
Elmer L. Andersen Library Suite 311
222 21st Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55455-0439
Phone: 612 625-4800
Website: www.ihrc.umn.edu  

Houston County[edit | edit source]

Houston County Historical Society
Mail: 104 History Ln, Caledonia MN 55921-1746
Museum Located Adjacent to County Fair Grounds
Phone: 507 725-3884
Website: www.lacrosselibrary.org/guide/houston_hs.html  

Hubbard County[edit | edit source]

Hubbard County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 327, Park Rapids MN 56470-0327
Museum: Old County Courthouse, 301 Court Ave, Park Rapids MN
Phone: 218 732-5237
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnhchs/  

Hubbard County Genealogical Society
Mail: PO Box 361, Park Rapids MN 56470-0361
Location: Old County Courthouse, 301 Court Ave, Park Rapids MN
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnhgs/  

Isanti County[edit | edit source]

Isanti County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 525, Cambridge MN 55008-0525
Location: 33525 Flanders Street NE, Cambridge, MN
Phone: 763 689-4229
Fax: 763 552-0740
Email: ichs@nsatel.net
Website: http://www.ichs.ws

Isanti County Minnesota Genealogy Society
Website: www.icmgs.org  

Itasca County[edit | edit source]

Itasca County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 664, Grand Rapids MN 55744-0664
Location: Itasca Heritage Center, 10 5th St NW, Grand Rapids MN
Phone: 218 326-6431
Email: ichs@paulbunyan.net
Website: www.itascahistorical.com  

Itasca Genealogy Club
Box 261 Bovey, MN 55709-0261
Website: [http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnitasca/moreinfo.html http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnitasca/moreinfo.html  

Jackson County[edit | edit source]

Jackson County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 238, Lakefield MN 56150-0238
Museum: 307 North Highway 86, Lakefield MN
Phone: 507 662-5505
Email: jchs@frontiernet.net

Johnson County[edit | edit source]

Kanabec County[edit | edit source]

Kanabec History Center
Mail: PO Box 113, Mora MN 55051-0113
Museum: West Forest Ave, Mora MN
Phone: 320 679-1665
Email: kanabechistory@ncis.com
Website: www.kanabechistory.org  

Kandiyohi County[edit | edit source]

Kandiyohi County Historical Society
610 Highway 71 NE, Willmar MN 56201-2650
Phone: 320 235-1881
Email: kandhist@wecnet.com
Website: www.kandimuseum.com  

Atwater Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 258, Atwater MN 56209
Museum: 108 3rd St N., Atwater MN

Heritage Searchers of Kandiyohi County
Mail: PO Box 175, Willmar MN 56201-0175
Location: Genealogical Research Library within Willmar Public Library
410 SW 5th St, Willmar
Note: Research requests by mail welcome; Reasonable rates.

Kittson County[edit | edit source]

Kittson County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 100, Lake Bronson MN 56734-0100
Location: 332 East Main St, Lake Bronson MN
Phone: 218 754-4100
Email: history@wiktel.com

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284,Fargo ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com  

Koochiching County[edit | edit source]

Koochiching County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 1147, International Falls MN 56649-1147
Location: 214 6th Ave, International Falls MN
Phone: 218 283-4316

Lac Que Parle County[edit | edit source]

Lac Qui Parle County Historical Society
250 South 8th Ave, Madison MN 56256
Phone: 320 598-7678

Lake County[edit | edit source]

Lake County Historical Society
Depot Museum the Edna G. Tugboat, Two Harbors Lighthouse, & 3M Museum
Mail: PO Box 128, Two Harbors MN 55616-0128
Location: 520 South Ave, Two Harbors MN
Phone: 218 834-4898
Email: Lakehist@lakenet.com
Website: www.lakecountyhistoricalsociety.org  

Bay Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 33, Silver Bay MN 55614-0033
Location: 80 Outer Drive, Silver Bay MN
Phone: 218 226-4534

Historical Committee of the Isabella Community Council
Mail: PO Box 500, Isabella MN 55607
Location: 9521 Lankinen Rd, Isabella MN
Phone: 218 323-7644

Finland Minnesota Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 583, Finland MN 55603-0583
Location: 5653 County Road 6, Finland MN
Phone: 218 353-7380

Lake of the Woods County[edit | edit source]

Lake Of The Woods County Historical Society
Mail: 206 8th Avenue SE, Suite 150, Baudette MN 56623
Museum: 119 8th Ave SE, Baudette MN
Phone: 218-634-1200
Email: lowhsociety@wiktel.com
Website: www.lakeofthewoodsmn.com/museum.asp  

LeSueur County[edit | edit source]

Le Sueur County Historical Society
Museum and Genealogy Center
Mail: PO Box 357, Elysian MN 56028
Location: 301 Second St. NE, Elysian MN
Phone: 507 267-4620
Email: info@lesueurcountyhistory.org
Website: http://lesueurcountyhistory.org/  

Ottawa Church Historical Society
A chapter of the Le Sueur County Historical Society
Mail: 38978 Kinsey Ln, Le Sueur MN 56058-4333
Location: 39024 Whittier Street in Ottawa
Phone: 507 665-2501
Email: julieb@lesueurchamber.org
Website: www.lesueurchamber.org  

Lincoln County[edit | edit source]

Lincoln County Historical Society
Mail: 406 Brooks St, Hendricks MN 56136
Museum: 610 West Elm, Hendricks MN
Phone: 507 275-3537

Lake Benton Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 267, Lake Benton MN 56149-0267
Location: 108 South Center Street, Lake Benton MN
Phone: 507 368-4480
Email: lbenton@itctel.com
Website: www.itctel.com/lbenton/  

Lyon County[edit | edit source]

Lyon County Historical Society
114 N 3rd St, Marshall MN 56258-1325
Phone: 507 537-6580
Website: www.marshall-mn.org  

Wheels Across the Prairie Museum
Mail: PO Box 1132, Tracy MN 56175-0132
Location: 3297 Highway #14, Tracy, MN
Phone: 507 629-3661

St. Mark's Episcopal Church/Museum
Corner of Center & North St., Tracy MN
Phone: 507 629-4374

Prairieland Genealogical Society
History Center
Room 141-Social Science Building Southwest State University
Marshall, MN 56258
Email: only.pgs.info@yahoo.com

Mahkahto County[edit | edit source]

Mahnomen County[edit | edit source]

Mahnomen County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 123, Mahnomen MN 56557-0123
Museum: Located in Courthouse
Phone: 218 935-5490
Email: jkramer@hotmail.com

Mankahta County[edit | edit source]

Manomin County[edit | edit source]

Marshall County[edit | edit source]

Marshall County Historical Society
Historical Visitor Center
Mail: PO Box 103, Warren MN 56762-0103
Location: Fairgrounds, 808 East Johnson Ave, Warren MN
Phone: 218 745-4803

Argyle Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 338, Argyle MN 56713
Phone: 218 437-6640

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284
Fargo ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com/index.htm  

Martin County[edit | edit source]

Martin County Historical Society
304 E Blue Earth Ave, Fairmont MN 56031-2865
Phone: 507 235-5178
Email: mch@frontiernet.net

Martin County Genealogical Society
304 E Blue Earth Ave, Fairmont MN 56031-2865
Phone: 507 235-5178
Email: mcgs@frontier.com

Sherburn Area Historical Society
Mail: 333 Fox Lake Ave Apt 6
Sherburn MN 56171-9651
Phone: 507 764-2766
Email: gogranny@frontiernet.net

Truman Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 353, Truman MN 56088-0353
Location: 109 West Ciro St, Truman MN
Email: mapaturtle@webtv.net
Phone: 507 776-7889

McLeod County[edit | edit source]

McLeod County Historical Society
380 School Road NW, Hutchinson, MN 55350
Phone: 320 587-2109
Email: asa@hutchtel.net
Website: www.mcleodhistory.org  

McLeod County Genealogical Society
c/o McLeod County Historical Society
380 School RD NW, Hutchinson MN 55350-1430
Phone: 320 587-2109

Meeker County[edit | edit source]

Meeker County Historical Society
308 N Marshall Ave, Litchfield MN 55355-2112
Phone: 320 693-9811
Email: mchsgar@hutchtel.net
Website: www.garminnesota.org  

Dassel Area Historical Society
Mail: Box 0, Dassel, MN
Location: 901 1st St. N, Dassel, MN
Email: dahs@dassel.com
Phone: 320 275-3077

Midway County[edit | edit source]

Mille Lacs County[edit | edit source]

Mille Lacs County Historical Society & Depot Museum
Depot Museum, 101 10th Ave S, Princeton MN 55371-1527
Phone: 763 389-1296
Email: mlchs@nsatel.net
Website: https://millelacscountyhistoricalsociety.org/  

Milaca Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 144, Milaca MN 56353
Location: Milaca Community Library, 145 Central Ave S, Milaca MN
Phone: 320 982-1212
Email: mahs@frontiernet.net

Monongalia County[edit | edit source]

Morrison County[edit | edit source]

Morrison County Genealogy Sociey
Mail: PO Box 385, Little Falls, MN 56345
Email: morrisoncountygenealogysociety@yahoo.com
Phone: 320-632-9181

Morrison County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 239, Little Falls MN 56345
Location: 2151 South Lindbergh Dr, Little Falls MN
Phone: 320-632-4007
Email: mchs@littlefalls.net
Website: www.morrisoncountyhistory.org  

Military Historical Society of Minnesota
The Minnesota Military Museum
Camp Ripley
15000 Highway 115, Little Falls MN 56345-4173
Email: mnmuseum@brainerd.net
Website: www.dma.state.mn.us/cpripley/SpecFeatures/muse1.htm  

Mower County[edit | edit source]

Mower County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 804, Austin MN 55912-0804
Museum: 1303 SW 6th Ave., Austin MN
Phone: 507 437-6082
Email: mchs@smig.net
Website: http://www2.smig.net/mchistory/index.html   

Mower County Genealogical Society
Mail: PO Box 145, Austin MN 55912-0145
Library at Historical Center
Phone: 507 437-6082

Murray County[edit | edit source]

Murray County Historical Society and Museum
Mail: PO Box 61, Slayton MN 56172-0061
Location: 2480 29th St, Slayton MN
Phone: 507 836-6533
Email: museum@co.murray.mn.us
Website: www.murray-countymn.com  

Fulda Heritage Society
Mail: 10603 Town Ave, Dundee MN 56131
Location: Corner of Front St and St Paul Ave, Fulda MN
Phone: 507 425-3100

End-O-Line Railroad Park & Museum
440 Mill St, Currie MN 56123-1004
Phone: 507 763-3708
Website: www.endoline.com  

Newton County[edit | edit source]

Nicollet County[edit | edit source]

Nicollet County Historical Society
Treaty Site History Center, 1851 North Minnesota Ave, St Peter MN 56082-1727
Phone: 507 934-2160
Email: museum@nchs.org
Website: www.nchsmn.org  

College and Lutheran Church Archives
Gustavus Adolphus College
800 West College Avenue
St. Peter, MN 56082
Phone: 507-933-7554
Email: archives @ gustavus.edu
Website: gustavus.edu/go/archives

Nobles County[edit | edit source]

Nobles County Historical Society
407 12th St Suite 2, Worthington MN 56187-2472
Phone: 507 376-4431
Email: nchs@frontiernet.net
Website: www.noblespioneervillage.com  

Nobles County Genealogical Society
407 12th St Suite 2, Worthington MN 56187-2472
See Nobles County Historical Society above

Norman County[edit | edit source]

Norman County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 303, Ada MN 56510
Phone: 218 784-7311
Pioneer Museum: Thorpe Ave
Memorial Museum: East & 1st St
Prairie Village: Highway 200

Norman County Genealogy Society
Pioneer Village, Ada, MN 56510
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnnorman/  

Red River History Museum
211 3rd St, PO Box 123, Shelly MN 56581-0123
Phone: 218 886-8895

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284, Fargo, ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com/index.htm  

Olmsted County[edit | edit source]

Olmsted County Historical Society
1195 West Circle Drive S.W., Rochester MN 55902-6619
Phone: 507 282-9447
Email: ochs@olmstedhistory.com
Website: www.olmstedhistory.com  

Stewartville Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 362, Stewartville MN 55976-0362
Location: 305 North Main St, Stewartville MN
(Birthplace home of Richard W. Sears of Sears, Roebuck and Co.)
Phone: 507 533-6470

Olmsted County Genealogical Society
PO Box 6411, Rochester MN 55903-6411
Phone: 507 282-9447

Otter Tail County[edit | edit source]

Otter Tail County Historical Society
1110 W Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls MN 56537-1029
Phone: 218 736-6038
Email: otchs@prtel.com
Website: www.otchs.org  

History Museum of East Otter Tail County
230 1st Ave N, Perham MN 56573-1844
Phone 218 346-7676
Email: museum@eot.com
Website: www.historymuseumeot.org  

Otter Tail County Genealogical Society
1110 W Lincoln Ave, Fergus Falls MN 56537-1029
Phone: 218 736-6038
Email: otchs@prtel.com

Pembina County[edit | edit source]

Pennington County[edit | edit source]

Pennington County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 127, Thief River Falls MN 56701-0127
Location: Peder Engelstad Pioneer Village
825 Oakland Park Road, Thief River Falls MN
Phone: 218 681-5767
Email: pchstrf@mncable.net
Website: www.pvillage.org

Pierce County[edit | edit source]

Pine County[edit | edit source]

Pine County Historical Society
Mail: 64385 Hammond Rd., Finlayson, MN 55735
Museum is located at Askov
Phone: 320 245-2574

Pine County Genealogy Society
PO Box 115, Sandstone MN 55072-0015

Pipestone County[edit | edit source]

Pipestone County Historical Society
113 S Hiawatha Ave, Pipestone MN 56164-1664
Phone: 507 825-2563 or toll free 1-866-747-3687
Email: pipctymu@iw.net
Website: www.pipestoneminnesota.com/museum/  

Polk County[edit | edit source]

Polk County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 214, Crookston MN 56716-0214
Museum: U.S. 2 East, Crookston MN
Phone: 218 281-1038

East Polk Heritage Center
Mail: PO Box 543, Fosston MN 56542-0543
Location: Melland Park, Fosston MN
Phone: 218 435-1313
Email: kkcaskey@gvtel.com

Minnkota Genealogical Society
PO Box 12744
Grand Forks, ND 58208-2744
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~minnkota/  

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284
Fargo ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com/index.htm  

Pope County[edit | edit source]

Pope County Historical Society
809 S Lake Shore Dr, Glenwood MN 56334-9406
Phone: 320 634-3293
Email: pcmuseum@wisper-wireless.com

Ramsey County[edit | edit source]

Ramsey County Historical Society
75 5th St W Ste 323, St Paul MN 55102-1423
Phone: 651 222-0701
Email: info@rchs.com
Website: www.rchs.com  

Gibbs Museum of Pioneer and Dakotah Life
2097 Larpenteur Ave W, St Paul MN 55113-5313
Phone: 651 646-8629
Website: www.rchs.com  

Little Canada Historical Society
515 Little Canada Rd E, Little Canada MN 55117-1633
Phone: 651 766-4044
Email: littlecanadamn@aol.com 

Minnesota Historical Society
345 Kellogg Boulevard West
St. Paul, MN 55102-1906
Website: www.mnhs.org  

Minnesota Territorial Pioneers
176 Snelling Ave N Suite 328
St. Paul, MN 55104-6338
Phone: 651 379-1849
Email: mnterritorialpioneers@yahoo.com
Website: www.mnterritorialpioneers.org  

Vadnais Heights Historical Commission
800 East County Road E
Vadnais Heights MN 55127-7117
Phone: 651 204-6000
Email: kkeefe@cityvadnaisheights.com

Red Lake County[edit | edit source]

Redwood County[edit | edit source]

Redwood County Historical Society
33965 Laser Ave, Redwood Falls MN 56283-2500
Phone: 507 641-3329
Website: www.redwoodcountyhistoricalsociety.org

Redwood County Genealogical Society
c/o Shawn Corder, 217 W Flynn St
Redwood Falls MN 56268-2015
Phone: 507 637-3529
Website: https://web.archive.org/web/20161013135407/http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~corder/RCGS/

Lucan Historical Society Depot Museum
Mail: PO Box 51, Lucan MN 56255
Location: 406 1st St, Lucan MN 56255
Phone: 507 747-2598 or call 507 747-2535 for tours

Renville County[edit | edit source]

Renville County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 266, Morton MN 56270-0266
Location: 441 North Park Drive, Morton MN
Phone: 320 523-5625
Email: info@renvillecountyhistory.com
Website: www.renvillecountyhistory.com  

Renville Genealogical Society
PO Box 331, Renville MN 56284-0331
Phone: 320 329-8193
Website: [4]

Rice County[edit | edit source]

Rice County Historical Society
1814 2nd Ave NW, Faribault MN 55021-3033
Phone: 507 332-2121
Email: rchs@rchistory.org
Website: www.rchistory.org  

Rice County Genealogical Society
408 Division St S, Northfield MN 55057-2018
Library housed in the Marston Headley Research Room at the Northfield Historical Society Museum (408 Division St S, Northfield MN)
Rice County Historical Society (1814 2nd Ave NW, Faribault MN)
Phone Calls taken by Northfield Historical Society 507-645-9268.

Trondhjem Community Preservation Society
Mail: PO Box 259, Lonsdale MN 55046-0259
Location: 8501 Garfield Ave, Lonsdale MN
Phone: 952 894-3562
Email: merlefossum@comcast.net
Website: www.trondhjempreservation.org  

Rock County[edit | edit source]

Rock County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 741, Luverne MN 56156-0741
Hinkly House: 217 N. Freeman Ave, Luverne MN
Phone: 507 283-9849

Roseau County[edit | edit source]

Roseau County Historical Society
Roseau County Historical Research Center
121 Center St. E Suite 101, Roseau MN 56751
Phone: 218-463-1918
Email: rchsroseau@mncable.net
Website: www.roseaucohistoricalsociety.org  

Warroad Historical Society
Warroad Heritage Center
Mail: PO Box 688, Warroad MN 56763-0688
Location: 202 Main Ave NE, Warroad MN
Phone: 218 386-2500
Email: WHC@wiktel.com

Scott County[edit | edit source]

Scott County Historical Society and Stans Museum
235 Fuller St S, Shakopee MN 55379-1320
Phone: 952 445-0378
Email: info@scottcountyhistory.org
Website: www.scottcountyhistory.org  

Belle Plaine Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 73, Belle Plaine MN 56011-0073
Museum: South Cedar Ave, Belle Plaine MN
Phone: 952 873-6109

New Prague Area Historical Society
Mail: c/o Greg Tikalsky, 1745 1st Ave SE, New Prague MN 56071-4008
Location: New Prague Public Library, New Prague MN
Phone: 952 758-5291

Sherburne County[edit | edit source]

Sherburne County Historical Society
10775 27th Ave. SE, Becker MN 55308
Phone: 763 261-4433
Email: schs@izoom.net
Website: http://www.sherburnehistorycenter.org/   

Sibley County[edit | edit source]

Sibley County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 407, Henderson MN 56044-0407
Location: 700 Main St, Henderson MN
Phone: 507 248-3818
Email: schs1@frontiernet.net
Website: www.history.sibley.mn.us  

Winthrop Community Historical Society
25271 571st Ave, Winthrop MN 55396-2231
Phone: 507 647-2322
Email: difredin@prairie.lakes.com

St. Louis County[edit | edit source]

St. Louis County Historical Society
506 W Michigan St, Duluth MN 55802-1505
Phone: 218 733-7580
Email: history@thehistorypeople.org
Website: www.thehistorypeople.org  

Hibbing Historical Society
400 E 23rd St, Hibbing MN 55746-1923
Phone: 218 263-8522
Email: hibbhist@uslink.net

Minnesota Museum of Mining
Mail: PO Box 271, Chisholm MN 55719-0271
Location: 701 Lake Street W, Chisholm, MN
Phone: 218 254-5543

Virginia Area Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 736, Virginia MN 55792-0736
Location: 800 9th Ave N, Virginia MN
Phone: 218 741-1136
Email: virghist@virginiamn.com

Iron Range Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 786, Gilbert MN 55741-0786
Location: Old Gilbert City Hall 1st Floor, 19 S. Broadway, Gilbert MN
Phone: 218 749-3150

Range Genealogical Society
PO Box 388, Chisholm MN 55719-0388
Phone: 218 254-7959
Website: www.rgs.hildormen.net

Twin Ports Genealogical Society
PO Box 16895, Duluth MN 55816-0895

Stearns County[edit | edit source]

Stearns County Historical Society and Museum
235 33rd Ave S, Saint Cloud MN 56301-3752
Phone: 320 253-8424
Email: info@stearns-museum.org
Website: www.stearns.history.museum  

Paynesville Historical Society
PO Box 35, Paynesville MN 56362
Phone: 320 243-7547
Website: www.paynesvillearea.com/community/histsociety/payhistsoc.html  

Sinclair Lewis Interpretive Center
Mail: Sinclair Lewis Foundation Inc., PO Box 25, Sauk Centre MN 56378-0025
Location: Intersection I-94 & T.H. #71, Sauk Centre MN
Phone: 320 352-5201

Sinclair Lewis Boyhood Home Museum
Mail: Sinclair Lewis Foundation Inc., PO Box 25, Sauk Centre MN 56378-0025
Location: 812 Sinclair Lewis Avenue, Sauk Centre MN
Phone: 320 352-6119

Kimball Area Historical Society
PO Box 100, Kimball MN 55353-0100
Phone: 320 398-5250 or 1-800-252-2521
Email: cnewman@meltel.net

Melrose Area Historical Society
518 E 2nd St S, Melrose MN 56352-1414
Phone: 320 256-4996 or 320 256-3933
Email: rpaschke@meltel.com
Website: www.melrosemnhistory.com  

Sauk Centre Area Historical Society
430 Main St S, Sauk Centre MN 56378-1509
Phone: 320 351-8777
Email: scahs@mainstreetcom.com

Steele County[edit | edit source]

Steele County Historical Society
1448 Austin Rd, Owatonna MN 55060-4018
Phone: 507 451-1420
Email: office@steelecohistoricalsociety.org
Website: www.steelecohistoricalsociety.org  

Stevens County[edit | edit source]

Stevens County Historical Society
116 W 6th St, Morris MN 56267-1922
Phone: 320 589-1719
Email: carnegiemus@hometownsolutions.net
Website: www.stevenshistorymuseum.com  

Stevens County Genealogical Society
c/o Morris Public Library, 102 E 6th St, Morris MN 56267

Superior County[edit | edit source]

Swift County[edit | edit source]

Swift County Historical Society
Mail: 2135 Minnesota Ave #2, Benson MN 56215
Museum: West Highway 12, Benson MN
Phone: 320 843-4467
Email: swiftmuseum@earthlink.net

Todd County[edit | edit source]

Todd County Historical Museum
Mail: PO Box 146, Long Prairie MN 56347-0146
Location: 333 Central Ave, Long Prairie MN
Phone: 320 732-4426

Bertha Historical Society
Mail: 63671 County Highway 40, Bertha MN 56437
Location: Main St and 2nd Ave West, Bertha MN
Phone: 218 924-4490

Eagle Bend Historical Society
Mail: c/o Carol W. Becker, 737 3rd Ave NW, Eagle Bend MN 56446-8116
Location: 127 East Main Street, Eagle Bend, MN
Phone: 218 738-3852

Toombs County[edit | edit source]

Traverse County[edit | edit source]

Traverse County Historical Society
Mail: 601 1st Avenue S, Wheaton MN 56296
Location: Broadway Ave & Trail St, Wheaton MN

Wabasha County[edit | edit source]

Wabasha County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 255, Wabasha, MN 55041
Museum: Highway 61, Reads Landing MN
Phone: 877 525-3248
Email: info@lakecitymn.org
Website: www.lakecitymn.org  

Plainview Area History Center
40 4th St SW, Plainview MN 55964-1334
Phone: 507 534-4173
Website: https://www.plainviewareahistorycenter.org/

Wadena County[edit | edit source]

Wadena County Historical Society
603 Jefferson St N, Wadena MN 56482-2336
Phone: 218 631-9079
Website: www.wadenacountyhistory.org  

Menahga Area Historical Society
320 Helsinki Boulevard NE, Menahga MN 56464
Phone: 218 564-4574

Wahnahta County[edit | edit source]

Waseca County[edit | edit source]

Waseca County Historical Society
Waseca Area Genealogical Society
Mail: PO Box 314, Waseca MN 56093-0393
Museum: 315 2nd Ave NE, Waseca MN
Phone: 507 835-7700
Email: director@historical.waseca.mn.us
Website: www.historical.waseca.mn.us  

Washington County[edit | edit source]

Washington County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 167, Stillwater MN 55082-0167
Warden's House Museum: 602 North Main St, Stillwater MN
Phone: 651 439-5956
Email: brent@wchsmn.org
Website: www.wchsmn.org  

Warden's Carriage House
Mail: PO Box 167, Stillwater MN 55082-0167
Phone: 651 439-5956
Email: brent@wchsmn.org

Hay Lake School Museum and Johannes Erickson Log House Museum
Scandia MN 55073
Phone: 651 433-4014

Oakdale/Lake Elmo Historical Society
1584 Hadley Ave N, Oakdale MN 55128

South Washington Heritage Society
1221 Summit Ave., St. Paul Park, MN 55071-1445
Website: www.usfamily.net/web/albyrobinson/  

Woodbury Heritage Society
Woodbury Municipal Building, 8301 Valley Creek Road, Woodbury MN 55125-2320
Phone: 651 714-3564

Watonwan County[edit | edit source]

Watonwan County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 126, Madelia MN 56062-0126
Location: 423 Dill Ave SW, Madelia MN
Phone: 507 642-3247
Email: wchs@madtelco.net

Wilkin County[edit | edit source]

Wilkin County Historical Society
704 Nebraska Ave, Breckenridge MN 56520-1547
Phone: 218 643-1303

Red River Valley Genealogical Society
PO Box 9284
Fargo ND 58106
Library Location: 112 N University Drive Suite L116, Fargo, ND
Phone: (701) 239-4129
Website: www.redrivergenealogy.com/index.htm

Winona County[edit | edit source]

Winona County Historical Society
160 Johnson St, Winona MN 55987-0363
Phone: 507 454-2723
Email: wchs@luminet.net
Website: www.winonahistory.org  

Wright County[edit | edit source]

Wright County Historical Society
2001 Highway 25 N, Buffalo MN 55313-3303
Phone: 763 682-7323
Website: www.wrighthistory.org  

Cokato Finnish-American Society
Mail: 10783 County Road 3 SW, Cokato MN 55321-4408
Location: 3 miles north of Cokato on the corners of County Roads 3 and 100, known as Temperance Corner.
Phone: 320 286-2833
Website: www.cokato.mn.us/cmhs/fahs.html  

Cokato Historical Society
Cokato Museum & Library Building
Mail: PO Box 686, Cokato MN 55321-0686
Location: 175 4th St West, Cokato MN
Phone: 320 286-2427
Email: cokatomuseum@cmgate.com
Website: www.cokato.mn.us/cmhs/  

Minnesota Pioneer Park
725 Pioneer Park Trl, Annandale MN 55302-3128
Phone: 320 274-8489
Email: pioneerp@lakedalelink.net
Website: www.pioneerpark.org

Rockford Area Historical Society
Ames-Florida-Stork House, PO Box 186, Rockford MN 55373-0186
Phone: 763 477-5383
Email: Rahs@usinternet.com
Website: www.rockfordmnhistory.org  

Yellow Medicine County[edit | edit source]

Yellow Medicine County Historical Society and Museum
Mail: PO Box 145, Granite Falls MN 56241-0145
Location: Junction T.H. 23 & 67, Granite Falls MN
Phone: 320 564-4479

Yellow Medicine County Historical Society
Mail: PO Box 145, Granite Falls, MN 56241-0145
Location: Junction T.H. 67 & 23, Granite Falls MN
Phone: 320 564-4479
Email: ymch@kilowatt.net
Website: http://sites.rootsweb.com/~mnyellow/