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Mayflower History[edit | edit source]

On 6 September 1620 the ship Mayflower departed Plymouth, England carrying 102 passengers, 74 males and 28 females, many of whom were “Separatists” from the Church of England. They sited land on 9 November. Although they had a patent to settle in Virginia, with winter approaching and rough seas, they abandoned their destination and sailed into Cape Cod bay. Sickness and starvation took the lives of half the colonists the first year. Surviving families left a posterity estimated today to be in the millions.

William Bradford's History

  • Bradford's history "of Plimoth Plantation" : from the original manuscript with a report of the proceedings incident to the return of the manuscript to Massachusetts. 1898. Boston, Massachusetts : Wright & Potter. Online at: FamilySearch Digital Library.

William Brewster

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  • The Brewster genealogy, 1566-1907 : a record of the descendants of William Brewster of the "Mayflower," ruling elder of the Pilgrim church which founded Plymouth colony in 1620. c1908. Emma C. Brewster Jones, comp. and ed. New York, New York : Grafton Press. Online at: Vol. 1 - FamilySearch Digital Library, Vol. 2 - FamilySearch Digital Library.

Additional Published Sources

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Mayflower Passengers[edit | edit source]

Many individuals living in the United States can trace their ancestors to the Mayflower.

Mayflower Societies[edit | edit source]

General Society of Mayflower Descendants[edit | edit source]

Arizona Society

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Pennsylvania Society

John Howland Society[edit | edit source]

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