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On 6 September 1620 the ship Mayflower departed Plymouth, England carrying 102 passengers, 74 males and 28 females, many of whom were “Separatists” from the Church of England. They sited land on 9 November. Although they had a patent to settle in Virginia, with winter approaching and rough seas, they abandoned their destination and sailed into Cape Cod Bay. Sickness and starvation took the lives of half the colonists the first year. Surviving families left a posterity estimated today to be in the millions.

Provided below is a list of Mayflower passengers with the corresponding FamilySearch Family Tree Identification Number (ID). To view each individual in the FamilySearch Family Tree, click on the link in the "FamilySearch Family Tree ID" column.

Passengers With Descendants[edit | edit source]

Given Name Last Name Married Name Relationship Pilgrim, Colonist,
or Servant
Family Tree ID
John Alden Husband of Priscilla Mullins Crew Member LQR9-JCJ
Priscilla Mullins Priscilla Alden Wife of John Alden Colonist LR92-T7W
William Mullins Father of Priscilla Mullins Colonist 9WZ5-B59
Alice Alice Mullins Wife of William Mullins Colonist 93HC-5C1
Isaac Allerton Husband of Mary Norris Pilgrim LY9K-M99
Mary Norris Mary Allerton Wife of Isaac Allerton Pilgrim M1GY-PHB
Bartholomew Allerton Son of Isaac Allerton Pilgrim LK5W-8N2
Remember Allerton Daughter of Isaac Allerton Pilgrim LY2R-R3Y
Mary Allerton Daughter of Isaac Allerton Pilgrim LZF7-MGY
John Billington Husband of Elinor [Billington] Colonist LYTM-KVW
Elinor Elinor Billington Wife of John Billington Colonist M3TY-K59
Francis Billington Son of John Billington Colonist L5VQ-JGP
William Bradford Pilgrim 9HCJ-14M
William Brewster Husband of Mary [Brewster] Pilgrim LH2V-RD6
Mary Mary Brewster Wife of William Brewster Pilgrim LH5W-4T5
Love Brewster Son of William Brewster Pilgrim L5BC-FV2
Peter Browne Colonist LTF2-W8G
James Chilton Husband of Mrs. James Chilton Pilgrim LYJD-72P
Mrs. James Chilton Mrs. James Chilton Wife of James Chilton  Pilgrim LB69-LZ7
Mary Chilton Daughter of James Chilton Pilgrim LBB7-YX6
Francis Cooke Pilgrim LZ2F-MM7
John Cooke Son of Francis Cooke Pilgrim 99WH-WYF
Edward Doty Servant KH2Z-65D
Francis Eaton Husband of Sara [Eaton] Colonist LZPF-LR2
Sarah Sara Eaton Wife of Francis Eaton Colonist G96J-55P
Samuel Eaton Son of Francis Eaton Colonist LZG1-HNV
Moses Flether Pilgrim LV96-W8F
Edward Fuller Husband of Mrs. Edward Fuller Pilgrim LZLK-XYP
Mrs. Edward Fuller Mrs. Edward Fuller Wife of Edward Fuller Pilgrim LCMZ-3M9
Samuel Fuller Son of Edward Fuller Pilgrim LCT5-CL3
Samuel Fuller Pilgrim LZV2-D62
Stephen Hopkins Husband of Elizabeth Fisher Colonist LVQ1-FMH
Elizabeth Fisher Elizabeth Hopkins Wife of Stephen Hopkins Colonist L5F1-4C9
Constance Hopkins Daughter of Stephen Hopkins Colonist LTGV-JVQ
Giles Hopkins Son of Stephen Hopkins Colonist L848-MF3
John Howland Husband of Elizabeth Tilley Servant LZK8-1X7
Elizabeth Tilley Elizabeth Howland Wife of John Howland Pilgrim LZ8B-H42
John Tilley Father of Elizabeth Tilley Pilgrim L71L-S22
Joan Hurst Joan Tilley Wife of John Tilley Pilgrim L6LP-Q85
Richard More Servant LB5Q-Y42
Degory Priest Pilgrim LYXM-V3F
Thomas Rogers Pilgrim LZG9-SMC
Joseph Rogers Son of Thomas Rogers Pilgrim K6QT-BK5
Henry Samson Pilgrim LCJG-5B8
George Soule Servant 9V4Z-GD1
Myles Standish Colonist LVCG-3JV
Richard Warren Colonist KXML-7XC
William White Husband of Susanna Jackson Pilgrim D6XT-GJT
Susanna Jackson Susanna White Wife of William White Pilgrim LXSW-DDM
Resolved white Son of William White Pilgrim L5B7-N5K
Peregrine White Son of William White Pilgrim LS6Z-HZ3
Edward Winslow Pilgrim LCR8-TZ9

Full List of Mayflower Passengers[edit | edit source]