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How to Find the Records[edit | edit source]

Online Collections[edit | edit source]

Offices to Contact[edit | edit source]

National Archives of Luxembourg (Archives de Nationales Luxembourg), Genealogy
Tray of the Holy Spirit
L-1475 Luxembourg

Postal address
B.P. 6
L-2010 Luxembourg

Telephone: (+352) 247 8 66 60
Fax: (+352) 47 46 92

Civil registration offices of the commune (municipality) where the birth, marriage, or death took place keep one copy of the record. This is important for records more recent than 1941.

Monsieur l'officier de l'état-civil
Mairie de (Town)
(Postal code) (Town)

Requests should be written in French. You can successfully write in French using this French Letter Writing Guide.

Additional Possible Locations of Certificates[edit | edit source]

Hôtel de Ville – Ville de Luxembourg (Municipal administration of the city of Luxembourg)
42 Place Guillaume
L-2090 Luxembourg

Tel.: (011) (352) 47 96-1

26a, bd Royal L-2449
L-2090 Luxembourg

Telephone: +(352) 4796 2200
Fax: +(352) 26 2709 99

Historical Background[edit | edit source]

1797-present. Official civil registration was introduced in the Grand Duchy by a French decree in 1797. At that time the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was a part of France under the name of "Departement des Forêts."

Documents are written twice in the original. One copy remains in the commune (municipality); there are 126 commune (municipality) offices in Luxembourg. The second is sent to the appropriate tribunal in Luxembourg City or in Diekirch. The indexes are preserved in the National Archives of Luxembourg or the Public Records Office of Luxembourg and run from 1797 to 1952 inclusive.

Coverage and Compliance[edit | edit source]

Every 10 years tables décennales (decennial tables) are made, in which births, marriages, and deaths are arranged in alphabetical order by date.

Information Recorded in the Records[edit | edit source]

Birth records

  • Name of child
  • Date of birth
  • Names and ages of parents

Marriage records

  • Date and place of marriage
  • Birth dates or ages and birthplaces of bride and groom
  • Names of parents

Death records

  • Place of death
  • Date of death
  • Age
  • Birthplace
  • Parents' names

References[edit | edit source]