Lower Creek Trading Path

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History of the Lower Creek Trading Path[edit | edit source]

The Lower Creek Trading Path ran along the Fall Line from Augusta, Georgia through Coweta to Tuckabatchee and then into Choctaw county in present-day south-central Mississippi and down to New Orleans. [1]

The path was formally known as the Chelucconeneauhasse or Old Horse Path. It led westward from Augusta via the Rock Landing on the Oconee, present Macon on the Ocmulgee, and the site of the old Indian Agency on the Flint (in western Crawford County) to the Creek towns on the Chatthoochee below today's Columbus. It was one of the historic Indian trading routes of the country and was used by Carolina traders before the foundation of Georgia. [2] [3]

The path was well mapped and could easiily accomodat large traveling parties.

Also see Lower Cherokee Traders' Path

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