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Farmers arrived in the area that is now Louisville in the 1860s. Among the earliest was David Kerr with his wife and four children who settled near Coal Creek. The earliest settlers used coal from local outcroppings for home heating. Hauling coal by wagon was barely profitable, but in 1872 and 1873 a railroad track was completed through the area. In 1877 the first coal mine opened in what became Louisville and a rail depot was established. [1]

On October 24, 1978 Louis Nawatny registered the platted land he owned near the depot. He named the town after himself. In the 1880 census, the new residents were immigrants from 12 different European countries. The Italian population that Louisville is famous for began to arrive in the 1890s. [1]

Coal mining built the town, and miner’s strikes for safer working conditions made the news for many years. Coal companies imported European miners as strike breakers, adding to the town diversity.[1]

[edit | edit source]

Louisville Cemetery
104 Street and Empire Road
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-335-4735

Coal Creek Cemetery
1751 Hwy. 42 (Empire Rd.)
Louisville, CO
Phone: 303-665-5588 ext 3340

Sacred Heart of Mary Cemetery
6739 S Boulder Rd
Boulder, CO 80303
Phone: 303-494-7572
Interment list
Established 1873 and for many years was the only Catholic cemetery in Boulder County.

Early Churches
[edit | edit source]

St. Louis Catholic Church
902 Grant Avenue
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-666-6401
Established in 1884, but from 1872 circuit priests regularly rode through the area

Louisville United Methodist Church
741 Jefferson Ave
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-666-8812
Established August, 1891

First Baptist Church
200 W South Boulder Rd
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-666-8140
Established 1901

Library and Museum
[edit | edit source]

Louisville Public Library
951 Spruce Street
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-335-4849

Louisville Historical Museum
1001 Main Street
Louisville, CO 80027
Phone: 303-665-9048

References[edit | edit source]

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