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May Events[edit | edit source]

The Lost Family
How DNA Testing is Upending Who We Are -- JGSLA Presentation

May 22, 2022
Sunday, 11am

Journalist Libby Copeland investigates what happens when we embark on a vast social experiment. Copeland explores the culture of genealogy buffs, the science of DNA, and the business of companies like Ancestry and 23andMe.

Click here to join the Zoom meeting.

African American Research Workshop[edit | edit source]

African American Research Workshop - Facilitator, Pat Jenkins - This is an ongoing, free, hands-on research workshop comprised of African Americans, also referred to as Black or Afro-American, or those who harmonize with Sub-Saharan Africa, with ancestry, citizenship, or residency in the United States. The workshop is an interactive exchange of research tools, methods and systems, and discussions necessary for progress at individual levels of family histories and genealogies impacted by the 16th Century removal of Africans to America as slaves. For a Zoom link to the virtual workshop, click here. For additional information E-Mail: pat4gene@gmail.com

Societies[edit | edit source]

British Isles Family History Society (BIFHS-USA)[edit | edit source]

British Isles logo.PNG
LAFSL, CAAGS, & JGSLA Book Collections
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: Every other 4th Sunday (except December); 1 - 5 pm; Jan 27, Mar 22, May 24, Jul 26, Sept 27, Nov 22
  • Website
  • Description: The British Isles Interest Group of the Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) promotes and encourages interest in family history, particularly relating to ancestry in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man. We educate and encourage others in British Isles family history through research assistance, a variety of resources, and a community to facilitate the acquisition and exchange of family history research information. At monthly meetings fellow researchers are available to answer questions and provide assistance. Meetings in even-numbered months (except December) are held at the SCGS Library, 417 Irving Dr., Burbank, CA 92504.

California African American Genealogical Society (CAAGS)[edit | edit source]

California African American Genealogical Society logo.PNG
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: Saturday 9:00 am - 12 pm; Feb 22, May 23, Aug 22, Oct 24
  • Website
  • Questions: Contact Us by Email
  • Description: The California African American Genealogy Society is non-profit organization formed to foster genealogical research, documentation and recording of family history by the general public. They encourage the use of genealogy as a means of becoming aware of ones history, heritage and self-worth. They encourage the collection, promotion and preservation of African American genealogical resources in local libraries and institutions. Their substantial book collection is housed here at the LAFSL.

Chinese Family History Group of Southern California (CHFGSC)[edit | edit source]

Chinese Family Group of Southern California Icon.png
  • 2021 Meeting Time and Dates: 3rd or 4th Saturday 10:00-11:30 PDT/PST
  • Website
  • Questions: Contact Us by Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram: cfhgsc
  • Description: The Chinese Family History Group of Southern California is a non-profit organization which seeks to inspire people to discover their family histories by providing a community for the exchange of information and support for those interested in researching, recording, and preserving the experiences of their Chinese and Chinese American ancestors. The organization presents monthly programming which pays special attention to the implications and impact of the Exclusion Acts (1882-1943) and restrictive quotas, which did not change until the late 1960s.

Genealogical Society of Hispanic America (GSHA-SC)[edit | edit source]

Genealogical Society of Hispanic America icon.PNG
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: 1st Thursday 3:00 - 6:00 pm; Jan 2, Feb 6, Mar 5, Apr 2, May 7, Jun 4, Jul 2, Aug 6, Sep 3, Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3
  • Website
  • Questions: Contact Us by Email
  • Description: The Genealogical Society of Hispanic America – Southern California (GSHA-SC) was founded in 1992 to promote Hispanic genealogical and historical research with a focus on the American Southwest and Mexico.

Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles (JGSLA)[edit | edit source]

Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles2 logo.PNG
  • 2018 Meeting Time & Dates: Sunday 12:00 - 5:00 pm; April 15, November 11
  • Website
  • Description: The Jewish Genealogical Society of Los Angeles (JGSLA) is a non-profit organization, founded in 1979, dedicated to sharing genealogical information, techniques and research tools with those who are interested in Jewish genealogy and family history. Monthly meetings provide lectures and films to assist members in their family history research and twice-yearly research workshops are held with volunteer helpers and translators. This library houses a 670+ JGSLA Collection of books, journals and Holocaust resources pertaining to Jews who lived all over the globe (including Australia, Germany, England, France, Israel, Russia, Poland, Iran, Israel, Lithuania, and Ukraine) as well as items for Sephardic research (including Jews from Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and the Middle East). An INDEX to this extensive collection can be searched on the JGSLA website.

LA WestSide Genealogical Society[edit | edit source]

LA Westside Logo 2 logo.jpg
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: 3rd Tuesday; 7:00 - 9:00pm; Jan 21, Mar 17, May 19, Jul 21, Sept 15, Nov 17
  • Website
  • Description: LAWGS was founded in April 1982 for the purpose of supporting and promoting genealogical activity in the Westside of Los Angeles.

Nordic Genealogical Society of Southern California logo.PNG

Nordic Society[edit | edit source]

  • 2021 Zoom Meeting Time & Dates: 2nd Saturday November 13 2:00 - 4:00pm
  • 2022 Meeting Time & Dates: 2nd Saturday (Odd-#ed months); 2:00 - 4:00pm; Jan 8, Mar 12, May 14, July 9, Sept 10, Nov 12
  • Website
  • Questions: Contact Us by Email
  • Description: Our members share their interest in Scandinavian family history research and help beginners and each other as we search for our ancestors in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

Polish Society[edit | edit source]

Polish Genealogical Society of California2 logo.PNG
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: 4th Saturday 1:00 - 4:00pm; Jan 25, Mar 28, May 23, Jul 25, Sept 26, Nov 28
  • Website
  • Description: The Polish Genealogical Society of California is a non-profit organization established in 1989 for the purpose of assisting interested researchers in their quest to discover and preserve the details of their Polish family history. There is a substantial collection of Polish research resource books available at the library.

Sons of Liberty (Sons of American Revolution)[edit | edit source]

SAR icon.PNG
  • 2020 Meeting Time & Dates: Saturday 9:00am - 10:30am; Feb 9, April 13, Sep 14, Nov 16
  • Website
  • Description: The Sons of Liberty is a Los Angeles chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). We are a historical, educational, and non-partisan patriotic organization.

Other Societies - meet sporadically[edit | edit source]

  • Daughters of American Revolution (DAR) 2020 Saturday, Feb 9th, 9 - 10:30 am
  • Jewish Genealogical Society of Conejo Valley - Website Meeting Feb 10, 2019
  • Mayflower Society

Affiliated Genealogical Societies' Links from this Website

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Other Southern California Societies and Organizations

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