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LivingDNA was founded in 2016 and is based in Somerset, England. LivingDNA sells DNA tests Ancestry kits for $79, a Wellbeing kit for $95, and an Ancestry + Wellbeing kit for $140. You can also get a Personalized vitamins kit for $66. Those who purchase an Ancestry kit get the recent ancestry reports and Viking reports included in their purchase. LivingDNA allows free uploads from other companies, but if you upload then in order to get the Viking upgrade you would need to pay a one time fee of $20 and to get the Recent Ancestry upgrade you would need to pay a one time fee of $39.

LivingDNA predicts your paternal and maternal haplogroups like 23andme does, but it is only able to do so for customers who buy their test rather than simply upload it.

LivingDNA allows you to see your match list and people who share DNA with you and another person on your match list. They do not have a chromosome browser at this time, claim that they plan to release one soon.