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Guide to Libya ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

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Country Information[edit | edit source]

Libya is a country in Africa bordered by Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Niger, and Algeria. The official language is Arabic.[1]

Libya was ruled in parts by empires, such as the Roman Empire and [[Ottoman Empire|Ottoman Empire], and tribes. In the 20th century, the Ottoman Empire ceded power of Lebanon over to Italy and the region remained under Italian rule from 1911-1943. From 1943-1951, Britain and France ruled Libya. Independence was not declared until 1951, by King Idris I. Libya became an Arab Republic after Muammar Gaddafi dethroned the king. He ruled until 2011 when he was killed during conflicts across the country known as the Arab Spring.

About 90% of the country today is considered desert or semi desert.

Tribal lineages are vital genealogical records in Libya.

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

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Libya Map[edit | edit source]

Genealogy records are kept on the local level in Libya. Since 2007, Libya has been divided into 22 districts (baladiyat):
Libya, administrative divisions.png

Districts[edit | edit source]

  1. Nuqat al Khams
  2. Zawiya
  3. Jafara
  4. Tripoli
  5. Murqub
  6. Misrata
  7. Sirte
  8. Benghazi
  9. Marj
  10. Jabal al Akhdar
  11. Derna
  12. Butnan
  13. Nalut
  14. Jabal al Gharbi
  15. Wadi al Shatii
  16. Jufra
  17. Al Wahat
  18. Ghat
  19. Wadi al Hayaa
  20. Sabha
  21. Murzuq
  22. Kufra

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References[edit | edit source]

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