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Guide to Lebanon ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.

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Country Information[edit | edit source]

Lebanon is a country in the Middle East bordered by Syria and Israel. It was part of the Ottoman Empire until after World War I when it came under French mandate. Lebanon gained independence in 1943. The official language is Arabic.[1]

Getting Started[edit | edit source]

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Lebanon Map[edit | edit source]

Most genealogy records are kept on the local level in Lebanon (District and Municipality). Click on a place below to go to the corresponding Wiki article listing more information.

BeirutAkkarMiniyeh-DanniyehMiniyeh-DanniyehZghartaTripoliBatrounKouraBsharriBatrounHermelBaalbekChoufAleyBaabdaMatnKeserwanByblosRashayaWestern BeqaaZahléJezzineSidonTyreHasbayaMarjeyounNabatiehBint JbeilLebanon divisions.png

Districts[edit | edit source]

Genealogy records are kept on the local level in Lebanon. Lebanon is divided into eight governorates and further subdivided into twenty-five districts. The districts themselves are also divided into several municipalities, each enclosing a group of cities or villages:

Number رقم District قضاء Governorate محافظة
Beirut بيروت Beirut بيروت Beirut بيروت
1 Akkar عكار Akkar عكار
2 Miniyeh-Danniyeh منيه - ضنيه North الشمال
3 Zgharta زغرتا North الشمال
4 Koura الكورة‎ North الشمال
5 Batroun البترون‎ North الشمال
6 Bsharri بشري North الشمال
7 Tripoli طرابلس North الشمال
8 Hermel الهرمل Baalbek-Hermel بعلبك - الهرمل
9 Baalbek بعلبك Baalbek-Hermel بعلبك - الهرمل
10 Byblos جبيل Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
11 Keserwan كسروان Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
12 Matn المتن Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
13 Baabda بعبدا Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
14 Aley عاليه Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
15 Chouf الشوف Mount Lebanon جبل لبنان
16 Zahlé زحلة Beqaa البقاع
17 Western Beqaa البقاع الغربي Beqaa البقاع
18 Rashaya راشيا Beqaa البقاع
19 Hasbaya حاصبيا Nabatieh النبطية
20 Marjeyoun مرجعيون Nabatieh النبطية
21 Nabatieh النبطية Nabatieh النبطية
22 Bint Jbeil بنت جبيل Nabatieh النبطية
23 Tyre صور South الجنوب
24 Sidon صيدا South الجنوب
25 Jezzine جزين South الجنوب

To find towns and cities, use Lebanese Gazetteer

FamilySearch Resources[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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