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Archives-Research[edit | edit source]

The Archives at the Judicial Records Center (JRC) contains the pre-1900 court records that were created by the five (5) judicial counties (Newport, Providence, King's/Washington, Bristol, and Kent) of the colony and State of Rhode Island. The following types of records may be found at the archives.

Record Type Dates
Civil cases 1671 - 1900
Criminal cases 1671 - 1900
Divorces cases 1671 - 1900
Naturalization papers 1671 - 1982

Individuals with specific requests can use the Archives-Request Forms to email their requests directly to the Judicial Archives. These email forms may be used for all naturalization requests and for pre-1900 civil, criminal, and divorce requests. Requests for more recent records should be submitted to the JRC by mail (see mail requests under Policies and Procedures).