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Italian Genealogical
Word List
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Introduction[edit | edit source]

This list contains Italian words with their English translations. The words included here are those that you are likely to find in genealogical sources. If the word you are looking for is not on this list, please consult an Italian-English dictionary. (Also, see the “Additional Resources” section.)

Italian is a Romance language derived from Latin. Many of the words resemble those of Latin. See Latin Genealogical Word List (34077). Italian is spoken in Italy and the southern part of Switzerland in the cantons of Ticino and Graubünden. Italian is also spoken in Yugoslavia near the border with Trieste. Some of the records of Corsica, Nice, and Savoy were written in Italian before those areas became part of France. Clusters of Italian immigrants in major cities like New York, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, and Melbourne also speak Italian. Sicilian, Neapolitan, Romanesque, and Venetian are major dialects of Italian, and they use words similar to the words on this list. Several other minor dialects are spoken in the various provinces of Italy.

Language Characteristics[edit | edit source]

In Italian, the endings of most words vary according to the way the words are used in a sentence. Who— whose—whom or marry—marries—married are examples of words in English with variant forms. This word list gives the most commonly seen form of each Italian word. As you read Italian records, be aware that almost all words vary with usage. Only some variations are explained in this guide.

Gender[edit | edit source]

Italian nouns are designated as masculine or feminine. For example, vicinanza (neighborhood) is a feminine word, and villaggio (village) is a masculine word. Generally, nouns ending in !a are feminine, nouns ending !e may be either masculine or feminine, and nouns ending in !o are masculine. Adjectives and articles (a, an, the) will have either masculine or feminine endings for the noun they modify: !a for feminine singular nouns, !o for masculine singular nouns. For example, in Italian you write ava paterna (paternal grandmother) or avo paterno (paternal grandfather).

Plurals[edit | edit source]

For nouns ending with !a, the plural is formed by replacing the last letter with !e; for nouns ending in !o or !e, replace the last letter with !i to form the plural. For example, figlia (daughter) becomes figlie (daughters), and padrino (godfather) becomes padrini (godparents). Articles and adjectives take e as the feminine plural ending, and i as the masculine plural ending. Buona figlia becomes buone figlie (good daughters) and buono padrino becomes buoni padrini (good godparents).

Verb tense[edit | edit source]

Verbs also vary depending on mood, who is acting, and whether the action is in the past, present, or future. For example, the Italian verb sposare (to marry) could appear with various endings:
Present - Past Tenses
marry married, was married
(she/he) sposa è sposato, fu sposato, sposò
(they) sposano sono sposati, furono sposati, sposarono

Diacritic Marks[edit | edit source]

The Italian language has several additional letters with diacritic marks: à, è, ì, ò, and ù. These diacritic marks indicate a change in pronunciation, but do not affect alphabetical order. They are more often used in recent documents.

Spelling[edit | edit source]

Spelling rules were not fixed in earlier centuries when records of our ancestors were written. The k, j, and w are only used in foreign words. The following spelling variations may be found:

  • y or j used for i
  • i used for j

Additional Resources[edit | edit source]

This word list below includes words most commonly found in genealogical sources. A list of Italian Occupations and the English equivalents can be found at Rootsweb.

For further help, use an Italian- English dictionary. At the Family History Library, the Italian dictionaries are cataloged with the call number 453.21. The following dictionary is also available on microfilm for use in family history centers:

  • Orlandi, Giusseppe. Dizionario Italiano-inglese, Inglese-italiano [Italian-English, English-italian Dictionary]. Milano: Carlo Signorelli, 1957. (FHL film 1181660 item 5.)

Key Words[edit | edit source]

Genealogical Words[edit | edit source]

To find and use specific types of Italian records, you will need to know some key words in Italian. This section gives key genealogical terms in English and the Italian words with the same or similar meanings. For example, in the first column you will find the English word marriage. In the second column you will find Italian words with meanings such as marry, marriage, wedding, wedlock, unite, and other words used in Italian records to indicate marriage.

Italian English
anni age (years of)
anno year
bambino child
battesimo, -i baptism(s), christening(s)
cognome surname
coniugato, -i marriage(s)
cresima, -e confirmation(s)
decesso, -i death(s)
figlia di daughter of
figlio di son of
genitori parents
indice index
infante child
nata, nascita, -e birth(s)
notificazioni banns
madre mother
padre father
sposo husband
matrimono, maritato, -i marriage(s)
mese month
moglie wife
decesso, -i death(s)
neonato, neonata child
nome name
notificazioni banns
padrini godparents
parrocchia parish
pubblicazioni banns
seppellimento, sepolto, sepolture, -i burial(s)
sposa wife
sposato marriage(s)
sposo husband
vedovo, -a - widower, widow

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Numbers[edit | edit source]

In some genealogical records, numbers are spelled out. This is especially true with dates. The following list gives the cardinal (for example, 1, 2, 3) and the ordinal (for example, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) versions of each number. Days of the month are usually written in cardinal form. Note that all ordinal numbers are adjectives and will end with; o or a depending on the gender of the word it modifies.

English Cardinal Italian Cardinal English Ordinal Italian Ordinal
1 uno 1st primo, -a
2 due 2nd secondo, -a
3 tre 3rd terzo, -a
4 quattro 4th quarto, -a
5 cinque 5th quinto, -a
6 sei 6th sesto, -a
7 sette 7th settimo, -a
8 otto 8th ottavo, -a
9 nove 9th nono, -a
10 dieci 10th decimo, -a
11 undici 11th undicesimo, -a
12 dodici 12th dodicesimo, -a
13 tredici 13th tredicesimo, -a
14 quattordici 14th quattordicesimo, -a
15 quindici 15th quindicesimo, -a
16 sedici 16th sedicesimo, -a
17 diciassette 17th diciassettesimo, -a
18 diciotto 18th diciottesimo, -a
19 diciannove 19th diciannovesimo, -a
20 venti 20th ventesimo, -a
21 ventuno 21st ventunesimo, -a
22 ventidue 22nd ventiduesimo, -a
23 ventitre 23rd ventitreesimo, -a
24 ventiquattro 24th ventiquattresimo, -a
25 venticinque 25th venticinquesimo, -a
26 ventisei 26th ventiseiesimo, -a
27 ventisette 27th ventisettesimo, -a
28 ventotto 28th ventottesimo, -a
29 ventinove 29th ventinovesimo, -a
30 trenta 30th trentesimo, -a
31 trentuno 31st trentunesimo, -a
40 quaranta 40th quarantesimo, -a
50 cinquanta 50th cinquantesimo, -a
60 sessanta 60th sessantesimo, -a
70 settanta 70th settantesimo, -a
80 ottanta 80th ottantesimo, -a
90 novanta 90th novantesimo, -a
100 cento 100th centesimo, -a
200 duecento 200th duecentesimo, -a
1000 mille 1000th millesimo, -a

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Dates and Time[edit | edit source]

In Italian records, the registrar often indicated the exact time of day when an event occurred. This is generally written out, for example:

L’anno del Signore milleottocentocinquantasette ed alli undici del mese di gennaio alle ore sei della mattina
(In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fifty-seven on the eleventh of the month of January at six o’clock in the morning)

To understand Italian dates, use the following lists.

Months[edit | edit source]

English Italian
January gennaio
February febbraio
March marzo
April aprile
May maggio
June giugno
July luglio
August agosto
September settembre
October ottobre
November novembre
December dicembre

Days of the Week[edit | edit source]

English Italian
Sunday domenica
Monday lunedì
Tuesday martedì
Wednesday mercoledì
Thursday giovedì
Friday venerdì
Saturday sabato

Times of the Day[edit | edit source]

Italian birth and death records often indicated the exact time of day when the birth or death occurred. This is usually written out.

English Italian
afternoon pomeriggio
at the 16th hour eg:(4:00 P.M.) alle ore sedici
before noon ante meridiane
day giorno
evening sera
hour ora
last night notte passata
midday mezzogiorno
midnight mezzanotte
month mese
monthly mensile
morning mattina
night notte
of the month of del mese di
on the day addì
year anno
yesterday ieri
yesterday evening iersera
yesterday morning iermattina

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General Word List[edit | edit source]

This general word list includes words commonly seen in genealogical sources. Numbers, months, and days of the week are listed both here and in separate sections that follow this list.

In this list, optional versions of Italian words or variable endings (such as some plural or feminine endings) are given after a hyphen. Parentheses in the English column clarify the definition. In Italian, some words have both a male and female form, such as:

Italian - English

  • neonato - male child
  • neonata - female child

When a word has both a male and female version, this word list gives the feminine ending of words after a hyphen, such as:

Italian - English

  • neonato, -a - male child, female child
  • cognato, -a - brother-in-law, sister-in-law
  • cugino, -a - male cousin, female cousin
  • † = morto, -a - died

The following list first shows the Italian word followed by the English word.

A[edit | edit source]

Italian English
a at, to
abbiamo we have
abbiente owner
abbracciatutto jack-of-all-trades
abiatico grandson
abitante inhabitant
abitare to live
abitazione home, residence
a cagione di because of
a casa at home
accanto beside
accusato accused, charged
addì on the day
adesso now
adottato, -a adopted
adultero, -a adulterer
adulterino illicit
affinità relationship
affittuario, -a renter, tenant
agente agent
agosto August
agricoltore farmer
albergatore innkeeper
albero genealogico pedigree
alcuni, -e some
alcuno, -a any, some
alias alias, also known as
alla nascita time of birth
allegati supplements
alle ore at the hour
allevatore animal feeder
allora then
all’uopo to this end
almeno at least
alto high
altresì also, too
altre volte formerly
altro other, else
ambedue both
amico, -a friend
amministratore steward, manager
amministrazione administration
amogliato took a wife
anche also
ancora yet, still
andiamo right away, immediately
anime parish census
annegato drowned
anni years
anniversariov anniversary
anno year
annotazioni annotations
annuale annual, yearly
antenato, -i ancestor(s)
anzidetta aforesaid
anzitutto first of all, initially
appartenenza religiosa religious affiliation
appartienev pertains
appena as soon as
apprendista apprentice
appresso after, the next
aprile April
araldica heraldry
aratore plowman
archivi archives
archivi di stato state archives
arrivo arrival, immigration
artefice maker
ascesso abscess
asma asthma
assessore comunale alderman
attacco seizure
attesa awaiting
atti diversi miscellaneous records
atto di matrimonio marriage certificate
atto di morte death certificate
atto di nascita birth certificate
austriaco Austrian
ava materna maternal grandmother
avanti di before
ava paterna paternal grandmother
avere to have
avi ancestors
avo ancestor
avo materno maternal grandfather
avo paterno paternal grandfather
avoro, -a grandfather (grandmother)
avvocato lawyer

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B[edit | edit source]

Italian English
babbo father
bambina illegittima illegitimate girl
bambini children
bambino, -a child, baby
bambino illegittimo illegitimate boy
banchiere banker
bandi di matrimonio marriage banns, notices
barbiere barber
barca, fabbricatore di boat maker
barcaiolo boatman
barilaio cooper, barrel maker
barista bartender
barone baron
basso low
bastardo, -a illegitimate child
battesimale baptismal
battesimo baptism
battezzare baptize
battezzarono they baptized
battezzato, -a baptized
battezzo baptized
beccaio butcher
beccamorti grave digger
becchino grave digger
benché although
benestante wealthy person
beni immobili real property, real estate
beni stabili real property, real estate
bettoliere tavern keeper
bianco white
biblioteche libraries
bidello janitor
bifolco plowman
biografia biography
birraio barkeeper, brewer
bisavo, -a great-grandfather (greatgrandmother)
bisavolo, -a great-grandfather (greatgrandmother)
bis-bisnonno second great-grandfather
bisnonna great-grandmother
bisnonno great-grandfather
boaro cattle hand
borghese burgher, citizen
bottaio cooper, barrel maker
bottegaio shopkeeper
bovaro cattle driver
bracciale laborer
bracciante farm laborer
bucataia washwoman
buio dark
buono, -a good
burraio dairyman

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C[edit | edit source]

Italian English
cacciatore hunter
caduto fallen
cafone peasant
calderaio tinker
calzolaio shoemaker
cameriera maid, servant girl
cameriere waiter
cameriere di casa house steward
campagna countryside, rural
campagnuolo, -a countryman, countrywoman
cancro cancer
cantante singer (male)
cantatrice singer (female)
cappellano chaplain
capofamiglia family head
capostipite family founder, earliest ancestor
cappellaio hatter
carabiniere policeman
carbonaio coal dealer
carraio wheelwright
carte maps, charts
casa house
casaro dairy farmer
cassa chest, cash, cashier
cassetta chest
castaldo land agent
castello castle
catasto land register
cattolico, -a Roman Catholic
cavaliere knight
ce us
celebrare il matrimonio solemnize a marriage
celibe bachelor, bachelorette, single, unmarried
censimento census
centesimo, -a hundredth
cento hundred
certificato certificate
certifichiamo we certify
cfr. = confronta compare
che which, than, what, who, that, whom
chi who, whom
chiesa church
chiesa ortodossa Greek Catholic
chilometro kilometer
chimico chemist
chirurgo surgeon
chiunque whoever
ci there, us, to us
ciabattino cobbler
cimitero cemetery
cinquanta fifty
cinquantesimo, -a fiftieth
cinque five
ciò that
cioè that is, namely
circa about, approximately
città city, town
cittadinanze citizenship
cittadino, -a citizen
c. m. (corrente mese) current month
cocchiere coachman
cognato, -a brother-in-law, sister-in-law
cognome, -i surname(s)
col consenso with the consent
colera cholera
collina hill
colono farmer, colonist
coltivatore cultivator, farmer
come as, like, how
come sopra as above
commerciante di vino wine merchant
commissionario broker
comparenti appearing
compenso fee
comprare to buy
comune municipality
comunione communion
comunità community, township
con with
conciatore tanner
concubina concubine
condizione status, condition
conducente driver
confermazione confirmation
confettiere confectioner
congiunto related
coniugati married
coniugi married couple
connessione relationship
consenso consent
conservato preserved
consigliere counselor
contabile accountant
contadino, -a farm laborer, peasant
conte count, earl
contea county
conto account, bill
contrada town quarter
contratto di matrimonio marriage contract
contro against
conversione conversion
convivente cohabitant
convulsione,-i convulsion(s)
copie civili di registri parrocchiali parish register transcripts
cordaio rope maker
corrente current
corriere courier
corte court
così thus, so
costruttore builder
cresima confirmation
cresimato, -i confirmee(s)
cristiano, -a Christian (or Catholic)
croato Croat
cucitrice seamstress
cugino, -a cousin
cuoco cook
cuore heart

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D[edit | edit source]

Italian English
d. = don respectful male title
da from, of
dagli from the (plural)
dal from the
dalla from the
dalle from the (plural)
dallo from the
danaro money
data date
debolezza della vecchiaia weakness of old age
decennale decennial
decennio decade
decesso, -a deceased, late
decimo, -a tenth
defunto, -a deceased person
degli of the
degno worthy
dei of the, from the (plural)
del of the
della of the
delle of the (plural), some
dello of the
del mese di of the month of
denaro money
dentizione teething
descrizione description
destra right (direction)
d’età di of the age of
detto said, alias, also known as
di of, about, concerning
di anni age
diarrea diarrhea
di buon’ora early (A.M.)
dicembre December
dichiarante informant
dichiarare to declare
dichiarato che declared that
dichiarazione declaration
diciannove nineteen
diciannovesimo, -a nineteenth
diciassette seventeen
diciassettesimo, -a seventeenth
diciottesimo, -a eighteenth
diciotto eighteen
dieci ten
dietro behind
dietro scritto after signed
difterite diphtheria
di ieri yesterday’s
di mattina in the morning
diocesi diocese
di pomeriggio in the afternoon
discendente descendant
di sera in the evening
disopra above
di sotto below
dispensa di matrimonio marriage license
disposto disposed
dissenteria dysentery
disteso extended
distretto di district of
diventare become
diversi miscellaneous
divorziare divorce (verb)
divorzio divorce (noun)
dizionari geografici gazetteers
dizionario dictionary
documenti records
documenti d’emigrazione emigration records
documento record
dodicesimo, -a twelfth
dodici twelve
doganiere, doganieri customs officer(s)
domani tomorrow
domenica Sunday
domestica housekeeper
domiciliato residing
don respectful man’s title
donazione donation
donna respectful woman’s title
donna di casa housewife
dono donation, gift
dopo after
dopodomani day after tomorrow
doppio duplicate record
dottore doctor
dove where
dov’è? where is?
droghiere druggist, grocer
duca duke
ducato duchy
duchessa duchess
due two
duecentesimo, -a two hundredth
duecento two hundred
dunque therefore
duplicato duplicate record
durante during

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E[edit | edit source]

Italian English
e, ed and
è is
ebanista cabinetmaker
ebreo, -a Jew, Jewess, Jewish
eccetto except
ecco here is, here are, there is, there are
è comparso, -a appeared
ed, e and
egli he
elenco list, directory
elenco dei membri membership list
ella she
ella stessa herself
emigrante emigrant
emigrazione emigration
è morto died
è nato was born
enfiagione swelling
ép.= é sposato married
epilessia epilepsy
eppure yet, nevertheless
erbivendolo green grocer
eseguito, -a executed (a marriage)
esibito performed
essa she, it, her, this, that
esse they, them
essendo being, acting as
essere to be
essi they, them
esso it
esso stesso itself
est east
è stato celebrato was celebrated
è stato presentato was presented
esterno outside
estratto extract
estrema unzione last rites
età age
evento event

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F[edit | edit source]

Italian English
fa ago
fabbricante manufacturer
fabbricante di tessuto cloth maker, draper
fabbro smith
factotum handyman
falegname joiner, carpenter
famiglia family
fanciulla maiden, young girl
fanciullo young boy
fante foot soldier
fatta, -o done, made
fattore farmer, creator, maker
febbraio February
febbre fever
fede di nascita birth certificate
femmina female
femminile feminine
femminino femininity
ferraio blacksmith
feudo- fief manor
fiacchezza weakness
fidanzamento betrothal, engagement to marry
fidanzarsi to become engaged
fidanzata fiancée (female)
fidanzato fiancé (male)
fidanzato betrothed, engaged
figli children
figlia di daughter of
figliastro, -a stepchild
figlioccio, -a godchild
figlio di son of
filatore spinner
filatrice spinner
fioraio florist
firma di signature of
firmato signed
fittaiolo tenant farmer
fiume river
foresta forest
forestiero foreigner, alien
fornaio baker
forse perhaps, maybe
fortezza fortress
fosse was
fra between, among
francese French
fratellastro half brother
fratello brother
frazione hamlet
frontiera border
fruttaiolo fruit dealer
fruttivendolo fruit merchant
fu late, deceased, was
fu battezzato was baptized
fu cresimato was confirmed
funzione di membro membership list
fuori out
furono were
futuro future

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G[edit | edit source]

Italian English
gemelli twins
gemello, -a twin
gendarme policeman
genealogia genealogy
generato born
genitora, -e mother(s)
genitore, -i father(s)
genitori fathers or parents
genitori ignoti parents unknown
gennaio January
gente per bene gentry
già already
giacchè inasmuch as
giammai never
giardiniere gardener
gioielliere jeweler
giornale newspaper
giornaliero day laborer
giorno day
giovane young
giovedì Thursday
gioventù youth
giovinezza youth
giudaico Jewish
giudice judge
giugno June
giuramento oath/promise
giurato juror
gli, gl’ the, to him
gotta gout
grande large, great
grosso, grande big, great
guardaboschi forester
guardia guard
guardiano watchman

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H[edit | edit source]

Italian English
ha (s)he has, you have
ha contratto matrimonio has contracted marriage
hanno you have, they have

I[edit | edit source]

Italian English
i, gli, le the (plural)
idropisia dropsy, edema
ieri yesterday
ignoto unknown
il, lo, la the (feminine singular)
il deceduto the deceased
il giorno di ieri the previous day
il giorno prossimo the following day
illegittimo illegitimate
il loro their (masculine singular)
i loro their (masculine plural)
il (la) più vecchio, -a oldest, eldest
il registro di tassa tax ledger
imbianchino plasterer
immigrante immigrant
immigrazione immigration
imperiale royal, imperial
impero empire
impiegato di tribunale court clerk
impiegato d’ufficio clerk
in in
incinta pregnant
incisore engraver
indetto held. When used following the Italian word for day or month,

it means (the event happened) the same day or month the record was written.

indi from there
indicati indicated
indice index
indici decennali ten-year indexes
indietro behind
indigente indigent
inerenza inheritance
infante infant
ingegnere engineer
inoltre also, besides
in questo luogo in this place
in questo posto in this place
inquilino, -a renter
insieme together
intagliatore wood carver
interno interior
intorno around
invece instead
io I
istesso (stesso) same, self
italiano, -a Italian
itterizia jaundice
ivi there

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L[edit | edit source]

Italian English
la the, her, it, you
la decima, le decime tithing
la loro their (feminine singular)
lasciare let, leave, allow
lascito legacy, bequest
lavandaio laundry worker
le the, she (plural), to her,them
legale legal
legato legacy, bequest
legatore di libro bookbinder
legge law
legittimo legitimate
lei her, she, you (polite)
le loro their (feminine plural)
l’età maggiore of legal age
letto di morte deathbed
leva military draft
levatrice midwife
libero free, unmarried
libri stirpe lineage books
libro book
licenza di matrimonio marriage license
lo the, him, it
località locality
loro they, their, theirs, them, you, your
lo stesso giorno the same day
l’ufficio parrocchiale parish office
luglio July
lui he, him
lunedì Monday
luogo place (location)
lustrascarpe bootblack, shoeshine

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M[edit | edit source]

Italian English
m. = matrimonio married
ma but, however
macchinista driver, machinist
macellaio butcher
madre mother
madre ignota mother unknown
madrina godmother
maestro, -a schoolteacher
maggio May (month of)
maggioranza legal age, majority
maggiordomo butler
maggiore eldest
maggiorenne to be of age
magistrato judge
magnano locksmith
mai never
malattia disease
mandriano herdsman
manente sharecropper
marina navy
marinaio marine, seaman, sailor
marito husband
marmista marble cutter
martedì Tuesday
marzo March (month of)
maschio male, masculine
massaia housewife
matrigna stepmother
matrimoni marriages
matrimoniali documents
matrimonio marriage
mattina morning
mattonaio brick maker
me me
medesimi same, alike, similar
membro member
mendicante beggar
mendico beggar
mensile monthly
mensuale monthly
mercante merchant, trader
mercato market
mercoledì Wednesday
mese month
messaggero courier, messenger
mestiere trade, occupation
mezzanotte midnight
mezzodì midday
mezzogiorno midday
mi me, to me
miei my, mine
miglio mile
militare military
mille thousand
millesimo, -a thousandth
minatore miner
minoranza not of legal age
mio my, mine
modista milliner, hat seller
moglie wife
montagna mountain
monte mount, mountain
morbillo measles
morì died
morì di vecchiaia died of old age
morire to die
morì senza prole died without issue
morte, -i death(s)
morto, -a dead, died, deceased, late
mt. = maternità mother
mugnaio miller
mulinaro miller
mulino mill
municipio town hall
muratore mason

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N[edit | edit source]

Italian English
n. = nato, -a born
nacque was born
nascita birth
nata born, maiden name
natamorta stillborn female child
nativo di native of
nato, -i born (births)
nato morto stillborn
natomorto stillborn male child
nazionalità nationality
necroforo sexton
negli in the (plural)
negoziante dealer
nei in the (plural)
nel in the
nella in the
nelle in the (plural)
nello in the
neonato, -a newborn child, baby
nero, -a black
nessuno no, none, no one, nobody
niente nothing
nipote nephew, niece, grandchild
nipotina, nipote granddaughter
nipotino, nipote grandson
nobile nobleman
nobiltà nobility
noi we, us
noi, da by us
nome, -i name(s)
nome assunto alias, also known as
nome di battesimo Christian name, given name
nome proprio Christian name, given name
nomi names
nominare to name
nominato named
non not
non ancora not yet
nonna grandmother
nonni grandparents, ancestors
nonno grandfather
nono, -a ninth
nota remark
notaio notary
notamento account, notably
notificazioni marriage banns, notices
notte night
novanta ninety
novantesimo, -a ninetieth
nove nine
novello new
novembre November
nozze wedding
nubile unmarried woman
numero number
nuovo new
nutrice nurse

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O[edit | edit source]

Italian English
o or
occidentale western
occupazione occupation
odierno today’s
oggi today
ogni each, every
oltre in addition
onde from where
onesto honest
operaio laborer
operaio avventizio journeyman
oppure or, otherwise
ora hour
orciolaio potter
orefice goldsmith
orfano, -a orphan
orientale eastern
orologiaio watchmaker
oste innkeeper, wine store keeper
ostetrico, -a obstetrician, midwife
ottanta eighty
ottantesimo, -a eightieth
ottavo, -a eighth
otto eight
ottobre October
ovest west

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P[edit | edit source]

Italian English
padre, -i father(s)
padre ignoto father unknown
padrini godparents
padrino godfather
padrone landlord
paesano peasant
paese country, village, state
pag. = pagina page
pagina page
parente relative
parrocchia parish
parroco priest
parziali partial
passaporto passport
passato past
pastaio pasta maker
pasticciere pastry maker
pastore minister, pastor, shepherd
patria country, town, or place of birth, fatherland
patrigno stepfather
pecoraio shepherd
pensionato, -a formerly employed, retired
per for, through, by
per causa di because of, motive, reason
perchè why
periodici periodicals
periodo period of time
permesso permission
però however
pescatore fisher, fisherman
pescivendolo fishmonger
peste plague
piccolo little, small
piccolo proprietario di terra small land holder
piroscafo ship
pittore painter
più more
più piccolo lesser, smaller
più recente more recent, later
più vecchio, -a older, elder
poi after, then
poichè since
poliziotto policeman
polmonite pneumonia
pomeriggio afternoon
popolazione population
porre place, put, impose
portalettere mailman
possidente property owner
precedente former
prefetto prefect
prefettura prefecture
prenome given name
presentato presented
presenza di in presence of
presto early (A.M.)
prete priest, clergyman
previo previous, preceding
primo, -a first, before
primo assessore mayor’s assistant
principato principality
principe prince
principessa princess
proavi ancestors
pro avo al terzo grado third great-grandfather
processetti marriage supplement
professione profession
progenitori ancestors, grandparents
proietti foundlings
pronipote great-grandchild
proprietario landlord
prossimo next
prostituta whore, prostitute
protestante Protestant
prova proof
provincia province
provinciale provincial
prozio, -a great-uncle (great-aunt)
pt. = paternità father
pubblicare publish
pubblicazioni publications (marriage banns)
pure also
puttana prostitute, whore

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Q[edit | edit source]

Italian English
qua here
quale what, which, who
quando when
quaranta forty
quarantesimo, -a fortieth
quarto, -a fourth
quattordicesimo, -a fourteenth
quattordici fourteen
quattro four
quei those
quel that
questa, -o this
quest’oggi this day
questo luogo this place
questo posto this place
questura police station
qui in this place
quindicesimo, -a fifteenth
quindici fifteen
quinto, -a fifth
quivi there

R[edit | edit source]

Italian English
rada bay, nautical course
ragazzo, -a boy (girl)
re king
reale royal
regina queen
regione region
registri registers
registri matrimoniali marriage records
registri parrocchiali parish registers
registro register
registro parrocchiale parish register
regno kingdom
relativo, -i relative(s)
religione religion
restare left, remaining
ricerca genealogica genealogical research
ricevere received
richiesta request
richiesto requested
ricordo record
rimessa removed
rimesso submitted
ritiro retirement
riti ultimi last rites
riveli tax lists, declarations
rosolia German measles
rosso red
rubriche directories
ruoli matricolari matriculation rolls

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S[edit | edit source]

Italian English
sabato Saturday
sacerdote priest
salasso bleeding, bloodletting
saponaio, -a soap maker
sarto, -a tailor, seamstress
scapolo bachelor
scarlattina scarlet fever
scheda d’emigrazione emigration file
schedario card index
schede index cards
scriba scribe
scultore sculptor
scuola school
se if, whether
himself, herself, itself, oneself, themselves
secolo century
secondo according to
secondo, -a second
sedicesimo, -a sixteenth
sedici sixteen
seguente following
sei six
sempre still (adverb)
senza without
sepolto buried
sepoltura burial, interment
seppellimento burial
sera evening
serva maid, servant girl
servizio service, employment
servo, -a servant
sessanta sixty
sessantesimo, -a sixtieth
sesso sex (gender)
sesto, -a sixth
settanta seventy
settantesimo, -a seventieth
sette seven
settembre September
settentrionale northern
settimana week
settimo, -a seventh
sezione section, district
si her or himself
siccome since, inasmuch
sig. = signore Mr.
sig.a = signora Mrs.
sigaraio cigar maker
signora Mrs.
Signore Lord
signore Mr.
signorina Miss
sindaco mayor
situazione di famiglia family list register
situazione patrimoniale estate
società societies
soffiatore blower
soldato soldier
solenne solemn
solennizzare il matrimonio solemnization of marriage
solo, -a only
sommario delle materie contents (table of)
sono are
sono, ci there are
sopra over, on, above
soprascritto aforewritten
sopravvivente surviving, still living
sorella sister
sorellastra half sister, step sister
sotto under, beneath
sotto il giorno on the day
sottoscritto the undersigned
sovente often
sp. = sposo, -a spouse
spaccalegna woodcutter
speditore dispatcher
sposa bride, wife
sposarsi to marry
sposato married
sposi husband and wife
sposini newlyweds
sposo bridegroom
staffiere footman, groom
stare to be
stato state (government)
stato civile civil registration
stato d’anima parish census
stato delle anime censuses
stato di famiglia family register
stazione termale spa, bath
stemma coat of arms
stesso same, self
stipettaio cabinetmaker
stitichezza constipation
storia history
storico historian
straccivendolo rag man
strada road, street
stradino road maker
su on, upon, onto
sua his, her, hers, its, your, yours
succursale branch, affiliate
sud south
suddetto aforesaid
sugli on the
sui on the
sul on the
sull’ on the
sulla on the
sullo on the
suo his, her, hers, its, your, yours
suo his own, its own (reflexive pronoun)
suòcera mother-in-law
suòcero father-in-law
superiore upper
svizzero Swiss

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T[edit | edit source]

Italian English
tagliapietre stonecutter
tagliatore cutter
tappezziere upholsterer
tardo, -a late (P.M.)
tassazione taxation
tavole decennali ten-year indexes
te you (after a preposition)
tedesco German
tempi times
tempo time
temporaneo temporary
tenente lieutenant
terrazzano peasant
terzo, -a third
tessitore weaver
testamento will (testament)
testimonio, -a witness
testo text
ti you, to you
tifoide typhoid
tintore dyer
tisi consumption, tuberculosis
tomo volume
tosse cough
tosse canina whooping cough
tossire cough
tra between, among
trattore restaurant keeper
tre three
tredicesimo, -a thirteenth
tredici thirteen
trenta thirty
trentesimo, -a thirtieth
trentunesimo, -a thirty-first
trentuno thirty-one
tribunale court, judicial, courthouse
trisavolo second greatgrandfather
trovatello foundling
tu, voi you
tumore tumor
tutore guardian
tuttavia nevertheless
tutto all, everything

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U[edit | edit source]

Italian English
ubriacone drunkard
ucciso killed
uditore auditor
ufficiale official (of)
ufficiale del comune village official
ufficiale dello stato civile registrar
ufficio office
ultimo testamento last will
un (una) a, an
undicesimo, -a eleventh
undici eleven
unirsi in matrimonio to marry
uno, -a one
uomo man

V[edit | edit source]

Italian English
vaccaio cowboy
vaiolo small pox
Valdese Waldensian
valle valley
vario various
vasaio potter
vecchio, -a aged, old man (woman)
vedere see
vedovato widowed
vedovo, -a widower, widow
venditore seller, vendor
venerdì Friday
ventesimo, -a twentieth
venti twenty
venticinque twenty-five
venticinquesimo, -a twenty-fifth
ventidue twenty-two
ventiduesimo, -a twenty-second
ventinove twenty-nine
ventinovesimo, -a twenty-ninth
ventiquattresimo, -a twenty-fourth
ventiquattro twenty-four
ventisei twenty-six
ventiseiesimo, -a twenty-sixth
ventisette twenty-seven
ventisettesimo, -a twenty-seventh
ventitre twenty-three
ventitreesimo, -a twenty-third
ventottesimo, -a twenty-eighth
ventotto twenty-eight
ventunesimo, -a twenty-first
ventuno twenty-one
verde green
vergine virgin
verso toward
vescovo bishop
vi there, to it, at it
vi, ci you, us
via road, street
vicinanza neighborhood
vicino neighbor
vicino a next to, near
vigile policeman
vignaiolo grape grower
villaggio village
vita living, alive
viticultore grape grower
viv. = vivo, vivente flourished, lived
vivere to live
voi you
volontà will (testament)
volume volume
vostro your, yours

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Z[edit | edit source]

Italian English
zio, -a uncle, aunt
zitella old maid, spinster