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The web site below has three separate search options to locate places in Ireland.

  • Finding the different levels of location with Townland and County
  • Finding Civil Parishes within a County
  • Finding Baronies within a County

This online data base can be used to find the various land divisions in which a townland in Ireland is located. A townland is a small geographical unit of land and is often the location given for an ancestor’s birthplace.

Content[edit | edit source]

For each search the following details are given:

Townland (and alternate name if there is one)

Size in Acres



Civil Parish

Poor Law Union


Using this internet site:[edit | edit source]

  1. Enter Townland and County
    1. Receive all levels of the location
  2. Enter Civil Parish and County
    1. Receive all Townlands in the Civil Parish
  3. Enter Townland and ‘all’ Counties
    1. Search Method changed to ‘ANYWHERE in field’
    2. Receive all references to that Townland name with associated levels

Cost[edit | edit source]


Tips[edit | edit source]

One must have the correct spelling of the townland.

If the initial search indicates that you may not have the correct spelling of a townland, search for the name of the county where the townland should be and resubmit.

If you submit only a county a very huge file of the townlands will be generated.