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Hispanic Family History Resources (English)[edit | edit source]

Para ver este Portal en español, haga clic en:  Recursos de genealogía hispana

Records and Databases[edit | edit source]

Family Search has online digital records, searchable databases, and microfilm records for millions of people with Hispanic ancestors.  Online digital Hispanic records are added almost weekly and are listed by country in FamilySearch Record Search.  Online database record sets are searchable through FamilySearch > Advanced Search.  Microfilm Hispanic civil and church records are listed by country in the Family History Library

FamilySearch Catalog, and they may be ordered and viewed at a family history center near you click on button at the top of the page..

   Or if you like, you can go directly to the following regions by clicking on the region: 
Caribbean, Central and South America 

  • FamilySearch > Advanced Search (click to search for your Ancestors by database record sets)
    Search for your Ancestors in All or any one of the following record sets:  Ancestral File; Census; International Genealogical Index; Pedigree Resource File; US Social Security Death Index; Vital Records Index; and Family History Websites.
  • FamilySearch Catalog(click to search by country for the microfilmed civil and church Hispanic records listed in the Catalog)   

   These microfilm records may be ordered and viewed atFamily History Center near you click on button at the top of the page..

Related Websites
[edit | edit source]

Several websites are particularly useful for Hispanic genealogy research:

   This article has an extensive listing of online sites by region and country for Hispanic genealogy.

  • Hispanic Genealogy Facebook
    Provides research tips, latest news, and links related to Hispanic genealogy.
    Website is in English and Spanish.

Help Near You
[edit | edit source]

Find a family history center near your home.  Local staff can offer you free personal help and access to many other services.  Find a center.

Join a Facebook Research Community to:

  • Collaborate on your research
  • Ask questions of each other
  • Share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in that area

Available Hispanic communities:

Helpful Guides
[edit | edit source]

  • How do I read old Spanish writing?
    Expert guidance in deciphering Hispanic manuscripts and other old documents printed in old typefaces or written in old handwriting styles.
  • FamilySearch Research Wiki
    Provides up-to-date information on how to research sources for information about your ancestors shared by research experts and interested genealogists.

FamilySearch Communities
[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Community now provides worldwide groups where you can search for answers, and ask questions about, your family history research, including groups in Latin America, Europe, North America and all countries of the world.  You may also provide answers to others seeking information you may know.  See groups in both English and Español.

Research Aids
[edit | edit source]

Research Wiki articles:

FamilySearch Indexing – Hispanic Projects[edit | edit source]

FamilySearch Indexing is a volunteer-based effort to index billions of records from around the world. You can help make indexes freely available online for yourself and others.  There are a number of Spanish language projects available.  Find out more ....