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Hesse (Hessen),
German Empire
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Includes Hesse-Nassau (Hessen-Nassau) and Waldeck and Pyrmont[edit | edit source]

For a comprehensive understanding of military records, study the article Germany Military Records.

Hesse (Hessen)[edit | edit source]

"Ahead of the 200th Anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence finally began Eckhardt G. Franz and Otto Fröhlich a project at the Marburg Archives School, which was later continued by Inge Auerbach and in the course until 1987 almost 90,000 records for the approximately 19,000 soldiers from Hesse-Kassel, Waldeck and Hesse Hanau collected and printed was published in six volumes. In these publications, the campaign participants are ordered by regiments or battalions and below in turn arranged alphabetically by surname." --Cyndi's List

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World War II, 1939 to 1945[edit | edit source]

1939-1945: World War II. Many German records were destroyed.

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